The best crypto platform of 2021 — Student Coin

In a time when recruiters are looking for people with higher education, students are seeking alternative solutions to not depend on student loans from banks in a fragile economy.

And not just students are in that position. Entrepreneurs who struggle to raise funds to bring their ideas to reality also need other financial options. Bank activities are unpredictable, and the competition for start-up funding is high.

At the same time, a particular financial innovation is gaining more and more popularity – blockchain technology. Most users are using cryptocurrencies for trading, gambling, and, most recently, yield farmings.

However, nobody thought this could also be the answer to students’ and entrepreneurs’ prayers – nobody except Student Coin’s team.

What is Student Coin?

Student Coin is a blockchain-based ecosystem that expands crypto usability and even crypto acceptance around the world.

The business was designed to meet two main goals – allowing individuals and legal entities to create their tokens and educating people to get rid of digital anxiety.

The project is backed up by no less than 500 universities worldwide, all of them recognizing its potential. Among them, you can find top institutions like Stanford, Harvard, and Newcastle.

What can you find in the ecosystem?

At the moment, there are two features that you can already access and two features that will be valid starting with Q3 of 2021.

Right now, we can find the following:

  1. A learning page – which educates people in the crypto field.

The educational panel is divided into five parts, from basic information on blockchain technology to the analysis of the most popular crypto assets. Each part has several written courses, the completion of which is conditioned by passing the exams along the way.

  1. A voting option

By holding their STC token, you have the right to vote in decisions on project development, make various petitions or even participate in the university’s elections.

Besides, two projects are still under development, which will completely change the way we look at crypto. Both are based on the STC Token, which can be purchased on their recent ICO:

The exchange option – something that every crypto project needs to have, a feature that will increase the value of STC-based tokens over time;

Personal tokens – that can easily be created by every user without the need for technical knowledge.

But creating tokens brings much more than it seems. This will be the beginning of a strategy that will delight students and entrepreneurs worldwide – crowdfunding.

What is the specific purpose of STC Crowdfunding?

In essence, the Student Coin team thought of this as a solution to decentralize student loans.

All a student has to do here is to create his own token and put it up for sale on the platform. Other users will buy these tokens to trade them, finally giving the student the money he needs to pay for college. This money is returned cyclically by students only after they graduate from college and find a job.

Through this method, students receive funding without fear of changes in the banks’ activity and the fees involved.

And this method can also be used by those who want financing to open their own business.


The crypto field has evolved a lot in recent years. As long as creative minds find new utilities for blockchain technology, the day when cryptocurrencies will overcome fiat will get closer.

This will provide greater financial stability and security of personal data, which we have wanted for years.

Join StormGain for a New Way to Mine Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin turned out to be way more expensive in the last couple of years, not to mention how bad it is for the environment. 

The computational power necessary for mining is beyond anything you can expect. There is almost no chance to get a mining reward before those users who operate mining farms. 

And staking is out of the discussion since Bitcoin operates with a PoW consensus. 

Then how can we get our hands on Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency at the moment? 

Meet StormGain’s BTC Miner

Bitcoin Miner is an app that revolutionizes the crypto domain. The app succeeded in fulfilling users’ taste for trading and their desire to be a crucial part of the ecosystem.  

The process is really simple. After you try the app for the first time, you get a mining reward in just 4 hours. And after you mined the equivalent of a minimum of 10 USDT in BTC, you can press the withdraw button and get the profit as a trading bonus. 

What are the benefits?

First of all, the app doesn’t need a CPU or any other computational power. It uses the cloud system, so you can access the Bitcoin Miner anywhere and anytime – especially since it is available on mobile too. 

That means not just that mining is cost-free, but it is also great for the environment. 

And secondly, there are no fees for using the app. All the mining rewards and trading profits remain just yours. 

With those two treasures, no wonder why it got over 120,000 users in less than a year. 

What else does StormGain offer?

StormGain doesn’t have just the Bitcoin Miner. It is an entire ecosystem that gathers anything you would need to operate with crypto as smooth as possible:

  1. An exchange platform

This is where you can buy or exchange your Bitcoins with other popular cryptocurrencies, like Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Ripple. 

It stands out with its low commissions and the big number of analysis instruments for the crypto market – charts, live trades, and many more.

  1. A DEMO trading account

That’s right. If you are not confident enough to start trading, you can make a DEMO trading account to practice without real investments. 

  1. A crypto wallet

This is available 24/7, is completely free of charge, and has strong security protocols and encryption.  

You can deposit Tether, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash – and nobody will charge you if you keep them for a longer time. 

And the best part – you can get up to a 12% interest rate on all the cryptos stored.

  1. Educational blog and videos

Because blockchain technology is more powerful if more people join the crypto community, StormGain’s team decided to make a move in that direction. 

