Forget about Bank Loans – with the Student Coin Crypto Ecosystem

We all know the struggles with traditional banks. Most of the time, you need to provide imprest and variable interest rates. You have to wait for different kinds of approvals, and it’s a pretty laborious process. 

Not to mention that banks have security issues, with your loan being at risk for robbery or bankruptcy. 

Therefore, the decision to get a loan is difficult because there is a lot to consider. And it’s especially hard for students who want to pay their tuition or entrepreneurs who want to start their business once and for all. 

StartUp programs are another option, but the competition is high, and you need to come with a really clever idea to conquer the investors. At the same time, crowdfunding always needs something in return. But what if you don’t have anything to offer yet?

All of these issues will end soon – with Student Coin.

What is Student Coin?

Student Coin is an ecosystem built with blockchain technology with the aim of providing users with an alternative to bank loans, among others. 

The platform was designed to enable individuals and companies to build their own STC-based tokens and sell them through crowdfunding. So you have something to give from the outset. All of the new tokens will be valued based on the STC. 

To build a token, Student Coin doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Using the STC Terminal app, you will just need to fill:

  • The name you want for the token;
  • The token type (personal, corporate, DeFi, NFT, etc.);
  • The utility of the token;
  • The token supply. 

Easy, quick, and clean. 

How does crowdfunding work on Student Coin?

The system is very straightforward, and it’s best for students and entrepreneurs. 

You build your token, put it in a Student Coin pool, and others can purchase it and use it for commercial reasons. That’s how you get the money needed to start your company or to join your favorite university. After you have a steady source of income, you cyclically repay the loan. 

No wonder why over 500 universities worldwide support this project, including Harvard and Stanford.  

Where to get STC tokens?

You can purchase the STC token directly from – being the fastest way to get it. 

But if you want to switch between crypto trading platforms, you’ll find STC on exchanges like Uniswap, Waves Exchange, Bithumb Global, CoinTiger, Coinsbit, P2PB2B, and Exchange.  

Tomorrow, ProBit will list the STC token too. And that’s not all. May spare us two other listings on major exchanges – so be ready for a surprise soon. Not long after that, we will also see on the list HitBTC, Changelly, Changelly Pro, CrossTower, and Bequant.

But the most exciting exchange Student Coin has partnered with is KuCoin – which is known as one of the most strict trading platforms. Not every crypto can get listed there, so the fact that Student Coin succeeded is something to celebrate. 

We are talking about an exchange platform with a total of over 760 million trades and over $260 billion transaction volume.

What other products are included in the ecosystem?

Student Coin is more than the STC token. It is an entire ecosystem designed to encourage more people to enter the crypto world without stressing about all the tech info. 

There are two main sections of the Student Coin platform:

  • The business section, which includes:
    • STC Wallet – where you can access and even stake your assets up to 6 months with 5 to 13% APY;
    • STC Terminal – that will allow users to customize their tokens (available by the end of July);
    • STC Exchange – where you can trade your assets for crypto or fiat (available from Q3 2021);
    • STC App – where you can access Student Coin on the go (the full version available in November).
  • The educational section, which includes the STC Educational Panel. 

And that’s what we call a complete crypto solution. What are you waiting for? Join Student Coin and start your crypto adventure!

Weentar is Going to Incentivise Social Media Activity

If you thought that blockchain technology couldn’t get any further, you would be surprised. 

Weentar is now developing a decentralized social media project that will make the most out of blockchain technology. Not just that, but it will make creators a pillar of the worldwide economy. 

Did we catch your attention? Then read further and find out what they plan for influencers and artists around the world.

What is Weentar about?

Weentar is an in-development blockchain project that aims to be a great financial instrument for young generations. The team wants to create a platform that will turn social media content into a stable source of income. 

Ok, here’s the deal. 

Weentar invites any celebrity, influencer, or artist to join and start posting like usual. But this time, the posts are not going to get their creators just likes and comments. They can instead launch these posts as NFTs. 

That’s right. 

Non Fungible Tokens are the stars of this spring, with some of them being sold for up to $69.3 million. And with Weentar, instead of thinking about how to make a stand-out piece of art, you can just take a picture in your favorite outfit, and that’s it. 

Be creative. The more playful and bold your posts are, the more fame they can get – so the bids may go higher. Artists can also use the platform to sell social tokens – like merch or tickets for concerts.

It kind of sounds like Patreon, but with the difference that there’s no centralized entity that runs Weentar – which gives youngsters a lot more freedom. This will be a game-changer for millions of creators who want to make their voices heard and their colors seen. 

