$DEWO Launching Today: DecentraWorld’s Ecosystem Native Token

DecentraWorld and its ecosystem of DApps were developed to address the serious privacy issues in modern blockchains, and aim to provide enhanced privacy solutions for DeFi users with its innovative DecentraMix, DecentraSwap, DecentraWallet, DecentraDAO DApps & its unique zero-knowledge blockchain DecentraChain. 

The $DEWO token backing the DecentraWorld ecosystem launching today at 3PM EST / 7PM UTC, at the same rate as the presale! Which is a great opportunity to grab some $DEWO early!

Buy $DEWO On PancakeSwap (Launching 7PM UTC): https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?use=V2&inputCurrency=0xbb4cdb9cbd36b01bd1cbaebf2de08d9173bc095c&outputCurrency=0xCDD6494aEB193C8d5541b5B9c5e72a3809A98fdc

Founded in 2021 by a group of white hat developers who believe in financial privacy, and freedom. Since then, DecentraWorld has grown massively in all aspects, including exposure, community, development, team, and partnerships, It seems like a lot of people support freedom. We are dedicated to creating privacy solutions for all DeFi applications that violate users’ privacy. DecentraWorld allows you to use popular decentralized blockchains with complete privacy and anonymity, the way it was always supposed to be. 

Within the DecentraWorld innovative ecosystem, we can find a variety of DApps such as DecentraMix, DecentraSwap, DecentraWallet, and DecentraChain. The features of these applications are explained as follows:

✔️ DecentraMix.com: Send/Receive funds anonymously.

✔️ DecentraDAO.io: A decentralized governance and yield farming system

✔️ DecentraXMR.io: A decentralized Monero web wallet integrated with DecentraMix

✔️ DecentraSwap: The first DEX that allows private swaps.

✔️ DecentraWallet: a multi-token wallet with privacy by default.

✔️ DecentraChain: DecentraWorld’s unique pro-privacy Blockchain

DEWO token ($DEWO) is a utility and governance token to the DecentraWorld Ecosystem, it’s also the native token of the DecentraChain blockchain. The idea behind $DEWO is to give the power to its community and reward its holders in a variety of ways. All holders of the $DEWO token can get access to DecentraWorld’s DAO portal, and create or vote on proposals that will dictate the future of the platform. Besides that, $DEWO has a variety of financial benefits, designed to be profitable to its holders by default: weekly farming pools, airdrop to early adopters, liquidity mining, staking, cheaper platform fees, access to run profitable relayers, and early access to beta DApps.

We’ve designed $DEWO to be profitable to our community, as a group of developers that worked for years in crypto, we understand the importance of a good financial structure that will benefit holders. Therefore, we have created a series of ways that holders of $DEWO can generate an additional income. Here’s a list of ways that our holder will earn an additional income:

Yield Farming (7-day cycles):

 – $DEWO Staking

 – $DEWO/BNB Liquidity Pool Staking

 – DAO Staking + Voting Power 

Liquidity Mining:

 – DecentraMix Liquidity Mining

 – Run a Relayer For DecentraMix & Earn $DEWO

Tokenomics & $DEWO Distribution

Total Supply: 100,000,000

30% Farming Pools, Rewards, and Staking! 

        – 10% $DEWO Staking (7 days cycle x 50 weeks) 

        – 10% BNB/$DEWO LP Rewards (7 days cycle x 100) 

        – 5% DAO Governance Rewards [$DEWO] (7 days cycle x 50) 

        – 5% Liquidity Mining via DecentraMix (24hrs+ for rewards)

57.5% Community 

        – 40% Initial Sale & LP (Fair Launch) 

        – 10% DAO Treasury Fund 

        – 5% Early Investors & Backers 

        – 2.5% Early Adopters Airdrop

7.5% Marketing Fund (1-year vesting/monthly)

5% Core-Team (1-year vesting/monthly)

$DEWO Transaction Tax In 3 Tiers: 

Buy Tax: 0%/3%/6%

Sell Tax: 6%8%/10%

Contract Audit & Team KYC: https://docs.decentraworld.co/decentraworld/decentraworld-security-audit-and-team-kyc

DecentraWorld’s Official Links:

Website: https://decentraworld.co

Documentation(Whitepaper): https://docs.decentraworld.co

Medium(Blog): https://blog.decentraworld.co

Telegram Chat: https://t.me/decentraworldchat

Discord Chat: https://discord.com/invite/vZfUJ6zSgg

GitHub: https://github.com/decentraworldDewo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DecentraWorld_

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/decentraworld_/

TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@decentra.world

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/decentraworld/

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5393952

Attention: Processing of ETH & ERC-20 transactions

You may be experiencing problems with receiving confirmations for ETH & ERC-20 transactions.

Due to the general market turbulence, the Gas Price increased significantly on May 10, 2022 and continues to increase.

