Don’t Miss the $LUCA Token Public Sale. It Has Just Launched!

Lucrosus Capital, the world’s first gamified Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) has launched the Public Sale of their native $LUCA token on 17th January at 11:00 UTC. They are leading in utilizing the DeVC trend while providing many benefits for $LUCA holders, so it’s worth checking this.

Public Sale of LUCA token started on 17th January 2022 at 11:00 UTC. It is conducted in 100 phases. With each next phase, tokens are available for a higher price. In the first phase, you can purchase $LUCA tokens at $0.026. Participating in this Public Sale is possible on Lucrosus Capital’s website. You will be provided with 3 payment methods to purchase $LUCA tokens so you can choose the most appropriate way for you. In any case, you do not need to create additional accounts.

Moreover, in your Lucrosus Capital account you can generate a unique referral link that can significantly increase your profits. Share this referral link with your friends and you will be able to receive 30% of their purchased amount in $LUCA tokens or 15% in ETH as a reward. Moreover, your friends will be able to buy 5% more tokens thanks to registering their account from your referral link. Therefore, you could mutually benefit! You can generate your unique referral link here.

What is Lucrosus Capital?

Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) – this is the emergent trend which rapid development we have lately witnessed. Now its pioneer – Lucrosus Capital – has entered into the market and is starting its Public Sale!  

Lucrosus Capital as Decentralized Venture Capital provides institutional benefits to individual investors through its native token – $LUCA. Their main goal is to support the development of the most thriving blockchain projects. As they claim, they are confident that the solutions they provide will soon revolutionize the world you know.”

Lucrosus Capital, through the usage of tokens, can create utilities that are unprecedented in the traditional markets. Among such applications is the possibility for investors to allocate funds in promising projects invested by Lucrosus Capital. Such allocations are acquirable on very favourable terms previously inaccessible to individual investors. They have developed

Why should you buy LUCA?

Lucrosus Capital, world’s first gamified Decentralized Venture Capital has started its Public Sale recently and you still could be the early investor. Buying their $LUCA brings you numerous benefits. Lucrosus Capital does everything to make utilities of the token a game-changer in the cryptocurrency market. Their goal is so individual investors could experience institutional opportunities. Here are the benefits for $LUCA holders:

  1. Share Allocation Program – you could acquire allocation of projects invested by Lucrosus Capital on highly favourable terms.
  2. Buy-back program – a considerable fraction of generated profits  Lucrosus Capital is set to buy back $LUCA tokens from the open market.
  3. Voting program – gives you the capability to have real impact on Lucrosus Capital and decide on key business activities.
  4. Staking – hedge rampant inflation and earn extra tokens as well as increase your allocation size and voting power.
  5. Exclusive content – you will be provided with unique documents about projects that cooperate with Lucrosus as well as possibility to meet project developers in dedicated meetings

$LUCA Public Sale has started on 17th January and it is conducted in 100 phases.The price will increase from phase to phase by about 1%. Therefore, rushing up may pay off for you. You can find more details here.

How to Join LUCA ICO?

To take part in the sale, all you have to do is sign up on the Lucrosus Capital website. You are provided with different payment methods based on FIAT (Credit Card) and cryptocurrencies (using MetaMask Wallet), so you can choose the most appropriate way for you.

Don’t forget that in your Lucrosus Capital account you can generate a unique referral link. By sharing it with your friends you will be able to receive 30% of their purchased amount in $LUCA tokens or 15% in ETH as a reward. Moreover, your friends will be able to buy 5% more tokens thanks to registering their account from your referral link. This way, everybody gains! You can generate your unique referral link now here.


January 12, 2022

Mycelium tokens were offered for purchase in 2016 as the equivalent of stock appreciation rights (SARs). In other words, token holders are the beneficiaries of a potential liquidity event. We are negotiating such an event, which—if successful—will occur in 2022. Such a liquidity event would allow token holders to convert tokens into company stock.

The transaction will involve cooperation with a bank, which will formalize an accurate and legally correct distribution of shares to the token holders, subject to jurisdiction-relevant KYC/AML requirements.
Mycelium tokens were originally issued in the form of “bitcoin colored coins.” Unfortunately, that once-promising standard has ceased to exist. Mycelium Tokens are now being converted into ERC-20 format tokens, which you will need to apply to a bank in the event of a liquidity event to convert your SARs into shares.

