STC Token Breaks into the Top 400 Cryptocurrencies

Student Coin is a cryptocurrency project that collaborates with over 500 universities worldwide to create a financing solution for students and entrepreneurs. They aim to provide an environment where users can crowdfund a study program or a start-up and pay back their loan once they have a stable source of income.

With this solution, the people needing the loan get to reach their educational or business goal, while the investors get a return on their investment.

Within STC’s DeFi solution for financing, the token issuer maintains control over the money they solicited while the token holders have the guarantee of the fixed costs the solicitor has to reimburse.

The project is ambitious and has the potential to help many students and entrepreneurs start their career or business.

Student Coin up until now

Until now, the Student Coin project managed to partner with over 500 universities around the world and held a successful ICO for the STC token.

The demand for the STC token was bigger than expected. The ICO took place in the spring of 2021 and managed to sell 5 billion tokens in less than three months.

Succeeding the ICO, on May 6th, the staking option became available, and over 30% of tokens got staked in less than 24h.

By the end of May 2021, STC has already broken into the top 400 cryptocurrencies ranked by

And the trust gains don’t come just from investors but cryptocurrency exchanges as well. Currently, 11 exchanges have already listed the STC token, and there are more to come.

Further development

Besides the good things happening to the project, the developing team is vigorously working on expanding the Student Coin ecosystem.

The Learning Section

To prevent future token issuers from having a hard time gathering funds to achieve their goals, the Student Coin team has already prepared a learning section. The Learning section comprises interactive courses organized by difficulty levels. 

And to ensure a good understanding of the matter at hand, every course ends with a mandatory test.

With these, future token issuers will be able to get a decent comprehension of how cryptocurrencies work and what they’re signing up for.

The STC Wallet

The STC token and the tokens that the users will create will need a wallet that holds the assets. A wallet that can be dedicated to the goals they’re pursuing. And the same comes for investors. 

Therefore, the Student Coin team developed and made available the STC wallet that’s thought out to facilitate access to the STC tokens and can support future tokens created within the environment.

Besides that, the wallet integrates insights, news, and staking capabilities. Users can stake their assets for up to six months for a 5-13% APY. 

The STC Terminal

The STC Terminal is one of the most crucial elements of the Student Coin environment. It is the app that will allow users to customize and issue their own STC-based token. The app will give users the ability to issue their token without having any technical knowledge.

The STC Terminal will allow users to create various tokens, such as:

  • Personal tokens;
  • Start-up tokens;
  • Corporate tokens;
  • DeFi tokens;
  • NFT tokens.

The STC Terminal is scheduled to be released by the end of July 2021.

The STC Exchange

Starting with Q3 of 2021, the Student Coin will launch the STC Exchange. Users and investors will be able to exchange their STC-based tokens and trade fiat or other supported cryptocurrencies.

The number of pairs and cryptocurrencies will grow as the project evolves. And as of right now, the Student Coin team has already published a mockup version of the exchange.

Exchanges listing STC

Speaking of exchanges and trust, as we already mentioned, Student Coin managed to gain various exchanges on board to list the STC token. Some of them include Uniswap, Waves Exchange, Bithumb Global, P2PB2B, Exchange, and KuCoin.

Besides the platforms mentioned above, exchanges such as Changelly, Bequant, or ACDX are due to list the STC in the following weeks.

The easiest way to purchase STC tokens is to go on their website: