Student Coin Gives 13 APY on Crypto Staking

When you start your Crypto adventure, you usually bump into the question “Mining or staking?”. So which one should you choose?

The answer to that depends on your own values and interests. But if you are much more interested in long-term profit and environmental protection, then staking is by far a better choice. 

That’s because mining crypto needs mining equipment that is not just expensive but also destructive to the environment. Take note that the Bitcoin mining industry consumes around 110 TWh per year.

When it comes to staking, everything happens on the web; no equipment is necessary. And it also takes a lot less effort – just deposit your crypto in a pool and wait for daily interest. 

However, even staking has some risks. It’s important to know how to avoid them. 

Be aware of the impermanent loss

If you are not familiar with the term, find that the impermanent loss covers the situation when you deposit crypto at one value, and by the end of the staking period, this value decreases substantially. 

In order to avoid this, you need to look for staking platforms that guarantee a high APY (Annual Percentage Yield), such as Student Coin.

Student Coin has 13% APY

That’s right. Staking STC tokens on Student Coin doesn’t only give you daily interest, but it also comes with an addition of 13%. 

If a bear market occurs, then the 13% APY would be enough to cover your potential loss. And if, on the contrary, a bull market comes around, then your gains will be above expectations. 

The Student Coin Ecosystem – overview

The STC project was fairly known even before the official launch, being supported by students from over 500 universities around the world, including Stanford. 

Now we can find the STC token in the top 500 cryptocurrencies, with a Market Cap of $33,000,000 and over 250,000 users. 

The Student Coin Ecosystem has various features and applications that explain what is with all the hype towards the project, such as:

  • The STC Terminal – that gives users the possibility to create their own STC-based token without technical knowledge. Even more, you can initiate crowdfunding proposals in exchange for your brand new token and get the money you need for studies, company launches, etc.;
  • The STC Exchange – where you can forex trading your assets, make deposits, and even withdraw your profits in a couple of seconds;
  • The STC Learning – where you can learn about cryptocurrencies without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of info;
  • The STC App – which will be available starting with November 2021. If you want to see how you can access all your STC features on the go, you can try the beta version on iOS or Android

What’s next remains for you to find out. Get your STC tokens and start your crypto adventure!