Wolfies: The next generation of utility-packed NFTs is here!

What are Wolfies?

Wolfies are a front-row, utility-packed ticket to the protocol which is making asset management accessible, efficient, and decentralized: SolStreet.finance. The 5555-strong collection of Solana-based Wolfies is here to patrol the plains and push the frontiers of DeFi.

See, these Wolfies are unlike anything you’ve seen before. The Pack’s unique, non-derivative aesthetic was designed and curated by our team of creative professionals. 14 tasty traits. An average of 13 different features per trait. A possible 135 trillion complete Wolfie combinations.

But we’ve taken things a step further by having our crack dev team imbue this expertly-crafted collection with a distinct purpose and usefulness to the users of our protocol: these aren’t ‘just’ JPEGs.

We’ve also turned to Solana’s top NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, to assist us in letting our Wolfies into the wild… on the 3rd of August. That’s right; we’ve set a date! 📅

🔥 Sign up here and for instructions on how to get a whitelist spot. The first 2000 people to make it onto the whitelist stand a chance to win: 55.55 SOL – 1 winner! 🔥

Now, if we’ve piqued your interest, and you feel as though those monikers fit you well — it only makes sense that you’d want to get your hands on one and join the Pack. But, if you still need a little convincing — or are just interested in finding out more about the collection — here’s what you need to know.👇

Wolfies and The Protocol

SolStreet.finance has always been about “no minimum investments, uninterrupted custody of your funds, no expensive management fees, and no withdrawal delays.” And ‘Wolfies’ are here and ready to help us further entrench these tenets and improve on the ‘SolStreet.finance experience’.

See, Wolfies NFT holdership completely changes the game for protocol-users:

  • They make trading [even] cheaper,
  • They strengthen financial incentives to running or investing in SolStreet pools, and aid us in doubling down on the value and usefulness of our STRT token and Performance Mining incentive mechanisms, and
  • They induct you into the Wolfie Pack, the stewards of our ever-improving protocol!

Let’s Unpack These Enhancements

Fee Discounts:

That’s right, Wolfies make trading even cheaper. SolStreet.finance levies a minor protocol fee on all trades made by pool managers, which can be discounted through the staking of STRT tokens. Wolfie holdership will offer an alternative mechanism by which one can access protocol fee discounts (with the catch being that these discounts will only apply to the pools in which Wolfies are staked).

Wolfie holdership also unlocks the opportunity for you to take advantage of our STRT Token Hunt and Performance Mining program.

The STRT Token Hunt:

The Token Hunt grants Wolfie holders “a shot at sinking their teeth into a potential total of 3 million STRT tokens, at a possible average of 385 STRT per Wolfie. Multiple Wolfies could entitle a holder to stacked token allocations”. The gist is that STRT tokens are streamed to wallets which hold a qualifying Wolfie, with these tokens claimable every 24 hours. Holding a qualifying Wolfie for the entire vesting period, you will be able to claim all of the STRT that is possible to get from that Wolfie. Exciting, right? There is, of course, a lot more to the mechanism than just that — so be sure to read up on it, here.

The Performance Mining Program:

If you thought that the STRT on offer via the Token Hunt was a ‘healthy amount’ — just wait until you get a load of this: “nearly half of all STRT tokens will be earned as performance mining rewards on SolStreet.” Wolfie holdership is the only way to access Performance Mining rewards — perhaps we should’ve led with that one? The mechanism is designed to promote protocol-enhancing behaviour and positive pool performance — so be sure to read up on what we’ve engineered.

And, finally, you’ll become a part of the Wolf Pack:

  • Early access to new SolStreet features, such as our first-of-its-kind NFT funds,
  • Join an exclusive community with trading alpha & guest events, and
  • Enjoy priority treatment in competitions, partnerships, and programs –

and MOAR, so much MOAR!

Mint Details:

As mentioned, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Magic Eden to make this experience as seamless as possible.

  • Collection Size: 5555
  • Mint Date: 03 August
  • Mint Site: Magic Eden Launchpad (Page coming soon)
  • Price: 2.7 SOL