That’s why they have educational videos explaining how to make an exchange, how to deposit crypto, how to close a trade, etc. All of them are categorized by level of difficulty. 

At the same time, you can be up to date with important crypto news by reading their articles in the domain. 

Why should you trust StormGain?

Because StormGain is a member of the Blockchain Association within the Financial Commission. Other than that, just look at who backs up their project.

CoinMarketCap named StormGain as the number 1 interest rate provider for crypto trades. And The European calls it the Cryptocurrency trading and Exchange platform of the year.  

So, are you ready to start a new beginning in the crypto area? Join the platform and take the next step in blockchain technology! 

Savix. Easy Crypto For Everyone.

https://savix.orgTweets by savix_org
March 2021

Digital Money determined to mass adoption

Europe-based Start-Up promises “Easy Crypto For Everyone”

After a long period of consolidation, the development of digital currencies is gaining momentum again. In addition to the established workhorse Bitcoin, applications and tokens in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) saw rapid development during the last year. Despite enormous growth rates in users and investment volumes, this trend has not yet reached the mainstream. Still a major obstacle to successful mass adoption is the technical complexity of existing applications, which up to now are mostly used by technically experienced users only. The European Start-Up Savix is aiming to change this, bringing the opportunities of decentralized finance to non tech-savvy users. Following the vision of “Easy Crypto For Everyone” Savix is redefining the concept of passive income making DeFi investments as easy as using classical savings books.

“Will the Bitcoin bubble burst as it had done last time?”, many people might ask themselves when looking at the incredible gains in value the flagship of cryptocurrencies has realized recently. Tise dynamic growth momentum reminds of the situation the digital money had seen in 2017/2018. But details seem to be different this time. It seems to be realistic that Bitcoin can break through the barrier of 100.000 USD value this year. Will 2021 finally be the year when Bitcoin and its family of crypto tokens arrive at the masses? And how can ordinary citizens participate practically?

Why the bulls run differently in 2021

A big problem back in 2018 had been missing working products. The value of digital tokens had mostly been created by a mixture of pure speculation and the fear of missing out (FOMO). Although these dynamics still have effect, many new use cases have been established since then, not just in theory, but in practice. Whereas in 2017/18 a competition of fantastic ideas had been carried out, it is a competition of working products that is dominating the world of digital assets in the current bull-run.

DeFi: An attempt to democratize banking

With decentralized finance products (DeFi) everybody can earn fees for giving out credits to others, providing liquidity to emerging markets or by investing in other innovative finance products. DeFi offers tools to finally fulfill one of the promises cryptocurrencies made, to bank the unbanked and to democratize the banking system. But in fact, it is mostly the young and tech-savvy part of the population, which is actually willing and capable of profiting from the new financial chances DeFi can offer. Before being able to participate in decentralized finance, one has to collect and evaluate complex information, weigh up risks and chances, get acquainted with technological details. For many these obstacles are still too high to overcome.

Mass-adoption with “Easy DeFi For Everyone”

The Europe-based start-up Savix promises to lower these barriers. “Easy DeFi For Everyone” has been chosen as its mission statement for a very good reason. The Savix token will yield predictable interest rates on investments automatically without any need for technological decisions or complicated procedures. You can simply buy Savix tokens and keep them to receive your returns (Staking). The analogy to a classic savings book is obvious, hence the name Savix reminds of it. Moreover Savix will offer a simple and easy-to-use online dashboard for predefined DeFi products, which puts additional investment opportunities in the hands of its users with the ease of a single click. These one-click investments can be realized by reducing complex technological processes by predefined setups, which are optimized for the majority of everyday investors.

The Savix Token

Compounding regular and predictable staking rewards with profits of innovative DeFi products the Savix (SVX) introduces the exceptional concept of multiple streams of passive income. 

Savix tokens offer some unique investment features, which can hardly be found elsewhere in this composition: 85% APY in the first year, very scarce supply of 100,000 tokens, compatibility with third-party DeFi products, big growth potential due to a broad target group of non tech-savvy users.


There is hope for a more democratic alternative to the existing world of institutional finance. Savix might play its part in it. Don’t miss the DeFi train departing. It might be on track this time.

Crowdsale ending, We’re listing!

It is never too late to start trading with crypto, especially now – when big brand names like Tesla are joining the crypto world. 

And if all the market changes and cryptocurrencies look scary, don’t worry, because help is coming. 

The Tycoon software is ready to replicate the pro traders’ activity, giving you the most out of crypto trading. 

Why Tycoon?

Tycoon is one of the only trading platforms that really wants to provide everyone engaged with a win-win situation.

To benefit both followers and traders, Tycoon focuses on the profit share business model.

