CreamPYE- Innovative blockchain disrupts crypto

Creampye has set out to transform the crypto industry by creating a token that benefits the charity, its holders and community. Their top priority is to bridge real purpose and real-world problems with profit which blockchain technology gives investors the ability to do. Creampye is providing a real-use case application which is a variety of platforms that are easily integrated and user friendl

Creampye has already donated nearly $400k to Action Against Hunger, proof posted on YouTube. This team, community, and technology is becoming the front runner for the crypto world over the next few years.

However, most of the instruments necessary for a great crypto experience are spread across too many platforms not allowing for an easy to use customer experience. Most crypto platforms have little to none customer support or instructions on how to trade. This is soon going to change – with the CreamPYE Ecosystem.

What is CreamPYE?

CreamPYE is a decentralized ecosystem that is a one stop shop for everything crypto. TThe wheels have been set in motion with the launch of its token on exchanges like PancakeSwap, ProBit, and WhiteBit.

The roadmap of this project covers four main apps, which will complement each other. And along with them, the team will implement features that will elevate the current crypto services.

The first app they will launch will be PYESwap CEXDEX – a crypto exchange perfect for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It will work with PYEChart, an integrated application that includes accurate data and charts developed for beginner and pro traders. With their help, traders can be up to date with changes in the market and make informed decisions.

For a complete experience, the ecosystem also comes with the PYEWallet. Like any other crypto wallet, this will serve as an instrument to manage your assets.

But there is one aspect that differentiates it from the competition – the transfer process. Think of Venmo but based on blockchain technology. With PYEWallet, you can turn your payments into a social experience.

And for a splash of color, the ecosystem will also have a PYE Augmented Reality NFT Marketplace. This is a game changer allowing the collaboration of augmented reality mixed with real physical locations.

CreamPYE’s team will select the artists for the Marketplace based on a submission from the community. However, you don’t need to be a PRO artist to post here.

What Makes CreamPYE Unique?

CreamPYE is not the first cryptocurrency ecosystem, but it is sure the first one that went to such lengths to provide the most entertaining platform for crypto enthusiasts. Visiting their YouTube channel gives investors a real look at behind the scenes with CreamPye. CreamPYE has frequent AMA’s to allow investors to ask questions live through TwitchTV.

For example, its team implemented Marketplace Mining – which gives you mining rewards just for your engagement with CEXDEX Exchange. 

The platform is also packed with manual burns and an automatic liquidity pool to solve the problem with the unpredictable crypto market once and for all. No more price drops or whales selling. Everything will be fair and transparent.

But what truly sets CreamPYE apart from other exchanges are the charity donations. Every time a user makes a transaction, 0.1% of the fee is sent to a charity wallet for future donations. In other words, you can trade as usual and help people fight hunger, illnesses, or financial problems at the same time.

This is what the future of DeFi looks like. Join the platform to make a true impact in the world and be a part of a legendary brand.