If you are a Mycelium token holder, please follow these instructions:
1) Open Mycelium Wallet for Android.
2) Tap the “Add New Account” icon and then tap the “Add ERC-20 Account” button.
3) Select “Mycelium Token” from the list.
4) Go to the balance page of the newly created account and copy the address.
5) Email this ERC-20 address to “” and include in the message the exact amount of tokens you purchased. Important: you must send the letter from the same e-mail address that you used to register when you purchased the tokens (at the time of crowd-sale).

Within a few weeks, you will receive your tokens at this address. We will let you know what happens next.

With best regards,

Mycelium team

NFTigers to take over the NFT world

NFTigers is a collection of 9,999 unique hand-sketched and algorithmically randomized tigers. The NFT collection will be released in the Ethereum Blockchain Network in January 2022, so do look forward to mint one. To make this a fair drop, the team will announce the launch 24 hours in advance. For interested buyers looking to mint the NFTigers NFT, follow the NFTigers socials and discord for first-hand information and stay updated!

As one of the hottest NFT projects minting in January, many call it a true gem, and it is expected to have a huge demand – so better be fast once they open up the minting of the project.

The ownership of an NFTiger grants owners special access to exclusive membership and future benefits on the ever-evolving roadmap. In February 2022, the team aims to establish the NFTigers DAO to leverage the community and voting rights for future progression and success. At the same time, the NFTigers Media Brand will be launching. It will feature a premium content website with price tracking bots, paid newsletters, and online magazines. Advertisement benefits from these assets will be shared with NFTiger holders giving them long-term passive benefits.

To contribute back to society, NFTigers is also donating $50,000 to Save-The-Tiger Fund and Tigers in Crisis. To help build the Media brand bigger, a Virtual NFTiger Influencer will be initiated to run campaigns and promotions. This influencer will establish itself in the NFT Community for possible future partnerships. NFTigers Streetwear Brand will also be launched with limited-edition drops of NFTigers apparel and accessories.

“Owners will be given full private and commercial usage rights for their NFTigers. Besides that, owners can use designs of their NFTs to independently benefit via partnerships with Print-On-Demand manufacturers of apparel and accessories,” said a spokesperson of NFTigers. “The team is also looking to start a land integration into the NFTigers metaverse and will purchase Sandbox, Decetraland, and World NFT Land plots.”

The next milestone for NFTigers will be the NFTigers Comic Book, which will feature multiple community NFTs. NFTigers Beverage Brand such as beer, wine, energy drink, and water will be coming up next, along with a record label. It will collaborate with rappers, music producers, and DJs to drop the 1st NFTigers music track. The collaboration will feature a rapper or musician that is selected by the community.

A $NFT token will also be accessible via staking or airdrop for the community. A tiger-themed play-to-earn game is planned to be released in June 2022. A percentage of transactions done in-game will be automatically donated in real-time to a charity voted by the community members.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2022 is the year of the tiger which symbolizes strength, bravery, generosity, and charm. Just like this NFT, conscious capitalism, fairness, transparency, and social impact are the values powering it. Every ownership of NFTigers grants full Intellectual Property Rights and benefits on the constantly evolving roadmap and business ideas.

Visit for more updates and information.

The social movement FreeToker is holding a pre-sale of FTK tokens

Have you ever felt ashamed that you did not know much about blockchain technology? Open and honest talks regarding blockchain technology sound good to you? 

Then, you will love what follows. 

FreeToker is a social movement dedicated to encouraging open and honest discussions regarding blockchain technology and standing up against fake news and misinformation. 

When content makers sign up for the network, they are given an iPhone and are paid monthly in FTK tokens.  

And soon, FreeToker will organize a presale. By participating, token enthusiasts can support FreeToker’s community. Those interested in becoming content creators can also get started with free Apple devices and get monthly token payments.  

Let’s find out all the details about this experience! 

The FreeToker presale purposes   

FreeToker was founded on several fundamental principles that encourage and empower content creators to engage in honest and informative debates about the blockchain industry. This came after the FreeToker team noticed that fake news had become an epidemic that affected retail investors and token backers. 

The presale of FreeToker’s utility token, FTK, is slated to begin soon to promote honest and informed debate regarding the blockchain space. To generate $15 million, the presale will be done in ten stages. The funds will be used for marketing, liquidity, growth, and platform development for ‘FreeTokers’ – content creators under the FreeToker umbrella. 