Followers can earn 70% of the replicated profit, and the remaining 30% will be paid to Tycoon.  Based on their profit rates and the number of “fans”, traders will earn revenue from this fee.

And if the pro fails unexpectedly, your assets are secured due to the stop-loss feature. Users can set a loss limit when choosing a trader to follow, and the program stops copy trading when the limit is reached.

In addition, newbies are always free to subscribe to the demo account and practise with virtual funds without being afraid to lose money.

The Tycoon token is up for sale

Yes, the platform also has its own token, which can be bought for $0.10 until the end of March 2021. 

There’s a total supply of 140 million TYC, 60% of which is reserved just for sale. Paying profit share fees using TYC gives followers a 25% discount on their payments.

Who runs the ecosystem?

Tycoon was developed by Serdar Bisi, a highly experienced business manager and crypto trading enthusiast. Along with his strong team, he started the development in 2018, and he will continue to update Tycoon with the most innovative features and technologies.

Anything for the clients’ needs and desires. That’s why the next point on the roadmap is the Android version – so that you could get this technology on the go. 

Now, what’s the holdup? Hurry up and join the crypto trading adventure! 

Join the Most Awaited ICO of the Year and Get your Ticket to the Crypto world

After 12 years of existence, it was about time for crypto to be recognized as it deserves. Step by step, blockchain technology made its way to public institutions after it conquered vendors and business enthusiasts. 

With all the issues that came with bank services, no wonder people are so hyped over the idea of crypto payments – which provide users with data and financial security.

Tokenization in particular got its spotlight due to all the solutions they offer in terms of fair payments, loans, and votes. 

And to bring the crypto area one step forward, a dedicated team developed one of the most intriguing utility tokens that will forever change the way we see crypto – the STC token, available on its dedicated ICO since February 1st.  

What is an STC token?

STC is the core utility token of the Student Coin blockchain project – that makes possible the creation of personalized tokens without strong technical knowledge.

Having an account on the platform allows you to create:

  • Personal tokens – unique assets tied to a single account;
  • Startup tokens – assets that help you take a step forward to your dreams;
  • Corporate tokens – unique assets dedicated to a single company;
  • DeFi tokens – assets that allow you to perform various bank activities without the intervention of third parties;
  • NFT Tokens – transferable tokens that make possible the switch between platforms. 

All these tokens are valued based on the STC Token, and they can be used for exchanges, trades, even crowdfunds. 

Why is the STC token special?

The thing that makes the STC token superior to other tokens is its focus on the most important people in the world’s economy – students. 

They are the next generation of employees, which will mark the success of current and future companies. To give people the chance to better education, there’s a need to make university programs more accessible. 

But it’s not that easy. Reducing tuition fees will lead to a lower budget to afford qualitative researchers, teachers, programs, international collaborations, and so on. 

Until now, the solution was bank loans. However, with our unpredictable economy, people lost trust in bank services. And who can blame them?

Therefore, Student Coin’s team came with a solution that decentralizes student loans – crowdfunding with personal tokens.

How does it work?

The future student creates its personal token. This token is put on the Student Coin market. The STC holders purchase the tokens until the student receives the money needed for tuition. After the student graduates and finds a job, a part of his salary will be locked to pay the loan. The STC holders receive a cyclical profit payment for their involvement. 

This project is sustained by over 500 top universities worldwide, including Harvard University, the University of Manchester, and the University of Copenhagen.

A simple way for students to get the funds they need to achieve their dreams. At least, that’s the main focus, but this process can also be done for visionary entrepreneurs. 

And that’s not the only reason why Student Coin studs out. Holding STC tokens give users the chance to vote in the project’s development and even sign petitions if they’re needed. It’s an entire ecosystem created to give people what they need and raise the utility of cryptocurrencies.

How can you buy STC tokens?

To get your STC tokens as soon as possible, make sure you don’t miss the Student Coin Launchpad ICO, available until April 30th. 

Although it started just 37 days ago, the team already raised $4 million worth of STC tokens and completed 54 phases.

Every phase finished till now had a hard cap of 100k USD, and the price increased by 1% with every reload. 

Who is behind Student Coin?

Student coin is backed by a dedicated team of 44 people from 12 different countries, ready to expand crypto usability and create solutions for the world’s needs. Among them, you can find the former CTO of IBM for Europe, for example, or the president of the Harvard University Club of Poland.

By the end of 2021, the team plans to develop and implement STC Exchange, STC Terminal, and even an STC App, alongside listing the token on major crypto exchanges. 

DMEX: Anonymous, decentralized alternative to BitMEX

DMEX is a decentralized anonymous margin trading exchange that doesn’t require KYC checks, simply generate a wallet inside the app and start trading.