At the moment, Mycelium default Gas Price is much lower than the general market level shown in Ethereum Gas Tracker https://etherscan.io/gastracker.

Currently we are working on this issue and trying to resolve it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you need to send a new ETH or ERC-20 transaction or process a pending transaction, please install the application upgrade via the direct download link -> Mycelium 3.15.0

You will be able to set a custom Gas Limit and Gas Price and thus have full control over miner fee. We recommend using the Ethereum Gas Tracker to set the optimal price -> https://etherscan.io/gastracker

How to send a new ETH or ERC-20 transaction

In Send screen, please enter Recipient address and Amount then open Transaction options and enter Gas Limit and Gas Price.

For Gas Limit please use:

  • ETH transactions: 21000
  • ERC-20 transactions: 55500

For Gas Price, please check the actual price at the official Ethereum network explorer: https://etherscan.io/gastracker.

How to process pending ETH or ERC-20 transaction

In Send screen, please enter Recipient address and Amount then open Transaction options.

1. In Transaction to be replaced with click and select pending transaction.

2. Enter following Gas Limit: ETH -21000, ERC-20 – 55500 units.

3. Enter Gas Price from actual price at official Ethereum network explorer https://etherscan.io/gastracker.

Thank you for your patience. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The king is invincible in his expedition, and the  starting miners win the hundred times reward

【Wonderful Gamefi】Aztec-kingdom is a tribal style game developed by the Indonesian development team for half a year.  Using five levels of hero NFTs, each hero not only has its own attributes, but also adds combat buffs to the team, enjoying the most primitive operational pleasure of Gamefi.  The game has been launched in a low-key way, with no private pre-sale, and the global publicity will begin soon.  Recommendation level: 5 stars, predicted currency price multiple in May: 4-8 times.

According to legend, the ancestors of the Aztecs came from a place called the Aztecs in the north. and they traveled south to Lake Texcoco in Anahuac valley according to the instructions of the Sun God Huizilopochetri. When they came to the island in the middle of the lake, they saw an eagle with a snake perched on a cactus. This phenomenon told them that they should build a city here. Therefore, in 1325, the Aztecs built Tenochtitlán, a huge artificial island in this place.

The hero card is the NFT asset of the game, which can be obtained by opening the mystery card or purchased through the NFT market.

Hero cards can be used for games, mining and games.

After players draw heroes, the system will automatically pledge and start mining ATC, generating income every day.

The revenue distribution depends on the average of the users’ total computing power on the platform. In short, as the number of computational examples increases, the payoff increases. In the process of staking mining, users can browse their own computing power and the total computing power of the platform. The computing power determines the daily mining income

ATC is the local currency of the game, and players use ATC to create characters. We believe that the essence of blockchain is transparency and fairness. ATC tokens have no pre-mining, no seed round, and no sale round. ATC Tokens have been fairly released!

 Game address: https://aztec-kingdom.com/      

 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Atcecking

 Telegram: https://t.me/+FBvM8y7qdpEyMmFl

 ATC contract: 0x45b8ddd1de34ed2c41dd529b6fef4052bf335c97

$BOV: Here’s your chance to be early! $BOV token launch incoming!

Don’t miss out on this early opportunity! Next potential 10x or 100x? $BOV token will be opened for trading for the first time in Uniswap Polygon on 28th April at 1pm UTC. Immediately after, it will be listed on multiple CEXs.

Ulti Arena is an ecosystem of all things gaming that aims to provide white-label solutions for game studios, developers, and artists to create an entire game-centered community with its revolutionary products:

• NFT Marketplace for Game Assets, where buyers and sellers can trade unique 2D/3D assets, music, sound, and UI/HUD elements,

• Proof-of-Gaming, a gaming client allowing players to earn ULTI tokens when playing games such as DOTA2, LOL, CSGO, and more,

• Crypto Trading Card Game called Ultimate Battle Arena, developed in collaboration with Remote Control Productions and Frag Games.

Ultimate Battle Arena, the first NFT game of Ulti Arena, is a trading card game and MOBA-inspired universe in the Polygon Network where anyone can earn its in-game currency, Benders of Valor Tokens (or $BOV), through skilled gameplay and contributions. It’s a digital collection where players can battle, collect, modify and fuse their Ultimates. Each Ultimate possesses a different set of characteristics that determine their role in the battle.

Ultimates are non-fungible tokens (NFT). They are unique and owned by the user, validated through the blockchain, and their value can be appreciated or depreciated based on the marketplace. Since Ultimates are tokens on a blockchain, they can be bought, sold, or transferred digitally, with a guarantee of ownership. Ultimates have an infinite number of copies on the Marketplace. Each copy has distinct stats stored in a smart contract.

