MiniDoge the World’s Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

For a very long time, the cryptocurrency domain was straightforward intimidating. Everybody talked about trading, staking, charts, and graphs. No wonder it took so long for blockchain to be adopted. 

But with MiniDOGE, everything is going to change. Because who can say no to a puppy? This new token already got over 55,000 holders in less than three days after its launch. 

The project is backed by DevTeamSix, which is led by Bill Spata and Eric Anderson – two business experts with over eight years of experience in the domain.

MiniDOGE got an amazing start, with $1,500,000 worth of tokens sold in less than 15 minutes in the presale. After just 72 hours from the launch, the project reached a $300M Market Cap, and it got listed to LBank Exchange in the first week. 

And it came all the way to New York Time Square! This week, we will see the adorable MiniDOGE right on the Billboard.

So what led to this huge success in just a couple of days? Find out in this article.

What is MiniDOGE?

MiniDoge is a new token that comes with an integrated AutoBoost. In other words, every sale will be automatically followed with a buy to prevent large selloffs. 

In addition to this innovative approach towards crypto, MiniDOGE will also play an important role in helping animal shelters worldwide – giving them a good portion of every token investment. 

But what makes MiniDOGE stand out besides its innovative features is the way it is presented to the public. 

This token has its own story – being impersonated as the smallest DOGE from the family, who needed to get the courage to find her way back home. After she succeeded, she started to help other shelter animals as well, so that no one has to face what she’s been through. 

She’s a great metaphor for the idea that nobody is too small to make a difference in the world. 

Raise your own MiniPETS

The team behind MiniDOGE is really involved in making people aware of orphan animals’ needs. Therefore, they launched an amazing mobile game that gives you the opportunity to raise abandoned MiniPETS and help them get a new home. 

The MiniPETS will be launched as NFTs allowing the user to purchase, build, and sell through the IOS platform. By doing daily tasks, you can gain MiniDOGE tokens and use them to make your pet looking its best. Give him new clothes, food, toys, and teach him amazing tricks. 

The happier, healthier, and more skilled your pet is, the more value it will have as an NFT. 

How to buy MiniDoge

To invest in the MiniDOGE crypto project, all you need to do is go through four steps:

  1. Download your trustwallet;
  2. Buy BNB or BSC to fund it;
  3. Enable the trust browser through PancakeSwap;
  4. Exchange your crypto for MiniDOGE on PancakeSwap.

Future plans

MiniDOGE’s Roadmap is full of promising ideas. We are talking about an adventure game, an exclusive Wallet, community votes, a merchandise store, and the list continues. Plus, the team wants to collaborate with animal shelters and NFT artists, to help as many causes as possible.

Do you want to be part of this mission? Then get your MiniDOGEs and join the team!