Because DMEX runs on a smart contract you do not need to register with your personal information. Simply generate a new wallet in-app and start trading right away.

Asynchronous matching engine

Most decentralized exchanges provide synchronous trade executions, which means you have to wait for the last trade to record on the blockchain before performing a new one. DMEX however, implements a state-of-the-art matching engine that tracks your account balance while the transactions are still being confirmed on the blockchain. This means that you can execute multiple trades, instantly, that will be recorded within the same block giving you the same experience as you would get on a centralized exchange like BitMEX.

Instant withdrawals

Once the trade is confirmed on the blockchain, you can withdraw the funds straight away. Confirmation usually takes no longer than 30 seconds.

Perpetual Contracts and up to 100x leverage

Perpetual contracts are the most popular trading instrument in the crypto derivatives world. DMEX offers perpetual contracts on all pairs and up to 100x leverage, with comparable funding rates to the industry standard and trading fees as low as 0.05% depending on your order size.

BTC/ETH/DAI as margin currencies

DMEX is the first of its kind DEX to allow BTC as margin currency. This is possible thanks to the integration of pTokens Bridge straight into the DMEX smart contract. When choosing to use BTC as margin currency, you get a BTC deposit address, and all funds sent to it are tokenized and deposited to DMEX while you still hold full custody of your bitcoin all of the time.

And if you want to protect yourself from price volatily, then why not use DAI as margin currency? DAI is a stablecoin with it’s value pegged 1:1 to USD.


DMEX is fully anonymous. You do not need to enter any personal information to trade on DMEX. Simply generate a wallet or use an existing one, store your private key in a safe place and you are ready to trade without any limitations.

Non-Custodial funds storage

All funds on DMEX are in the custody of the users at all times. DMEX team does not have access to user funds. Only the person holding the private key to the wallet can trade and withdraw funds from the exchange. Holding funds on DMEX is as safe as holding them in your wallet.

No Gas Fees

DMEX is using xDAI Ethereum sidechain for trade processing which means that there are no gas fees for the trader, the fact that allows to open and close positions during high congestion on the Ethereum network without the need to wait for confirmations.

Demo Trading

DMEX offers demo trading as an option. Instantly receive test funds to your wallet and start trading on the test net.

Small spreads & high liquidity

DMEX provides access to industry-leading liquidity providers, which allows for razor-thin spreads and high liquidity, meaning that slippage is not an issue on DMEX.

Dev Team

DMEX has been on the market since June 2019 and is now at its 5th iteration of the underlying smart contract infrastructure with zero funds lost due to bugs or hacks. DMEX was developed by an experienced team that has operated a large centralized Bitcoin Exchange and later released the EtherMium DEX in 2018 as an improvement on EtherDelta. This makes them competent enough to provide a stable and secure trading environment as well as a massively improved product offering compared to the existing centralized options.

If you are looking for a safe place to trade crypto derivatives without going through KYC procedures and having the ability to withdraw funds at any time even in the unlikely event of the website being down, search no further.  DMEX looks like a platform with great potential, especially given the recent crackdowns on centralized derivatives exchanges, pushing more and more traders towards decentralized alternatives.

Join the World of VICTORIA VR – a Virtual Reality Game in Cooperation with DEXFIN

The New Year has just begun and many are still shaking off the negative effects of 2020. The world’s economy is down, meetings with friends have become a dream, and we are constantly anxious about our health. 

But what if we wouldn’t have to live in such a wacky world? What if we could go back to normal? Or even better, what if we could defy the laws of “normality”?

DEXFIN, in collaboration with VICTORIA VR, took into account all of these feelings and found a great solution that combined both the need for adventure and the need for safety. 

What is VICTORIA VR about?

Aiming to make the world a lot safer, at least financially, the VICTORIA VR team developed a new Virtual Reality Multiplayer Online Game that will eventually show players the benefits of using cryptocurrency and converting fiat to crypto. 

Through this method, crypto usability will expand, and in the foreseeable future fiat will be superseded. This will lead to the independence of banks, governments and personal data security platforms.

But until then, join VICTORIA VR, where you can live the trial version of this ideal future. 

Why is this game so special?

VICTORIA VR is based on blockchain technology, with all of the items actually being NFT tokens on the blockchain. It was developed for both crypto enthusiasts and game players, with each group being able to enjoy its features. 

To achieve their purpose (to convert gamers into crypto users), VICTORIA VR included education quests in the game, where players can get NFT and VR tokens by answering questions about crypto. Of course, they don’t have to use Google for that. Once you join the game, you have access to courses about cryptocurrency (from blockchain and tokens to DeFi and yield farming). 

But until gamers will actively learn about cryptocurrency via VICTORIA VR, they will have to be convinced to join, right? What better way to do that than by creating the best gaming experience?

