PYESwap: Swap 2.0 Technology Protocol Now Available on Ethereum – PYESwap

How can an Ethereum project stop the contract from selling and still power the buyback without killing the project’s momentum? The solution is PYESwap, the only exchange to utilize ETH to power buyback functionality.

DevTeamSix, the creators of Swap 2.0 protocol, is proud to announce the ETH launch of PYESwap. PYESwap made cryptocurrency history on February 8, 2022 when it launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) making it compatible with BEP-20 tokens, however, the team is ready to expand their revolutionary tech to the Ethereum blockchain.

Currently, the biggest obstacle for developers building projects with tokenomics on all chains is the tokens automatically build up in the contract and then they’re dumped on the market to power the buyback. Thus creating a negative impact on the charts. 

PYESwap does the opposite. Instead of taking the tokens, it collects the fees upfront in BNB or ETH, absolving the negative impact that all swaps currently have on projects and creating a net positive impact for those on Swap 2.0.

With it’s expansion to Ethereum, PYESwap tech will now be available on two of the leading chains via MoonFORCE. MoonFORCE is the only launchpad gateway into Swap 2.0 Protocol. The team will continue to build their legacy by expanding its reach across future chains such as Solana, Cardano, Polygon, Avalanche, Tron, Celo, and more. This will allow projects built on these blockchains to utilize the power of PYESwap.

For now, projects on Binance and Ethereum have the ability to use the funds from the coins for project development and marketing. PYESwap is creating fresh opportunities for projects, developers, investors, and institutions to utilize new blockchain technology that will accelerate the mass adoption of crypto around the world.

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