On Quantum Threat

Why does it make sense for you to be aware of the quantum computer problem?

  1. Because over the past year, there have been some major engineering and even scientific advances. For example, in October, Google solved a mathematical problem that is unsolvable even with the largest traditional supercomputers. Before 2019, quantum computers were either theoretical or untransportable; IBM brought a boxed one to Las Vegas for CES.
  2. The price of bitcoin will fall sharply not because someone “picks up all the private keys”, but simply because people will hear about some first practical success. That’ll be enough.
  3. To diversify, you do not need to do anything extraordinary. The TOP 5 companies that are most likely to either make a breakthrough in this area or to buy it in time are IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet (former Google). A good portfolio should include those stocks anyway. Startups like https://www.rigetti.com could bring you a higher profit but the goal is to hedge your crypto with no additional risk.