Donate to Charities Quick and Safe – using Blockchain Technology

Many community causes around the world deserve to get into good hands and be solved as quickly as possible. 

However, when we decide to donate to charities, we find out that things are not all that pink. A good part of the sum is distributed to the intermediaries, so we don’t actually get to help our cause as we would want. 

Not to mention that it is tough to recognize charity scams. Our data is also fragile, so if a malicious actor wanted to take advantage of us pretending to be one of the people we helped, nothing would stop him. 

But all of these will be history if we chose to work with RooCoin. 

What is RooCoin?

RooCoin is the core BEP-20 Token of a decentralized platform that will forever change the way we look at donations. 

The token can be bought on PancakeSwap, and it’s the key to a full-charity-oriented ecosystem. By using this token, all your data is encrypted, and you’re safe from third parties and malicious actors. 

This is possible due to the blockchain technology that backs up the ecosystem. Everything is between you and your cause, without anyone interfering in your transaction. And nobody else can see your data besides you. 

In other words, RooCoin gives you total anonymity, autonomy, and security. What’s even better is that every penny you invest in the donation goes straight to your cause. Because the team behind this platform wants nothing more than to help communities as much as they can. 

What else can we find in the Ecosystem?

To make the donation process as smooth as possible, Roo Ecosystem developed four decentralized apps:

  • The Wallet App – which serves not only as an instrument to manage your assets but also as a passive income generator. Holding your assets here will give you additional ones as a reward so that you can make even bigger donations;
  • NFT Marketplace – which is another way to get further rewards, selling your Non-Fungible Tokens;
  • Cross-Chain Exchange – which improves the usability of its token, the team provides users with the possibility to swap their crypto from Binance to Ethereum whenever they need;
  • Social Networking Platform – where users can interact freely with the people and communities that need their help. 

If you want to find more about the benefits of using RooCoin, make sure to follow them on Social Media platforms and be up to date with each of their technology: