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Frenchie Network

Dogecoin’s worst nightmare is here. Ready to dominate.  Even though 

Dogecoin is getting a lot of attention from investors and speculators, investing blindly can be problematic. Giving in to FOMO without researching this project may yield unsatisfactory results. Its semi-obsolete technology combined with a lack of long-term goals makes it unsuitable for most investors. 

On the technology front, Dogecoin brings nothing new or exciting to the table either. The network lacks exciting features and is little more than a clone of other existing solutions that have gained broader adoption and traction. The issue leads to the emergence of new projects that are able to fill the gap. For example, Frenchie Network wants to compete with Dogecoin technology as a meme-like currency but with a blockchain that offers more usability. Seeing the French bulldog compete with the Shiba Inu will go beyond the overall theme, as FRENCHIE will focus on decentralized finance purposes. 

Farming Liquidity Bonuses

You can now add liquidity on 1INCH Binance Smart Chain, 50% FREN and 50% BNB, deposit the generated liquidity tokens to We have their video tutorials and everything you require to start your farming process of fresh new $FREN tokens. 

Q4 Testnet Frenchie Smart Chain

Frenchie Network goal is to create a functional fully fledged blockchain network, with its own infrastructure, decentralized and smart, faster and more advanced than current DOGE blockchain technology. Will include smart contracts, swap platforms and a fair and ecological Proof-of-Stake system. But in order for the team to work on such a project of huge magnitude their start goal is a minimum of 50.000.000$ market capitalisation in order to allow them to roam to expand the team, offer bug bounty programs and organise hackathons. 

Is there a ‘Plan B’?

The plan is in the end to remain a community driven token, in which we renounce ownership and let it live by itself similar to DOGE but will remain in the state of a multi-chain token. Open-source and free to act-upon it by nodes / self-governance. As if we fail somehow to reach the growth target that will allow us a full-fledged development, we will deploy FrenchieDAO, self-governance contract in a swap upgrade and let the community control its funds, burn rate and vault wallets with remaining funds or future donations for development and marketing. A much more flexible and self-governed token and multi-bridged between BSC and other networks that allow such.

Exchanges and Liquidity Accessibility 

So far the Frenchie Network team has managed to partner with one of the oldest DEX platforms in the DeFi industry, 1inch to which you can easily buy and sell FREN against any currency with lowest slippage available and returning the best offer for its users. They are also pending listing to XT.COM a 2018 exchange with a user base formed of over 80.000 users from China and Hong Kong. 

You can acquire your $FREN token using your TrustWallet, MetaMask and other Web3 wallets available using 1inch BNB/FREN pair.