Join the World of VICTORIA VR – a Virtual Reality Game in Cooperation with DEXFIN

The New Year has just begun and many are still shaking off the negative effects of 2020. The world’s economy is down, meetings with friends have become a dream, and we are constantly anxious about our health. 

But what if we wouldn’t have to live in such a wacky world? What if we could go back to normal? Or even better, what if we could defy the laws of “normality”?

DEXFIN, in collaboration with VICTORIA VR, took into account all of these feelings and found a great solution that combined both the need for adventure and the need for safety. 

What is VICTORIA VR about?

Aiming to make the world a lot safer, at least financially, the VICTORIA VR team developed a new Virtual Reality Multiplayer Online Game that will eventually show players the benefits of using cryptocurrency and converting fiat to crypto. 

Through this method, crypto usability will expand, and in the foreseeable future fiat will be superseded. This will lead to the independence of banks, governments and personal data security platforms.

But until then, join VICTORIA VR, where you can live the trial version of this ideal future. 

Why is this game so special?

VICTORIA VR is based on blockchain technology, with all of the items actually being NFT tokens on the blockchain. It was developed for both crypto enthusiasts and game players, with each group being able to enjoy its features. 

To achieve their purpose (to convert gamers into crypto users), VICTORIA VR included education quests in the game, where players can get NFT and VR tokens by answering questions about crypto. Of course, they don’t have to use Google for that. Once you join the game, you have access to courses about cryptocurrency (from blockchain and tokens to DeFi and yield farming). 

But until gamers will actively learn about cryptocurrency via VICTORIA VR, they will have to be convinced to join, right? What better way to do that than by creating the best gaming experience?

The team put a lot of work into the design, interface and gameplay. And now the platform is equipped with:

  • Fully customizable avatars;
  • Photorealistic graphics;
  • Six levels of quests;
  • Competitions;
  • Unique items;
  • Treasure maps;
  • Easter Eggs 
  • And more.    

But the most important part is that players can trade items, XP, and even tokens on the Big VR Market. Plus, VICTORIA VR has really made mining such a great experience. Instead of using computational power to discover new tokens, here you just need to complete a quest. The more complicated, the bigger the reward. 

How can you join VICTORIA VR?

In order to enter this amazing adventure, you need to own the  main currency of the game – the VR Tokens. So don’t miss their Pre-sale

But don’t worry, you have enough time to get them since there are 78 billion tokens on the line. All you need to have is some Bitcoins: 

  • From December 15th, 2020, to January 31st, 2021, you can get them with just 0.00000006 BTC per token;
  • From February 2nd to February 28th they are available for 0.00000009 BTC;
  • And from March 1st to March 16th they are available for 0.00000012 BTC.

Then it’s showtime! The game will be officially launched and you will have a lot more ways to get your VR tokens – like completing quests, conquering competitions, or airdrops. And if you are a little more traditional, then staking and trading tokens on the Big VR Market is a great option too. 

Nobody tells you how to use your assets. 

Is there anything else you should know?

You can buy the Victoria VR token on DEXFIN cryptocurrency exchange with DEXFIN’s own DXF token – a perfect pair for Bitcoin. DEXFIN also offers staking, with 11% per year for the DEXFIN token (DXF) and 20% per year for the VICTORIA VR (VR) token. By betting on DEXFIN, you can profit with two additional crypto assets: Bitcoin (BTC, 4.8%), Tether (USDT, 11%).

If, on the other hand, you are passionate about gaming, VICTORIA VR is the perfect game that defies the laws of physics. You can explore space without even wearing a spacesuit, you can fly, jump ten meters, and you can even beam down to other planets. Plus, your characters are immortal, so they can’t get any virus or be hurt.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your VR tokens and start your crypto adventure!