The team put a lot of work into the design, interface and gameplay. And now the platform is equipped with:

  • Fully customizable avatars;
  • Photorealistic graphics;
  • Six levels of quests;
  • Competitions;
  • Unique items;
  • Treasure maps;
  • Easter Eggs 
  • And more.    

But the most important part is that players can trade items, XP, and even tokens on the Big VR Market. Plus, VICTORIA VR has really made mining such a great experience. Instead of using computational power to discover new tokens, here you just need to complete a quest. The more complicated, the bigger the reward. 

How can you join VICTORIA VR?

In order to enter this amazing adventure, you need to own the  main currency of the game – the VR Tokens. So don’t miss their Pre-sale

But don’t worry, you have enough time to get them since there are 78 billion tokens on the line. All you need to have is some Bitcoins: 

  • From December 15th, 2020, to January 31st, 2021, you can get them with just 0.00000006 BTC per token;
  • From February 2nd to February 28th they are available for 0.00000009 BTC;
  • And from March 1st to March 16th they are available for 0.00000012 BTC.

Then it’s showtime! The game will be officially launched and you will have a lot more ways to get your VR tokens – like completing quests, conquering competitions, or airdrops. And if you are a little more traditional, then staking and trading tokens on the Big VR Market is a great option too. 

Nobody tells you how to use your assets. 

Is there anything else you should know?

You can buy the Victoria VR token on DEXFIN cryptocurrency exchange with DEXFIN’s own DXF token – a perfect pair for Bitcoin. DEXFIN also offers staking, with 11% per year for the DEXFIN token (DXF) and 20% per year for the VICTORIA VR (VR) token. By betting on DEXFIN, you can profit with two additional crypto assets: Bitcoin (BTC, 4.8%), Tether (USDT, 11%).

If, on the other hand, you are passionate about gaming, VICTORIA VR is the perfect game that defies the laws of physics. You can explore space without even wearing a spacesuit, you can fly, jump ten meters, and you can even beam down to other planets. Plus, your characters are immortal, so they can’t get any virus or be hurt.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your VR tokens and start your crypto adventure!


Why Sports Bettors Will Love December This Year

This holiday season brings excitement for sports bettors this year. What can you bet on in the month of December? There are some great choices, highlighted by the final full month of the NFL regular season as teams try to make the playoffs. Can the Kansas City Chiefs overtake the Pittsburgh Steelers for the top spot in the AFC? Will Tom Brady get Tampa Bay to the playoffs? Will the winner of the NFC East finish with a losing record? The NFL will share the football spotlight in December with college football, as the regular season concludes and bowl season kicks off. 

The month of December will also mark the return of the NBA, as the 2020-21 season begins with the Los Angeles Lakers the defending champs.  College basketball will also be in full swing in December, as all of the top teams will be in action. 

December is also a great month for big fights, as Anthony Joshua defends his heavyweight title against Kubrat Puley and the UFC has events on a regular basis, including UFC 256: Figueiredo vs. Moreno

Not to be left out when it comes to December sports betting is Champions League and Premier League action, the last two Formula One races of the year, PGA and European Tour events, plus the U.S. Women’s Open in the LPGA. Let’s look at what to bet on in the month of December at BookMaker.

December 2020 Sports Betting Schedule (by sport)


The NFL regular season is winding down with Weeks 13-16 of the regular season taking place in the month of December. Teams will be trying to make late season runs to qualify for the playoffs, while other teams will be trying to improve their playoff seeding. Here are some of the marquee games in the month of December in the NFL.

December 3-7 (Week 13 Marquee Games)

Dallas Cowboys at Baltimore Ravens – FOX

Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans – CBS

Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals – FOX

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs – NBC

Buffalo Bills at San Francisco 49ers – ESPN

December 10-13 (Week 14 Marquee Games)

New England Patriots at Los Angeles Rams – FOX

Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins – CBS

Indianapolis Colts at Las Vegas Raiders – CBS

Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills – NBC

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns – ESPN

December 17-21 (Week 15 Marquee Games)

Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders – FOX

Buffalo Bills at Denver Broncos – NFL Network

Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers – NFL Network

Kansas City Chiefs at New Orleans Saints – CBS

San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys – NBC

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals – ESPN

December 25-28 (Week 16 Marquee Games)

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints – FOX

Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders – CBS

Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers – CBS

Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks – CBS

Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers – NBC

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots – ESPN

College Football

The college football regular season concludes in the month of December with a number of key games including Conference Championship Games. Bowl season also begins in December, with the first bowl taking place on December 19. Here are some of the marquee games for each week in the month, all of the Conference Championship Games and all of the bowl games in the month of December.