The presale has two objectives:  

  1. Raise sufficient funds to foster the FreeToker objective of having a vast number of paid makers under its umbrella.  
  1. Offering the project great reach and power in the crypto space, as well as the possibility of employing this reach and strength in the future through truthful advocacy to allow project supporters to finance a project in its beginning phases. 

By getting involved in FreeToker, token investors help to battle fake crypto news while further developing their possibilities of benefitting liberally from their speculation as the content makers set the market’s speed. 

A sum of 1 billion FTK tokens will be given (on the Binance Smart Chain), with 65% (650 million) being made available to the public via a presale allocation. 5% of the total token supply is reserved for seed investors. 

Joining the community as a content creator 

FreeToker is getting in a new era in which anybody, anywhere, may make money as a content creator. The platform’s creators are given a brand-new iPhone 13 Pro after signing up on the social network, which they may use to create educational content that informs and raises awareness about the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, the creators of FreeToker’s content will be rewarded with $FTK tokens. 

Using this link, content creators can apply to be FreeTokers. 

Stay up to date 

Be the first to know when the presale starts following the FreeToker movement on the official Website, on Twitter, Telegram, TikTok or on the Content Creator Application

Rare NFT Giveaway SALE NOW ON! 82% off + 15% PLUS $50 OFF!

iNf4 Token Private Sale LIVE NOW! $50 EXTRA off coupon below

Pre Sale – Starting 7th Jan, 11am UTC

What you need to know about iNf4mation

iNf4mation iNf4mation are the first company to issue Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) directly from the Salesforce platform, so this is no simple task as the platform generates over 5Bn transactions per day..

The Salesforce economy will create 9.3 million jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues by 2026 (IDC), 

The iNf4mation NFT Marketplace & minting engine is launching a whole calendar quarter ahead of schedule in Q1-2022.

iNf4mation solves the problem presented in the Netflix show called “The Social Dilemma”; in fact, iNf4mation registered their patent two years BEFORE the show aired! iNf4mation really does give YOU back control of YOUR personal data AND allows you to receive value from it instead of big business who have been exploiting it for years.

Why iNf4mation – here are some of the headlines:

The iNf4mation project has taken a “Community First“ approach which means that everything iNf4mation do, they ensure that it adds value to YOU first and foremost.

Community Metrics:

•        +200,000 Members

•        ~7,000,000 visitors in the Round 1 Pre-Sale

•        ~500,000 in the virtual queue one hour before opening

•        15,000,000 security threats already handled with ZERO breaches

•        4.9* “Excellent” rating from over 1,000 reviews on Trust Pilot

Where can you find iNf4mation iNf4 tokens?

You can buy iNf4mation iNf4 tokens by joining the iNf4mation token sale via its website

The iNf4mation 1st round sale SOLD OUT! with ~7M visitors and ~500,000 in the virtual queue one hour before opening.

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Arrive VERY early for the pre-sale lottery which starts on January 7, 2022, from 11:00 UTC offering an 82% discount, plus 15% bonus. Our advice is to register NOW! and arrive early on the day to avoid disappointment (min US$48).

Sounds interesting? Join the movement and register NOW! on iNf4mation’s portal.

Also, don’t forget to follow iNf4mation on social media for more important news, updates and promotional offers:

▪️ Website

▪️ Twitter 

▪️ Telegram 

▪️ Facebook

▪️ LinkedIn

For more information, please click the button below or join the iNf4mation movement – details in our Telegram announcement. Private Sale is LIVE NOW! Pre-Sale is LIVE from 7th Jan – 82% off and there is a bonus of 15% in iNf4 tokens!

iNf4 Token Private Sale LIVE NOW! 82%off+15%bonus+Free NFT+$50off 

Pre Sale – Starting 7th Jan, 11am UTC! 82%off+15%bonus

AXL INU Pre-Sale is Live! Join Now. With Support of CMC, Lbank, Bitmart, NFTb and Certik/Fairyproof Audit and 15M Liquidity and 3% Burned

Dubai-based AXL, a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum, launched its token pre-sale on December 18, 2021, targeting crypto aficionados looking for secure, cost-effective, and decentralized trading. The pre-sale period is expected to run through December 28, 2021.

The DEX platform offers users a smart routing on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and a host of features ranging from staking, lending, borrowing, liquidity provision, and initial DEX offerings, popular as IDO. Additionally, AXL users can launch yield farms and mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the platform.