How to join the Weentar platform

Weentar is built with blockchain technology, which means you will need a ticket to join – its core cryptocurrency, the WNTR. 

The WNTR is now available on Presale, which is going to end on May 17, 2021. The ICO started on April 20th, and until now, more than 4,000,000 tokens were sold. 

To buy the WNTR token, you need to connect your Metamask Wallet and send BNB to the presale contract address. With just 1 BNB, you can get 25,000 WNTRs. 

Besides being the ticket to the Weentar social media platform, WNTR also gives creators and fans an essential role in developing the project – they can vote on the next steps.

About the team

Weentar Project is backed up by four people – Eduardo Fonnegra, Sebastian Dine, Clinton Murphy, and Kailash Sharan Bara. They represent all the four pillars for a great business idea: Digital Marketing, Quality Assurance, Management, and Blockchain Development. 

What would you need more?

Their goals reflect their optimistic view over the future of cryptocurrencies, which is truly inspiring. They already got a partnership with Lil Yachty, and they started negotiations with thousands of other artists. 

Until the end of 2021, they aim to get no less than 500 celebrities to run the Weentar platform and get a place in the top 50 best worldwide projects. 

These are massive goals, but they don’t seem to doubt their negotiation and marketing abilities. And frankly, they have all they need to achieve their goals. 

They didn’t just stop at defining their target audience. Instead, they analyzed the younger generation’s interests, needs, and communication style. The result was a social media platform that gives them income, freedom, and recognition, all wrapped in a fully transparent system sprinkled with humor.

Are you all set?

If the answer is yes, then what are you waiting for? Join the Largest ICO for the future of Decentralised Social Media along with Lil Yatchy and other celebrities.

Make the most out of your thoughts and creations. 






The STC Token is Live – And Over 10 Crypto Exchanges are Ready for It

Being backed up by over 500 universities due to its unique approach towards students and cryptocurrencies, Student Coin succeeded in selling all its STC tokens dedicated to the ICO. 

Although the Launchpad was intended to last until April 30th, the 150th phase ended nine days sooner due to the popular demand for the STC token. Therefore, in less than two months, Student Coin sold no less than 5 billion tokens. 

Now that the ICO is over, all that’s left to do is go to the crypto exchanges and get it while it’s fresh – because it has all the chances to increase in value quickly. 

Where can you buy the STC token?

First of all, you can buy it directly from the – this is the easiest way to get it in just a couple of seconds. 

At the moment, four crypto exchanges listed the STC token up for trading: Uniswap, Waves Exchange, Bithumb Global, CoinTiger

Besides them, four other exchanges are ready to list the token by the end of May. We are talking about:

  • Coinsbit – on 12 May 2021;
  • P2PB2B – on 13 May 2021; 
  • Exchange – on 13 May 2021; 
  • ProBit – on 15 May 2021.

And for the following weeks, they will be joined by HitBTC, Changelly, Changelly Pro, CrossTower, Bequant, ACDX and two other major exchanges that will be announced after May 9th. 

If this is the first time you heard about it, note that the STC token is the core of an entire ecosystem built especially for students and entrepreneurs. 

What is the use of the STC token?

Therefore, the STC token is not just for trading, but it offers the opportunity to build your own token and sell it through a crowdfunding proposal. 

This project aims to provide students with another option of paying their tuition besides a bank credit. You may already know that getting a loan from a bank comes with a lack of transparency, variable interest, and almost no security. 

Now, all users have to do is to customize their token on the platform, whose value will be based on the STC token. After that, they can initiate a crowdfunding proposal on the platform, get the money needed, exchange them, and pay their tuition right off the bat. 

And even better, the investors will be paid back cyclically by the students just after they graduate and find a steady job. This process can also be used by entrepreneurs, who will pay back the money just after their company generates enough profit. 

What other products does Student Coin have?

As we said before, Student Coin is a whole ecosystem, which means there is more than the STC token on the line. 

Let’s take a look at them!

  1. The learning section

Here you can find a lot of courses about crypto, organized by the level of difficulty.

However, as opposed to other educational crypto platforms, Student Coin made the courses interactive. Each section of the chapters comes with a short test, whose passing is mandatory to read the following pages. 

  1. The STC Wallet

Here, users can access their assets, whether they are obtained from trades or created by them. To get to your account, Phemex needs a unique code that is sent to your email for a plus of security.  

Besides that, you can access weekly insights, get all the important news about the STC Token, and even stake your assets up to six months for 5 to 13% APY. 