December 3-5 (Week 14 Marquee Games)

Alabama at Arkansas

Syracuse at Notre Dame

Ohio State at Michigan State

Clemson at Virginia Tech

Texas A&M at Auburn

Florida at Tennessee

Northwestern at Minnesota

Baylor at Oklahoma

December 10-12 (Week 15 Marquee Games)

Notre Dame at Wake Forest

Texas A&M at Tennessee

LSU at Florida

North Carolina at Miami, Florida

Wisconsin at Iowa


College Football Conference Championship Games

Friday, December 18

Conference USA Championship Game – CBSSN

MAC Championship Game – ESPN

Pac-12 Championship Game – FOX

Saturday, December 19

Big 12 Championship Game – ABC

Sun Belt Championship Game – ESPN 2

ACC Championship Game – ABC

American Championship Game – ABC

Big Ten Championship Game – FOX

SEC Championship Game – CBS

Mountain West Championship Game – FOX or FS1

College Football Bowl Schedule

Saturday, December 19

Frisco Bowl – ESPN

Monday, December 21

Myrtle Beach Bowl – ESPN

Tuesday, December 22

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl – ESPN

Boca Raton Bowl – ESPN

Wednesday, December 23

New Orleans Bowl – ESPN

Montgomery Bowl

Thursday, December 24

New Mexico Bowl – ESPN

Friday, December 25

Camellia Bowl – ESPN

Saturday, December 26

Gasparilla Bowl – ABC

Cure Bowl – ESPN

First Responder Bowl – ABC

LendingTree Bowl – ESPN

Independence Bowl – ESPN

Guaranteed Rate Bowl – ESPN

Monday, December 28

Military Bowl – ESPN

Tuesday, December 29

Cheez-It Bowl – ESPN

Alamo Bowl – ESPN

Wednesday, December 30

Dukes Mayo Bowl – ESPN

Music City Bowl – ESPN

Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic – ESPN

LA Bowl – ESPN

Thursday, December 31

Armed Forces Bowl – ESPN

Liberty Bowl – ESPN

Texas Bowl – ESPN


The 2020-21 NBA regular season begins on Tuesday, December 22nd with each team playing a 72-game schedule. The first half of the regular season schedule is expected to be released on December 1 when training camps begin. NBA preseason games will take place from December 11-19. The first half of the regular season will take place from December 22-March 4 with the All-Star break running from March 5-10. The second half of the season will run from March 11-May 16 with the Play-in Tournament taking place from May 18-21 and the NBA Playoffs running from May 22-July 22.

College Basketball

The 2020-2021 college basketball season began in November and will run through April when the NCAA Tournament is played. The month of December will feature all of the top teams in action, including Gonzaga, Baylor, Villanova and Virginia. Here are some of the marquee games in the month of December.

Tuesday, December 1

Michigan State at Duke – ESPN

Kentucky vs. Kansas – ESPN

Wednesday, December 2

West Virginia vs. Gonzaga – ESPN

Illinois vs. Baylor – ESPN

Saturday, December 5

Gonzaga vs. Baylor – CBS

Sunday, December 6

Villanova at Texas – ESPN

Tuesday, December 8

Creighton at Kansas – ESPN

North Carolina at Iowa – ESPN

Ohio State at Notre Dame – ESPN 2

Illinois at Duke – ESPN

Wednesday, December 9

Louisville at Wisconsin – ESPN

Michigan State at Virginia – ESPN

Sunday, December 13

Texas at Baylor

Wednesday, December 16

Duke at Notre Dame

Thursday, December 17

Kansas at Texas Tech

Saturday, December 19

Iowa vs. Gonzaga

Virginia vs. Villanova

Ohio State vs. North Carolina

UCLA vs. Kentucky

Tuesday, December 22

West Virginia at Kansas

Wednesday, December 23

Illinois at Penn State

UCLA at Oregon

Friday, December 25

Wisconsin at Michigan State

Saturday, December 26

Kentucky at Louisville

Monday, December 28

Maryland at Wisconsin

Tuesday, December 29

Pittsburgh at Duke

Wednesday, December 30

Virginia at Notre Dame

Thursday, December 31

Michigan at Maryland


December is an excellent month of boxing action with a number of title fights and the month will also mark the return of action for Canelo Alvarez who will be taking on Callum Smith on December 19. Here are the marquee fights to remember for December.

December 5 

Errol Spence vs. Danny Garcia for Spence’s IBF and WBC titles

December 12 

Anthony Joshua vs. Kubrat Pulev for Joshua’s WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight titles

December 18 

Gennady Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta for Golovkin’s IBF middleweight title

December 19

Canelo Alvarez vs. Callum Smith for Alvarez’s WBA “regular” super middleweight title and Smith’s WBA “super” super middleweight title.


