About Mycelium Wallet

Main Facts

  • Bit ID (open protocol)
  • APK file is available
  • Open-source
  • HD and Single Address accounts
  • Watch-only accounts
  • Cold storage: spend from Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey, and paper wallets
  • Bech32 and P2SH
  • Easy “SegWit and not-SegWit” funds management: no need to create separate accounts

Ultimate Security

  • Easy backup & restore (master seed key)
  • Separate backup system for Single Address accounts
  • Several levels of pin protection
  • Enter transaction amounts using the custom numeric keypad; pattern sniffing protection: variable keyboard layout
  • Archived addresses are excluded from the total balance
  • Transaction change is returned to the receiver’s address type which complicates potential blockchain investigations.
  • Use the Tor network to communicate with the back-end


  • Buy and sell bitcoins with credit cards, SEPA, built-in marketplace, and OTC bulletin board.
  • Exchange any coin or token to BTC.
  • Mycelium Media Flow: news, announcements, educational information
  • An extended selection of exchange rate sources
  • Convenient cryptocurrency and fiat currencies denomination

More Features

  • NFC
  • Adjustable miners fee
  • Bump fee option (using “Child pays for parents” algorithm)
  • FIO network address reservation
  • Sign messages with Bitcoin keys and check signatures
  • RMC assets accounts
  • Ethereum and ERC20 tokens coming soon
  • BIP-70 support; send payment requests, read and execute external payment requests
  • Handy address book
  • Indication of unspent outputs for each bitcoin account
  • Advanced transaction history: complete transactions details (block height, number of confirmations, inputs/outputs, miner fee, timestamp, incoming/outgoing tx indication, tx hash), custom text labels, exchange rates (corresponding to selected fiat currency), the function of tx history export (to CSV)
  • Select from several blockchain explorer options
  • Option to display derivation address path for BIP44 HD accounts