✅ 1,300,000,000 $BOV max supply

✅ No minting function

✅ Burn $BOV tokens for every card fuse, reroll, and level up

✅ Burn $ULTI tokens for every card deck purchase

Ultimate Battle Arena will soon be governed by a DAO or a decentralized autonomous organization, through a token-based membership using $BOV. Members will be able to decide how the game and the project will run.

The initial trading pair for $BOV is USDT.

The beta version of the game has been released on the 25th of April and is currently being tested by the Ulti Arena community. Full version of the game is expected to launch in July. 

Join the Ulti Arena community and stay updated!

Website: https://uba.gg 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UltiArena 

Telegram: https://t.me/ultiarena 

Discord: https://discord.gg/ultiarena 

The Force of Stars – The first blockchain tournament

Let’s celebrate Star Wars Day with Fairspin! We launched our fully transparent blockchain tournament with $20 000 prize fund that will be distributed among the most active players.

How to win

Play your favorite games

Get TFS for each bet as a reward

Slots will bring you more TFS

Increase your bets to receive more tokens

Collect the most TFS tokens and win

How to use Token you get

You can send your TFS to your gaming account and play further. TFS will be converted to your account currency.

Freeze your tokens on the TFS page and receive tokens as a reward! In addition, you can send TFS to your crypto wallet.

Join Zoomex Trading Competition and get a maximum of $100,000 USDT

Start your investment journey with Zoomex, get a maximum of $100,000 USDT with the the first trading competition launched by Zoomex. Every participant gets $20 bonus. We look forward to your participation. 

Maximum prize pool: 100,000 USDT 

Competition Schedule 

Competition registration period: April 7th 10am – April 26th 10am (UTC) 

Competition Period: April 14th, 10am – April 30th, 10am (UTC) 

Prize payment: scheduled to be paid before May 10 

[Sign Up Now

Participation conditions: 

USDT Net Asset Value ≥ 300 USDT 

*Assets other than USDT are not included. 

Competition Rule 

All USDT perpetual contracts supported by Zoomex 

*Transaction P&L of BTC/ETH/EOS/XRP Inverse Perpetual Contract is not included in the competition results. 

Event information 

– Participants who have successfully registered for the competition and meet the trading volume conditions during the competition period can receive a 20 USDT bonus , which will be paid to the participating account within 7 days after the competition ends. 

About Us 

Zoomex exchange, established in 2021 in Singapore, is the cryptocurrency trading platform equipped with the high-tech blockchain technology. We believe this technology will prosper our lives and increase the value of assets. Our aim is to provide more customers with a better online cryptocurrency trading environment, and to create the wise investment environment. 

Zoomex strives to protect our customers’ assets and provide the best online trading service in the changing cryptocurrency market under our values – safety, trust, and creation. Zoomex offers customer-oriented services. We also provide convenience and an optimal trading environment for cryptocurrency online trading services as a leader of the cryptocurrency market where our customers are satisfied with the services.

The Initial Listing of the $UIM Tokens on April 18th

Universe Island is an action Sci-Fi 1 vs 1, third-person shooting game that rewards players with $UIM tokens. These tokens fuel the Play-to-Earn ecosystem of the game and is scheduled to get listed at PancakeSwap on 18th April 2022.

Universe Island team has given the community the last chance to get the tokens through their presale on BLOKPAD scheduled for April 14th, 10 AM UTC. It is mandatory for users to register for the presale at the presale page on the BLOKPAD official website.

The launch of the beta version of the game and NFT marketplace would follow shortly after the listing. 

The NFT Marketplace will allow players to stake UIM tokens to activate loot boxes, get special monthly NFT airdrops, governance rights on decision for the game as well as access to Whitelist after 6 months of staking!

The NFT cards will provide unique boosts for characters and can be traded at the NFT marketplace via UIM tokens with no additional fees or be displayed at the Metaverse NFT Gallery. Furthermore, these NFT cards can also be viewed by players on characters in their real-time environment with our Augmented Reality (AR) Technology; thereby making Universe Island the first Play-to-Earn game enabling its players to view their heroes in real-life environment! 

With the launch date getting closer, the team of Universe Island is geared to provide players with a P2E game that would take the experience of everyone- gamers and crypto enthusiasts to a whole new level. All you need is a phone and you are ready to go!

PetWars Launching On Pancake Swap  – Announces Major Partnership

PetWars is launching soon after a highly successful IDO, that saw the project sell out their allocation in only 20 minutes, surpassing all early expectations.

Ashley Ward – PetWars Chief Executive Officer states “Their success is owed to their partnership announcement with major game developers Cubix, who have won multiple awards for block chain gaming. We not only have a great vision but the right team to deliver that vision in a timely manner. “

Additionally, they have announced a partnership with JoinCoin with other project partnerships in current talks. Considering the project only begun a little over 3 weeks ago, they are already making all the right moves to secure a successful project.