To participate in the pre-sale, users are required to have an Ethereum-supported crypto wallet such as Metamask and Trust wallet. The AXL native tokens are available to users both on BSC and Ethereum networks. Once you have connected your wallet to the Ethereum or BSC networks, choose any of the two networks and head to the AXL website. Fill the crypto wallets with your preferred coin, BNB or ETH, and swap the BNB/ETH for the AXL token.

Users can buy $AXL at a fixed rate of 0.00075 USD per 1 $AXL during the pre-sale. The Pre-Sale will only support ETH and BNB. All $AXL purchased can be accessed at the end of the pre-sale. The token has a total supply of 100B, and only 25% of it will be available during the pre-sale.

At the end of the pre-sale, all participants can then claim their AXL tokens from the pre-sale page.

The AXL token will be sold at a rate of $0.00075 per $AXL token during the pre-sale period. The USD prices will be converted to ETH and BNB prices when buying the token. The total supply of the tokens stands at a total of 100,000,000,000 AXL, with only 25% of these coins available for purchase during the pre-sale.

Participants can purchase their AXL pre-sale tokens on BitMart crypto exchange, the official AXL website, and, a fully structured platform for DeFi and NFT projects. All tokens will be released to buyers after the pre-sale is over.

Finally, participants will also be allowed to access the in-house NFT Platform, AXL Inu, to mint and create NFTs. The NFT platform currently boasts of 10,000 unique collectible characters

Social Links






Holders able to stake TEFI to a validator nodeup to 512 APY

Two months in, and TEFI token has risen 400% since its initial price $0.02. Some might say, that it was not the best time for a platform launch, since it was followed by a major market correction, however, Tedefi platform managed to gradually increase media coverage and keep up with its roadmap, providing weekly updates to the Tedefi Telegram Exchange bot, thus showing remarkable resistance toward the downward pressure of the market, and soared 150% in the last 30 days only.

Long Term strategy

Tedefi platform strives to present the first blockchain for Telegram dApps. Tedefi Exchange bot is a proof of concept running a PoSA chain forked from BSC in the background with Oracles that connect the chain to the Telegram API. Currently, the chain explorer and developer tools are not public since the development of the Oracles is still full ongoing, leveraging the relationship with the Telegram API to cover all the functionalities and make it as versatile as possible, to allow developers the freedom to create NFT Marketplaces, Play-to-Earn games, Exchanges, auctions and much more dApps on Telegram.

To keep the community supporting the platform and the TEFI price in a strong upward trend until the mainnet public announcement event, Tedefi Exchange receives regular updates and media coverage alongside them. 

The latest updates are:

  • P2P Transfers inside Telegram between Tedefi users.
  • Metamask and Trustwallet integration
  • SHIB Token added as a payment method
  • Referral Program and Bounty Airdrop

And now Tedefi decided to reward their users win a rather generous Staking program.

Staking v1

To incentivize the long-term support from our community on our road to developing the first Blockchain for Telegram dApps, Tedefi allocated 11,284,000 TEFI to reward our users for staking their tokens, therefore allowing the value of TEFI to grow, attracting new people to the Tedefi platform.

Staking v1 is limited in time until the migration event of TEFI Tokens from BSC network to Tedefi network. The migration event is expected in Q2 of 2022, with the exact date being announced in the middle of Q1 2022. With the launch of the migration event, all the v1 stakings will be stopped and rewarded, with the further possibility to restake tokens to Staking v2.

Since TEFI price is directly impacted by demand and supply, the best strategy for constant community growth is the gradual increase of the demand of the token. 

The main external factor of keeping the demand higher is media coverage, which has to be strategically planned to avoid high volatility which creates uncertainty and distrust of the users in the platform, therefore a marketing plan should be laid in correlation to the roadmap and network updates.

Internal factors to keep the price in an upward trend are staking, burning tokens to create scarcity, locked liquidity pools, trading contests, and constant updates to the system. To incentivize users to support TEFI growth until the migration event and release of the Tedefi Network to the public, Tedefi decided to allocate 11,284,000 TEFI as rewards for staking. 

Locking the TEFI will reduce the downward price pressure, attracting new users to the platform until the Tedefi Chain will go live. As soon as Tedefi chain will go live, Staking v1 will be replaced, Staking v2 and developer tools will be provided, token deployment available for the public, and vast media coverage is will take place. TEFI token will be used as fuel for all the newly created dApps, for exchange fees discount, governance power, and staking, which will increase its intrinsic value.