  1. The STC Terminal (available by the end of July)

We talked about it earlier. This app allows users to customize their own STC-based token without having any kind of technical knowledge. And there’s a lot of options to choose from:

  • Personal tokens;
  • Startup tokens;
  • Corporate tokens;
  • DeFi tokens;
  • NFT tokens.
  1. The STC Exchange (available from Q3 2021)

Which is self-explanatory, being the place where users can easily trade their assets for crypto or fiat with greater value. 

Who backs up the STC Ecosystem?

Student Coin was built with the help of 44 team members from 12 different countries, all of them led by the young author of “Cryptocurrency Encyclopedia: the comprehensive guide through the 100 most important cryptocurrencies”.

Besides him, in the team we can also see the former CTO of IBM, Karolina Marzantowicz, and Stanford University teacher Andrew Kusmierz.

Now that you know who made all of this happen, you are ready for the next step – getting the STC token and joining the crypto community! 








Save Planet Earth with SafeEarth

SafeEarth, saving the planet through investment, while increasing in both liquidity and value. A charity and community driven cryptocurrency project committed to donating to Earth charities and rewarding holders.

Charitable Donations

SafeEarth, an Ethereum ERC20 cryptocurrency token, has donated over $188,000 to 5 community selected Earth charities – including Charity Water, Amazon Watch, Save the Children, The Water Project, and The Ocean Cleanup. 

Brought to you by the same dev team as SafeMars, the team has an arguably even more impressive goal – becoming a Legal registered charity! Once complete, this is an action that will truly separate it from other cryptocurrency projects.

In addition to the $188,000 already donated, SafeEarth has over $120,000 more ready to donate soon. These donations are all made possible from a 4% transaction fee, of which 1% of every SafeEarth transaction is banked! These banked fees are then used for donations to charities that focus on green initiatives, as SafeEarth looks to affect a lasting and positive change on the planet.


Future plans for the fund include more donations, as well as plans to support SafeEarth missions – missions where we send community members around the world to help developing areas, engaging with those who need us most on a private and public level. In addition to the 1% tax used for charities, there is a further 3% tax which is equally divided. 1% refunded to holders, 1% for advertising and 1% token lockups to increase liquidity.

SafeEarth and SafeMars are currently giving away a Tesla Model 3. Join us in supporting a healthy Earth with the same upside potential for income as other cryptocurrency projects! To buy, visit us on and follow the “buy on Uniswap” or “buy on Earthswap” links. For further assistance or inquiries, please use our “Join on telegram” link on the website, and we will be more than happy to connect, and together take another step towards helping our Earth!

Join Frenchie Network – Q4 Testnet – High Yield Farming – Friendly Community

Frenchie Network

Dogecoin’s worst nightmare is here. Ready to dominate.  Even though 

Dogecoin is getting a lot of attention from investors and speculators, investing blindly can be problematic. Giving in to FOMO without researching this project may yield unsatisfactory results. Its semi-obsolete technology combined with a lack of long-term goals makes it unsuitable for most investors. 

On the technology front, Dogecoin brings nothing new or exciting to the table either. The network lacks exciting features and is little more than a clone of other existing solutions that have gained broader adoption and traction. The issue leads to the emergence of new projects that are able to fill the gap. For example, Frenchie Network wants to compete with Dogecoin technology as a meme-like currency but with a blockchain that offers more usability. Seeing the French bulldog compete with the Shiba Inu will go beyond the overall theme, as FRENCHIE will focus on decentralized finance purposes. 

Farming Liquidity Bonuses

You can now add liquidity on 1INCH Binance Smart Chain, 50% FREN and 50% BNB, deposit the generated liquidity tokens to We have their video tutorials and everything you require to start your farming process of fresh new $FREN tokens. 

Q4 Testnet Frenchie Smart Chain

Frenchie Network goal is to create a functional fully fledged blockchain network, with its own infrastructure, decentralized and smart, faster and more advanced than current DOGE blockchain technology. Will include smart contracts, swap platforms and a fair and ecological Proof-of-Stake system. But in order for the team to work on such a project of huge magnitude their start goal is a minimum of 50.000.000$ market capitalisation in order to allow them to roam to expand the team, offer bug bounty programs and organise hackathons. 

Is there a ‘Plan B’?

The plan is in the end to remain a community driven token, in which we renounce ownership and let it live by itself similar to DOGE but will remain in the state of a multi-chain token. Open-source and free to act-upon it by nodes / self-governance. As if we fail somehow to reach the growth target that will allow us a full-fledged development, we will deploy FrenchieDAO, self-governance contract in a swap upgrade and let the community control its funds, burn rate and vault wallets with remaining funds or future donations for development and marketing. A much more flexible and self-governed token and multi-bridged between BSC and other networks that allow such.

