Save Planet Earth with SafeEarth

SafeEarth, saving the planet through investment, while increasing in both liquidity and value. A charity and community driven cryptocurrency project committed to donating to Earth charities and rewarding holders.

Charitable Donations

SafeEarth, an Ethereum ERC20 cryptocurrency token, has donated over $188,000 to 5 community selected Earth charities – including Charity Water, Amazon Watch, Save the Children, The Water Project, and The Ocean Cleanup. 

Brought to you by the same dev team as SafeMars, the team has an arguably even more impressive goal – becoming a Legal registered charity! Once complete, this is an action that will truly separate it from other cryptocurrency projects.

In addition to the $188,000 already donated, SafeEarth has over $120,000 more ready to donate soon. These donations are all made possible from a 4% transaction fee, of which 1% of every SafeEarth transaction is banked! These banked fees are then used for donations to charities that focus on green initiatives, as SafeEarth looks to affect a lasting and positive change on the planet.


Future plans for the fund include more donations, as well as plans to support SafeEarth missions – missions where we send community members around the world to help developing areas, engaging with those who need us most on a private and public level. In addition to the 1% tax used for charities, there is a further 3% tax which is equally divided. 1% refunded to holders, 1% for advertising and 1% token lockups to increase liquidity.

SafeEarth and SafeMars are currently giving away a Tesla Model 3. Join us in supporting a healthy Earth with the same upside potential for income as other cryptocurrency projects! To buy, visit us on and follow the “buy on Uniswap” or “buy on Earthswap” links. For further assistance or inquiries, please use our “Join on telegram” link on the website, and we will be more than happy to connect, and together take another step towards helping our Earth!