Buy BTC: World Trade is about to Shake-up

In a few days, the World Trade Organization “may become incapacitated,” warns the German Der Spiegel. Due to the opposition from the U.S., the Appellate Body of the WTO will be forced to stop its activities, resulting in the rules of world trade de facto cease to operate as before.

The head of the White House is doing everything to paralyze the organization. And if no miracle happens, then next week Donald Trump will achieve his goal. The fact is that for two years the United States has been blocking the process of selecting new members of the WTO Appellate Body. There are seven seats, and at the moment only three of them are occupied. On Tuesday, however, two of the three sitting judges will be out of office. The appellate body will thus come to an end, and with it, the world’s leading trade watchdog.

Once the work of the WTO Appellate Body is paralyzed, the “right of the strongest” will return to world trade.