Exchanges and Liquidity Accessibility 

So far the Frenchie Network team has managed to partner with one of the oldest DEX platforms in the DeFi industry, 1inch to which you can easily buy and sell FREN against any currency with lowest slippage available and returning the best offer for its users. They are also pending listing to XT.COM a 2018 exchange with a user base formed of over 80.000 users from China and Hong Kong. 

You can acquire your $FREN token using your TrustWallet, MetaMask and other Web3 wallets available using 1inch BNB/FREN pair. 

Regarding the Recent Mycelium Nano Survey

Dear Mycelium Wallet Users!

From April 22 to April 25 we conducted market research and asked you to fill in a short questionnaire. Thank you very much, we received a satisfying number of answers in a short time. The results of this research will help us to develop and offer you useful services.


Seven people specified their FIO addresses in the wrong format and therefore could not get their coins.

Attention users who gave us the following addresses (only the last 4 symbols shown):

…1igm …rqgp …R994 …pHTV …hZFX … …uva8

The addresses you provided are not valid FIO addresses!

If you still want to get your reward, please create a valid FIO address and send it to us at Be sure to include the wrong address in your email as well—not only the four last symbols but completely—so that we can identify you.

Play your favorite games on Windice, provably fair bitcoin and altcoin casino

If you are looking for a place to gamble – try Windice, a provably fair crypto casino.

Whether it’s about the outcome of your bet or the withdraw of your winnings, it seems like there are plenty of reasons to have trust issues. 

But it would be a waste of opportunities if you decide to give up gambling forever, especially now when Bitcoin and altcoins are in bloom. 

So, instead of quitting, why not try to verify your games before investing more in them? 

Where is that possible? On the Bitcoin Casino Windice platform. 

What to know about Windice Casino?

Windice is a crypto gambling platform that allows players to verify the fairness of the available games. This is possible using the Provably Fair function, a mechanism that generates the outcome of games using three variables:

  • Server seed;
  • Client seed;
  • Nonce.

The system is pretty easy to follow. Windice creates a seed number, which is hashed and then sent to the gambler. The gambler then adds his own seed and plays the bet. Based on the outcome and the time of betting, the gambler can verify if any interference occurred.

Let’s simplify it a bit. 

If you use this function for DICE games, you can manually enter how much BTC you want to bet and what chance of winning you want, to establish the payout automatically. This will show you what profit you can win with the details chosen. 

After you play the bet, you can either win or lose. And if the luck wasn’t on your side, you can click the bet ID of other players and see if they were given different data. As you can see in the following screenshot, the results correspond with the initial ones.

What are the benefits of Provably Fair Games?

Obviously, the most significant benefit of the Provably Fair function is that you can check your own bet results and see what chances you have based on the payout desired. Now, you must note that the higher your winning chances are, the lower your payout will be. So dare to be brave! 

Another benefit is that the Provably Fair function gets rid of third parties investigation, meaning there’s no place for human error. Everything is done by the software, and the Casino owners can’t change the hash seed.

Now that everything is clear, let’s talk about the details.

What kind of games can you find on Windice?

Windice offers a wide variety of games, both Windice original games and slots from top licensed providers like EvoPlay, Amatic, and Evolution Gaming. 

Among the original Windice games, you can find:

  • Bitcoin Dice – where you can bet on a particular number or a range of numbers;
  • Bitcoin Crash –  where you can control the speed of a spaceship, being careful not to crash it;
  • Bitcoin Roulette – where you buy tickets, and if the roulette goes on one of yours, you gain the entire amount of players’ tickets;
  • Bitcoin Plinko – where you can customize the winning lines and save your rows for later use.

Other perks

Besides its exciting approach to crypto gambling games, Windice’s team stands out with its focus on gamblers. They wanted to create the best experience for their users so that everybody who comes in will visit again. 

Right off the bat, you can see an intuitive interface, with colorful icons and lots of filters – that makes browsing as smooth as possible. 

You can also access the online chat on the platform, available in six different languages, for tips and tricks. 

Another great thing is that the Windice Casino is not just for BTC holders. It also accepts Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin. And the team is planning to add more options in the future. 

There is also a VIP system, alongside daily wager contests, progressive jackpot, rains and trivia, faucets, and other great spices for an enjoyable experience. 

And if you follow Windice on social media, you will also get the chance to participate in one of the regular contests and giveaways. 

Now snap to the platform and get the most out of crypto gambling!

Mycelium Coupon Code for 1000 wincoins

StormGain Makes Crypto Mining Accessible To All Smartphone Users

StormGain makes cryptocurrency mining straightforward, transparent, and more accessible than ever before. Cryptocurrency mining is an appealing industry to many yet can prove complex to get accustomed to. StormGain’s solution therefore removes the technical barriers from the equation in hopes of creating a more even playing field. 