They are now scheduled to launch for public trading on the decentralised exchange Pancake Swap on 9th April 19.00 UTC

What is PetWars?

The war for our affection rages on…

For centuries, cats and dogs have fought for the love of their owners in a winner-takes-it-all battleground. 

But there can only be one victor…

Enlisting the help of dozens of crazy, colourful pets including birds, insects, cats, dogs and many, many more battle it out for the top spot! Will the cats’ nine lives be enough to win? Or, will the dog finally have its day?

Join the fight in Pet Wars and take command of an army of pets in this free-to-play online digital trading card game!

PetWars NFT Collection

PetWars is releasing their own rare NFT collection within 6 weeks of launch but unlike other NFTs these are not just merely artwork.

Their NFTs will offer a residual income from future game earnings by simply adding them into staking pools much like traditional staking of tokens. They will also allow holders of NFT’s early access to the game before it releases to the public in early Q4.

What makes PetWars Different?

Many projects have a great vision but often fail due to a small team or lack of experience in their required fields.

PetWars consists of a team of over 30 individuals, from experienced marketers, to contract developers and our gaming partners which is a team over 14 strong in itself.

Through this ever growing team and a highly active community, were confident that PetWars can secure a win for our investors.

What are your next steps after the fundraising?

After this explosive fundraising round, were now able to focus on delivering our vision for the project and the community.

The team have a combined experience of over 30 years in the crypto space and with the help of our new partners Cubix, JoinCoin and others we are confident our roadmap will be delivered in a timely and satisfactory fashion.

How to take part in PetWars public launch?

The public launch is taking place promptly on 9th April 19.00 UTC on Pancake Swap. 

Anyone that missed the opportunity to purchase via our IDO phase, has a last opportunity to join the public launch and purchase at the same price as IDO, assuming they do so promptly.

We highly recommend you visit our website but more importantly to join our fast-growing community on telegram should you have any further questions.

Website: https://petwarstoken.com

Telegram: https://t.me/petwarsofficial

About Mycelium’s Upcoming Liquidity Event

Our 2016 investment offering was strikingly different from what was universally practiced in the crypto industry at the time.

While the vast majority of tokens were structurally so-called “internal project money” (utility tokens), Mycelium tokens represented a registration of rights to receive company shares at the time of a liquidity event.

Whereas in most projects, a package put up for public sale determined a significant share of control over the project (often more than half), the package we sold corresponded to only five percent of the shares.

This approach was the result of a firm belief that the utility token model was flawed. Indeed, six years later, we see that only an extremely narrow layer of speculators has benefited from investments in tokens, and the vast majority of projects that conducted so-called ICOs at the time are now not active players in the market. And it’s important to note that the failure rate is at least two orders of magnitude higher than a traditional IPO.

All this time we have been continuously working to make the liquidity event happen. To put it simply, we were looking for the possibility of participation in the project not just of a big investor, but of a certain system-forming force, which would eventually become one of the equal players in the complete redistribution of the world finances. Let us remind that this very goal was postulated by the first evangelists of Bitcoin and other decentralized monetary and managerial systems.

Unfortunately or fortunately — it is too early to tell — the transformation of the global balance of power has been delayed compared to our initial expectations. But it is happening now. By the end of 2022, the world and its finances will be very different.

Naturally, in our official promotional brochures at the time, we did not think it appropriate to make such marginal statements. So our investors could only read a small part of our plans. In particular, we talked about changing the user interface and turning the app into a personal finance combine.

Now we can openly say that the essence of the plan was and still is to give the Mycelium community a chance to enter the new world (where there will be no old financial oligarchy or old tools) as full owners.

The fact that the pool of Mycelium token holders consists (for the most part) of early bitcoiners also carries a hidden meaning.

It is no secret that as the crypto industry has evolved, its ways have departed from the core philosophy and ideology of Bitcoin. Neither the movement’s followers nor its opponents were right. The latter, in particular, argued that the core of support would consist of common criminals who would use bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies instead of cash. However, the criminal component at the moment is elsewhere, from money laundering through NFT by quite systemic and “respectable” people to circumvention maneuvers to overcome the U.S. sanctions policy, which has lost all reasonableness and pragmatism.

Most importantly, no decentralization has occurred. Even bitcoin is now concentrated in the hands of a few, as a result of buying up, lobbying, and the natural concentration of mining in the hands of big traditional capital.

It has now become clear that those cryptocurrency players who colluded with the old oligopoly and turned the crypto industry into a Wall Street dependent unit were strategically wrong. For now, bitcoin’s price against the dollar is still an important indicator, and its correlation with the U.S. stock market is strongly positive (which in itself is absurd). But things are changing fast, and as the world moves to a multipolar system and divides into zones of different reserve currencies, the crypto industry will change just as fast.

We are incomparably better prepared for this scenario than our direct and indirect competitors, and therefore our token holders will remain at a strategic advantage.