The UFC has been extremely busy over the past few months, but it slows down a bit in the month of December with just three events. The big one will be UFC 256: Figueiredo vs. Moreno on December 12th. Here are the three UFC events for the month of December.

Saturday, December 5

UFC Fight Night: Hermansson vs. Holland – ESPN 2

Saturday, December 12

UFC 256: Figueiredo vs. Moreno

Saturday, December 19

UFC Fight Night: Edwards vs. Chimaev


The PGA Tour doesn’t have a lot of action in the month of December, but there are still two events, the Mayakoba Golf Classic and the QBE Shootout. There is also a golf event that is not part of the PGA Tour, the PNC Championship, which is an event where a golf major winner teams up with a relative. A total of 20 teams will compete in that event including Tiger Woods playing with his son.

December 3-6

Mayakoba Golf Classic

December 11-13

QBE Shootout

December 17-20

PNC Championship

European Tour

The European Tour concludes their season in the month of December with the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai from December 10-13. A number of top players will be in the field for this event, including point’s leader Patrick Reed. Here are the events on the European Tour scheduled in the month of December.

December 2-5 

Golf in Dubai Championship

December 3-6

South African Open

December 10-13

DP World Tour Championship


The LPGA doesn’t get a lot of attention in sports betting, but it will get a place on the December sports betting calendar with the U.S. Women’s Open taking place in Houston, Texas from December 10-13.

Formula One

The final two races of the Formula One season take place in the month of December with the Sakhir Grand Prix on December 6 and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on December 13.

Premier League

The Premier League continues in the month of December with Matchdays 11-16. The highlight of the month is Boxing Day on December 26 with six matches, including Arsenal taking on Chelsea. Here are some other marquee matchups for the month of December.

December 6

Tottenham vs. Arsenal 

December 12

Everton vs. Chelsea, Manchester United vs. Manchester City

December 15

Leicester City vs. Everton, Wolves vs. Chelsea

December 16

Liverpool vs. Tottenham

December 19

Everton vs. Arsenal

December 20

Tottenham vs. Leicester City

December 26

Arsenal vs. Chelsea, Leicester City vs. Manchester United

December 28

Everton vs. Manchester City

December 29

Manchester United vs. Wolves

Champions League

The 2020-21Champions League group stage will conclude in the month of December with Matchday 5 on December 1-2 and Matchday 6 on December 8-9. The Final 16 teams will be set and the Round of 16 draw will take place on December 14. 

CryptoGames – An Utopia for the Ardent Crypto Gamblers

In this tech-savvy world, time and money are commodities that should be spent wisely. This is even more critical for the gambling industry, where a poor investment of time and cryptocurrency could incur huge losses. It is of paramount importance that a gambler invests his time and cryptocurrency wisely into the right online casino and thus attains maximum profit and entertainment. Nowadays the perfect trade-off for one’s time and money for entertainment and profit is difficult to find as efficient online casinos are rarely seen. CryptoGames, an elite gambling site, is the difference-maker in this dire situation as this online casino not only provides quality entertainment and massive profits but also delivers remarkable services that make online gambling a sublime escapade for its hordes of users. From the moment of its creation till now CryptoGames has continued to deliver its superior services and has gained the admiration and love of users from all corners of the globe. It has vowed to maintain its high quality and caliber for the years to come and thus become one of the best online casinos available in the world.

This great online casino has an elegant interface and mesmerizes all visitors on the site with its minimalist outlook. The site is completely devoid of distracting designs so that players can maintain uninterrupted concentration during games. The light interface of the site also means it is not resource-intensive and that users can access games from all sorts of devices. User accounts can also be personalized according to the user’s desire using options accessible under “Your account”. Effective communication between players on the site can be achieved through the chat box.
A major contributor to CryptoGames’ enormous success in the gambling world is its spectacular library of games which has drawn gargantuan numbers of gamblers to the casino. These zealous gamblers are overjoyed at finding these games because of the sentimental value attached to these old school games. Furthermore, these games are provably fair – signifying that CryptoGames will not tamper with results of bets and users can ascertain the outcome of the games themselves! Passionate gamblers of CryptoGames also profit from a very competitive house edge which has assisted the casino in attaining internet-wide recognition. It boasts the lowest house edge in dice with only 0.8%! The games that CryptoGames offers are – Dice, Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Plinko, Minesweeper, Video Poker and Lotto.

Users of CryptoGames never have to worry about the protection around their funds as their cryptocurrency is safeguarded by the most resilient security features available on the internet. Protocols such as Two-Factor Authentication, SSL Encryption and Email Verification for fund withdrawal ensure attackers are unable to accomplish much even if they somehow infiltrate a user account. Even if atrocious hackers attack the casino directly they are thwarted again as user funds are stored in cold wallets. All of these superior protections set gamblers’ minds at ease allowing them to focus on their gambling passion.