Getting involved in cryptocurrency mining requires specific technical knowledge and comes at a high upfront investment cost. Furthermore, miners need to keep several factors in mind, including electricity costs, upkeep and maintenance, and the overall investment return. This process is incredibly complex to the uninitiated process, which is why StormGain wants to change that narrative. 

Cloud mining is a prevalent trend in the cryptocurrency industry today. However, many providers claim to offer significant yields and fail to deliver on those promises. StormGain is a different breed, as it provides a mobile-based cloud mining solution. Every user can mine cryptocurrency directly from their mobile phone without dealing with the hardware side of things. Mobile app users connect directly to remote cloud servers, allowing StormGain to provide a risk-free and convenient mining solution, incomparable to those offered by other cloud mining service providers. 

The first step is to register at StormGain platform using smartphone – or desktop computer for those who prefer that option. Next, users can create an account in a frictionless manner. StormGain purposely opts for a pain-free registration process to get as many people acquainted with cloud mining as possible. 

After confirming the account, users can begin mining Bitcoin right away. There is a $10 USDT requirement to carry out actions with the yielded cryptocurrency. After meeting this threshold, users are free to trade and exchange their crypto assets with StormGain. Withdrawal of mined currency is not possible without going through the trading process first, but all profit generated via trading can be transferred out of one’s account at any given time – a fair trade-off.

The trading and exchanging via StormGain is available at 0% commission, with users benefiting from all standard and advanced instruments at their disposal. The service also introduces fiat-based cryptocurrency purchasing for those who want to expand their crypto portfolio quickly and effortlessly. To date, StormGain’s trading product notes a 30-day volume of over $6 billion, generated by tens of thousands of traders worldwide. 

What sets StormGain apart from other cloud mining providers is how mining rewards are proportional to trading volume. Users with a higher trading volume will earn a higher daily mining income. The maximum threshold is 0.0318 Bitcoin per day for all users or roughly 0.33 BTC per month. Mining with StormGain over more extended periods can have a significant impact on one’s profit potential, displaying the sheer potential posed by cloud mining. 

All cloud mining rewards are distributed every 30-40 minutes, depending on how many people are involved at the time. Once funds are withdrawn to the trading account, transfers occur in less than 72 hours. For newcomers, the first mined Bitcoin rewards will become accessible within 4 hours. 

About StormGain

As part of its services, StormGain’s cloud mining service effectively removes all entry barriers to the mining market. Consequently, there’s no longer a need to invest in expensive mining chips that take up space, make noise, and consume electricity. Contract prices are inherently small so on-going investments can translate to significant profits over the long term. Since the bitcoin mining service is readily available via the cloud, accessing it via desktop and mobile devices couldn’t be easier, with no hardware and time investments involved. 

The Merchant Ecosystem – the next Step in Crypto Field

Crypto has every chance to overcome fiat. Nobody can argue with that. This year showed us clearer than ever. 

However, if we are going to convert to crypto, we need to be sure that we can use it for more than trading. So far, thousands of merchants accept Bitcoin, but what if you want to work with altcoins or tokens?

After all, to make a clean transition, cryptocurrencies need to have utility in the real world, right?

And that’s exactly what Hips Payment Group is planning to do with its Merchant Ecosystem.

What is the Merchant Ecosystem about?

The decentralized Merchant Ecosystem was designed for two purposes:

  1. To increase the usability level of cryptocurrencies

The ecosystem was developed by Hips Payment Group, who provides payment tech services since 2015. Seeing the successful advancement of crypto in the last couple of years, the team decided to actively get involved in mainstream acceptance. 

So now they work on the Merchant Blockchain, which will enable crypto payments in standard terminal messages. This will massively increase the usability of cryptocurrencies, and over 2,000 merchant partners are already open to it. 

  1. To protect crypto users from merchant scams

This is possible due to its Merchant Payment Protocol, which solves disputes between payers and merchants based on the merchant’s reputation. 

If an issue has been raised, the reputation will be calculated automatically, and if it doesn’t meet the score required in the smart contract, the payer gets his money back. 

On top of it, if you don’t want to rely on automated software, you can turn to Community Dispute Management. Here, the dispute will be mediated by two MTO holders. 

If you choose to be one of the mediators and help the proper functioning of the platform, you will get rewards from the fee pool. 

It’s quite impressive how the Merchant’s developers made sure to involve users in the ecosystem, recognizing their value for both security validation and project development.