Invest in the Travel & Tourism Industry at a 30-Year Low with BitBook IEO

An introduction to the team and exchanges behind the BitBook project, as well as an in-depth look at what makes their upcoming IEO potentially one of the best investment opportunities of the decade.

The wisdom behind the age-old adage of “buy low, sell high” is magnified when an entire industry is brought to its knees by a global pandemic. The travel & tourism industry is currently at a 30-year low, down 72% in 2020 versus 2019. While some argue the future of these industries is in doubt, others argue it is not a matter of if the industry will recover but when it will recover. 

In light of these negative developments, 2021 is quite possibly one of those “once in a lifetime opportunities” to make a life-changing investment. For those with faith in the future of the blockchain and who believe the travel industry will bounce back stronger than ever, they will not want to pass up the chance to learn about BitBook. 

About the BitBook Team

Drawing from a diverse array of backgrounds, the team at BitBook possesses a wide range of skills and experience covering the travel industry, crypto industry, latest technology trends and development, as well as sales and marketing expertise across both travel and crypto. 

Prior to forming BitBook, the development team worked together at the highly popular website VPNresellers for years. BitBook CEO Nick van der Kolk has vast experience across the travel and blockchain industries. CSA Perry Kniest was an integral part of the marketing force that launched KuCoin’s growth in late 2017.

How to Buy BitBook Tokens BBT

Trading will begin 4 June, 2020 on Probit and Pancakeswap.

What makes BitBook Different?

The token reward program for content creators and people who share that content with their networks as influencers is part of what sets BitBook apart from the competition. In addition to that, the reward pool for booking accommodations. Together these two reward pools will simultaneously drive traffic and adoption. 

Status Update: What has BitBook Accomplished So Far?

At the time of this publication, the pre IEO stage has been sold out and the whitelist filled to maximum capacity, with 20,000 participants. The booking engine is well underway, and will be able to start taking reservations by mid June. 

In terms of what’s up next, the alpha version of the BitBook platform will be designed and tested during Q3 of this year, and the MVP platform will launch by the end of the third quarter. Exchange listings will also begin during Q3. 

More on BitBook Tokenomics

BitBook tokens will be part of the BSC universe of exchangeable tokens. The tokenomics are unlike any other project currently on the market and will be used to facilitate the platform’s growth through community contributions. Considered by many to be a truly “next generation blockchain project”, the BBT tokenomics model is built to provide user rewards for decades into the future. Complete details from the tokenomics can be found in the BitBook whitepaper.

Basic Information on BitBook Token

Token Symbol: BBT

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Total Supply at end of IEO: 400,000,000 BBT

Circulating Supply at end of IEO: 400,000,000 BBT

Private Sale (sold out): 50,000,000

Fixed monthly inflation for 20 years: 2,500,000 BBT 

Total Max Supply (after 20 years) 1,000,000,000 BBT

Main IEO sale 350,000,000

Soft Cap: 600,000 USD

Hard Cap: 5.6 Million USD


World Tourism Organization – International Tourism Down 70% as Travel Restrictions Impact All Regions 27 OCT 2020