2019 was the Best Year for Bitcoin Ever

A rise in price wouldn’t surprise anyone since it was just a doubling. The code development in 2019 can hardly be called special either—thank God!—Bitcoin doesn’t need any revolutionary upgrades. Mass adoption shows no directly measurable success yet but the absurdity in traditional monetary policies is the latent progress for Bitcoin.

The main thing is that 2019 was the first year when bitcoin price grew significantly, while all the rest fell. Tough times show who’s who. Bitcoin has finally thrown off the unacceptable, strange role as a locomotive for a crowd of crooks.

It is foolish to argue that there is a simple but very deep physical meaning to tokenization technology. No one would deny that the automation of legal entities and contracts through distributed databases is useful and timely. But there is little point in speculating on purely technical tokens. This applies to most “assets”, starting with ETH. Finally, a sober mid-term assessment by the market confirms the fact.

Ethereum is back to January levels, which is 90% down from its peak. XRP has plunged 45% this year, which is the lowest level for over two years. EOS has been killed. Stellar has been crushed. Nearly all of the higher market cap altcoins including Tron, Cardano, Cosmos, LEO, etc. have ended the year lower than they started it.

One can use the BNB and other exchange tokens as a counter-example but these tokens are essentially an accounting ploy that siphons assets from the white tax zone to the gray one. There is no real decentralization there. As for the Tezos’ temporary success, it is like a water droplet back-jet — the remnants of hopes and manipulative resources were accumulated in one place.