How is APY Formed?

The allocated 11,284,000 TEFI will be proportionally spread across stakers, and APY will be recalculated for each 5,000,000 TEFI Staked, but limited to 289/367/512% for 30/60/90 days periods respectively, giving benefit to early stakers. Closer to the end date, 90 and 60 days periods will be removed and APY adjusted accordingly. If the pool will not be used in full amount, the remaining TEFI will be transferred to Staking v2 pool.

Staking in Telegram: TedefiBot


Festive Season is coming to town!

The Festive Season Celebration starts today! Don’t miss the opportunity to get $250 worth of Amazon Gift Cards!

Receive up to $250 worth of Amazon Gift Cards by making a purchase as small as $80 of any brand and participating in the event.

From today till December 25, 2021, you have the opportunity to get up to $250 worth of Amazon Gift Cards. Six days, eight winners.
And the prize pool is:

21 Amazon US Gift Cards each worth $25

The Luckiest Eight get:

  • #1 — $250 (10 gift cards $25 each)
  • #2 — $100 (4 gift cards $25 each)
  • #3 — $50 (2 gift cards $25 each)
  • #4 to #8 — $25 (one $25 gift card)

How to get on board: if your carts’ total value is more than $80 — congrats, you’re in the game! The more you buy, the more chances you have to receive an Amazon Gift Card.

Shop now & join the Festive Season Celebration.
Event ends on December 25, 2021 11:59PM (GMT).

Have a beautiful day!

Madagascar Time Reinvents the Lottery Using Blockchain Technology to Help Fight Climate Change and Poverty 

On 9 December, Madagascar Time Limited, an uprising start-up project, released its sister token TLT (Times Lottery Takeover). This unprecedented and incredibly efficient lottery system uses blockchain technology which creates transparency so that everyone can publicly see the rewards sent fairly. Backed by an international team, Madagascar Time focuses on charity work by combining social entrepreneurial skills with innovative ‘blockchain’ technology to change things for generations to come.  

TLT has unique functions meant to revolutionise the concept of dividends or what crypto enthusiasts call reflections using a random lotto dividend . If say a cryptocurrency had 10,000 holders any percentage of reflections distributed to all holders becomes irrelevant due to the vast numbers of holders. To address this issue Madagascar Time has created a 3% random dividend lotto which means 3% of the total volume of buys/sells of the token accumulates into one wallet called the pot. Every hour a holder is rewarded a percentage of tokens in the pot which is determined randomly by a bot and is between 15-50% so that the pot never drains.  

TLT will also consist of weekly draws for each tier/time period which will be live broadcasted and consist of the following:  

• 1st Draw can win from 1% – 10% 

• 2nd Draw can win from 5% – 20 % 

• 3rd Draw or Whale Club can win from 10-25% 

• Last Draw 1% of all 3 pools will go to a lucky $TIME holder 

Each tier also has a pool of its own, 6% prize tax from each buy/sell goes into 3 different prize pools:  

• Tier 1 – 1% 

• Tier 2 – 2% 

• Tier 3 – 3% 

There will also be a Monthly Draw for both TLT and TIME holders for a massive 15% of the 3 pools all together and finally a yearly jackpot draw prize of a space flight with Virgin Galactic/Blue Origins (once available and prize conditions met).  

Ryan Bishop, cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer, commented: “it’s about $TIME an organization started changing lottery systems for the benefit of participants while doing charity. Together we can buy $TIME for the planet and future generations.” 

To date, Madagascar Time has donated over $75,000 to several charitable causes dealing with issues such as quality of life, poverty, endangered species, education and tree planting.  For example, a partnership has been formed with Madagascar Seed and through Mr. Beasts Team Tree Project have helped to plant 41,000 trees. Further details can be found at

The project grows exponentially in numbers each month helping create an endless movement towards a better environment, as more and more crypto enthusiasts and environmentalists find out about it. As part of this Madagascar time is opening a fully licensed casino in December/January called timetobet casino.   

Madagascar Time has also just welcomed a number of new starters to the team such as Terry Travers, Katie Richardson and Samet Demir who comes from a highly skilled scientific background and has won awards for his computational and chemistry works.  