CryptoGames also provides an effective and flexible withdrawal and deposit system that makes financial transactions super smooth and lightning fast. It accepts transactions done with a wide variety of coins that range from – Bitcoin to alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Doge, Litecoin, Gas and Stratis.  The casino also provides “Play Money” – an experimental coin that can be used to implement a gambler’s different ideas and plans without affecting his funds. 

The gamblers of CryptoGames also partake in a multitude of fun events profoundly celebrated through the calendar year. Users all over the casino capitalize on these wonderful occasions to attain huge amounts of free coins, vouchers, lotto tickets and much more! CryptoGames also has handsome referral rewards and massive progressive Jackpots. Lastly the monthly, wagering contests hosted by CryptoGames allow gamblers to test out their gambling potential and win remunerative prizes in the process!  The top players of these events are given lots of coins and have no speed limit on dice bets till the end of the upcoming contest. They are also granted access to VIP chat channels and are given an exclusive VIP tag!

All of these services and features make CryptoGames the mammoth gambling site it is today. CryptoGames can act as a medium between a gambler and first-rate entertainment. A gambler can join this supreme online casino at a moment’s notice, as CryptoGames creates an account automatically upon the first visit to the site, and embark on a journey of eternal bliss and endless fortune.

Up to 200,000 USDT in Prizes Await in SnapEx World Trading Championship Season 2 (WTC 2)

The most exciting crypto trading competition series from SnapEx is back! World Trading Championship Season 2 (WTC 2) is upping the ante with a prize pool of up to 200,000 USDT for a maximum number of 500 winners.

WTC 2 is based on the entirely new tiered competition format created specifically for traders on the SnapEx platform. Its prize pool will dynamically increase as the number of participants increases. And the total number of participants that will win prizes will also increase accordingly.

The schedule for WTC is divided into two separate periods. First is the early bird and team registration period, which starts on 8th September 2020 and ends on 22nd September 2020. Meanwhile, the actual competition is scheduled to happen from 22nd September 2020 to 6th October 2020 – a total of 14 days.

Early Bird Promo

WTC 2 has a special team-based trading event called Best of the Best, where winning teams can get a chance to win a share of up to 71% of the total prize pool. To incentivize teams to join this event, there will be an Early Bird promo in place to give away bonus rewards to qualified competition participants. 

As part of the Early Bird promo, SnapEx will reward the first 50 teams to register with 10 or more members during the specified early bird registration period. The reward for team leaders is 50 USDT each, while all team members of qualified teams will receive 10 USDT each.

To qualify for the early bird rewards, all team members must have a minimum of 50 USDT in their account balance at the start of WTC 2. That includes team leaders. SnapEx will credit the USDT bonuses on the first day of WTC 2.

The Early Bird promo registration period starts on 8th September 2020 and ends on 22nd September 2020.

WTC 2 Trading Events

The Best of the Best (Team) event is a competition to find out which team can come up with the overall most profitable trades. The top 10 teams will win up to a total of 71% of the competition’s prize pool.

The Pro Trader (Individual) event will reward the top traders based on individual profit every single day, as well as at the end of the competition. Up to a total of 19% of the prize pool will be given to the competition’s top individual traders.

The Most Wanted (Popularity) event is geared exclusively towards Team Leaders of competing teams. Up to a total of 10% of the prize pool will be rewarded to the top-performing Team Leaders who successfully invite traders to join the competition. 

All of the events in the competition will be based on Real account trading only. And only profitable trades will be taken into account for the calculation of winners per category, so any losses incurred in any trades will not affect the results.

First-time deposit giveaway

During WTC 2, SnapEx will also give away bonus rewards for all first-time depositors who have completed KYC.

Up to 3,000 SNAP points (equivalent to 30 USDT) will be given out based on the following criteria:

  • Deposit ≥ 100USDT will be given 500 SNAP
  • Deposit ≥ 500USDT will be given 1500 SNAP
  • Deposit ≥ 1000USDT will be given 3000 SNAP

Users will simply need to fill up a required form to be eligible for the first-time deposit bonus. All SNAP points will be credited to eligible user accounts 7 working days after the end of the competition.

How to Join

Download the SnapEx app or go to the SnapEx website with Web trader to sign up for a SnapEx account. Once you have completed the sign-up process, complete KYC, make your first deposit, and make your first trade. 

A minimum total trading volume of 20,000 USDT is required of all participants in order to qualify for WTC 2. You can find out all of the competition’s mechanics, rankings, and rewards details by visiting the official competition website at WTC.SNAPEX.COM.