CryptoGames – An Utopia for the Ardent Crypto Gamblers

In this tech-savvy world, time and money are commodities that should be spent wisely. This is even more critical for the gambling industry, where a poor investment of time and cryptocurrency could incur huge losses. It is of paramount importance that a gambler invests his time and cryptocurrency wisely into the right online casino and thus attains maximum profit and entertainment. Nowadays the perfect trade-off for one’s time and money for entertainment and profit is difficult to find as efficient online casinos are rarely seen. CryptoGames, an elite gambling site, is the difference-maker in this dire situation as this online casino not only provides quality entertainment and massive profits but also delivers remarkable services that make online gambling a sublime escapade for its hordes of users. From the moment of its creation till now CryptoGames has continued to deliver its superior services and has gained the admiration and love of users from all corners of the globe. It has vowed to maintain its high quality and caliber for the years to come and thus become one of the best online casinos available in the world.

This great online casino has an elegant interface and mesmerizes all visitors on the site with its minimalist outlook. The site is completely devoid of distracting designs so that players can maintain uninterrupted concentration during games. The light interface of the site also means it is not resource-intensive and that users can access games from all sorts of devices. User accounts can also be personalized according to the user’s desire using options accessible under “Your account”. Effective communication between players on the site can be achieved through the chat box.
A major contributor to CryptoGames’ enormous success in the gambling world is its spectacular library of games which has drawn gargantuan numbers of gamblers to the casino. These zealous gamblers are overjoyed at finding these games because of the sentimental value attached to these old school games. Furthermore, these games are provably fair – signifying that CryptoGames will not tamper with results of bets and users can ascertain the outcome of the games themselves! Passionate gamblers of CryptoGames also profit from a very competitive house edge which has assisted the casino in attaining internet-wide recognition. It boasts the lowest house edge in dice with only 0.8%! The games that CryptoGames offers are – Dice, Slot, Roulette, Blackjack, Plinko, Minesweeper, Video Poker and Lotto.

Users of CryptoGames never have to worry about the protection around their funds as their cryptocurrency is safeguarded by the most resilient security features available on the internet. Protocols such as Two-Factor Authentication, SSL Encryption and Email Verification for fund withdrawal ensure attackers are unable to accomplish much even if they somehow infiltrate a user account. Even if atrocious hackers attack the casino directly they are thwarted again as user funds are stored in cold wallets. All of these superior protections set gamblers’ minds at ease allowing them to focus on their gambling passion.

CryptoGames also provides an effective and flexible withdrawal and deposit system that makes financial transactions super smooth and lightning fast. It accepts transactions done with a wide variety of coins that range from – Bitcoin to alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Doge, Litecoin, Gas and Stratis.  The casino also provides “Play Money” – an experimental coin that can be used to implement a gambler’s different ideas and plans without affecting his funds. 

The gamblers of CryptoGames also partake in a multitude of fun events profoundly celebrated through the calendar year. Users all over the casino capitalize on these wonderful occasions to attain huge amounts of free coins, vouchers, lotto tickets and much more! CryptoGames also has handsome referral rewards and massive progressive Jackpots. Lastly the monthly, wagering contests hosted by CryptoGames allow gamblers to test out their gambling potential and win remunerative prizes in the process!  The top players of these events are given lots of coins and have no speed limit on dice bets till the end of the upcoming contest. They are also granted access to VIP chat channels and are given an exclusive VIP tag!

All of these services and features make CryptoGames the mammoth gambling site it is today. CryptoGames can act as a medium between a gambler and first-rate entertainment. A gambler can join this supreme online casino at a moment’s notice, as CryptoGames creates an account automatically upon the first visit to the site, and embark on a journey of eternal bliss and endless fortune.