About Us 

Established in August 2021, Madagascar Time Limited is a legal company operating in UK. Cofounders Raymond Mullens, Armand Iancu, Ryan Bishop, and Corey Blanchette are equal shareholders. The team is supported by a network of dedicated volunteers and interns from around the world, all of whom are equally passionate about the mission to use crypto for positive change. 

The name “Madagascar” and the lemur logo were chosen to reflect the founders’ ethos of environmental awareness. The island country is one of the most climate-vulnerable nations in the world and its lemur population is currently in decline. The team chose “$TIME” as the name of its cryptocurrency to underscore the immediate need for action to save our planet and safeguard the lives of future generations.

For more information, visit and follow the team on Telegram. Additional tips on how to buy can be located here.   

Contact details: Ryan Bishop, Chief Marketing Officer,

Santa Coin: The Memecoin That Rewards Holders In Busd Is Heading To The Moon

With around $3 trillion in global market cap, the crypto space is a booming industry. From this,  decentralized apps (DeFi), decentralized apps (DApps), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and now meme coins, have emerged. Among these, meme coins are taking the general public by storm.

That said, another meme coin called Santa Coin came to spice up the competition.

What is Santa Coin?

Introduced in November 2021, Santa Coin ($SANTA) is the newest yield generation token that gives USD as a reward to its holders. It is a hyper-deflationary token with BUSD reflections. In its first week, Santa quickly developed a strong online presence among the trading community, visit santacoin website for more details.

Santa Coin Features

$SANTA positions itself as a newly-risen market leader. Of its plethora of features, here are some, a holder should take note of.

Anti-Whale System

Santa Coin’s contract includes a straightforward whale discouragement system. To explain further, no sale amounts higher than 0.125% of the total supply are possible at once. Originally, it was at 0.25% but after half of the tokens were burnt, Santa reduced it by 50%. This results in the reduction of big selloffs since the amount will be lower in the end.

Multiple BuyBacks

Each time a buy and sell transaction is made, 3% is automatically added to the Buy-Back reserve. $SANTA tokens collected from the costs are converted into BNB and are securely stored and locked in the Santa Coin contract.

BUSD Reflection

Users can earn automatic Binance pegged BUSD rewards just by holding their $SANTA Coin. 8% of each buy and sell transaction is automatically given to all token holders. The rewards will go directly to the users’ wallets or claim them manually in Santa’s DApp dashboard.

Santa Coin’s Play-to-Earn Game

In addition, Santa Coin is creating an ecosystem around an F1 racing game. According to reports, the Santa F1 racing game is currently in the works and will introduce a new model for gaming and digital ownership.

Thanks to blockchain technology, SANTA NFTs will let players anticipate a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem where their skills are rewarded with real value awards. All of the basic gameplay assets in Santa F1 can be wholly traded, owned, and sold by players. Likewise, they can also be used to play the game itself, enticing users like never before.

Groundbreaking Statistics

In just one month after its launch, Santa Coin has already posed itself as one of the top meme coins today. Here are the following milestones that Santa Coin has achieved in just two weeks:

  • Surpassed 35,000 holders
  • About $5 million distributed to holders
  • Burned over 547 trillion, representing higher than 54.7% of the total supply
  • Built and maintained a strong community and following across all major social media platforms
  • Huge Marketing and different promos in progress
  • Airdrop campaign on coinmarketcap coming soon – details here
  • Hit over the $80 million market cap at an all-time-high (ATH)
  • Did over 300x in just a week and currently placed at 70x from the listing price

How Does Santa Coin’s Reward System Work?

One of the features that Santa Coin has is its 8% reward of all transaction tax in Binance Pegged USD. The information available on shows that more than $4.6 million has been distributed to holders in just two weeks.

Factors like holders’ balance and trading volume decide how much each user gets. For example, for volume as high as $10 million, rewards will be given every 60 minutes. But for volumes as low as $1 million, rewards could take a few hours to be distributed. Rewards are sent every 60 minutes. However, as mentioned above, it depends on a user’s holdings and trading volume. Furthermore, rewards will be triggered once they are large enough to cover the gas fees.


As the crypto industry continues to grow, cryptocurrencies like meme coins will keep on emerging. Santa Coin is no exception. With its enticing features and much anticipated play-to-earn Santa F1 Racing Game, it is without a doubt one of the most talked-about cryptos right now.

As Christmas is drawing closer, $SANTA could go up as more rewards get distributed to its holders.