Herity Network: One of the Best Crypto Ideas of the Year!

Presale just Started! 

Have you ever thought about being an early bird on a crypto project?

This project is planning to find the next Solana or ELROND but also the next NFT artists like Beeple or Trevor Jones.

Now you have the chance to join Herity Network’s Live Presale. Their crypto idea is not only strong but will also provide a launching system for hundreds of new ideas in the near future.

As their motto says “Herity Network wants to help the little guy”, they built a platform that provides you the chance to invest at the SEED Stage on vetted, checked, audited and legal projects as their own which is backed by an European legal entity. Using the $HER tokens will grant you access to this particular SEED platform in which you will be able to enter at the very beginning stage of a crypto project. This platform will make you a ‘Venture Capital Investor’ or if you got a good crypto idea it can become the next Herity Network’s Seed Crypto project.

They are not done just yet!

Herity Network buildsan NFT marketplace as well. They already have contracted top NFT artists which will give them some of their NFTs at a lower price than what we usually see on other platforms. Now, they have an interesting twist, they will give FREE services and tech support to real artists that wish to jump the fence in the NFT world. This creates a lot of interest and opportunity not only for new NFT artists but also for investors that could grab an entire NFT collection using the $HER tokens at a bargain.

And More!

Their business model has built an ecosystem that will allocate 4% of the sales taxes to charities which will be managed by their own NGO. Aiming so high they have already signed with “SOS Children’s Villages” which activates in 136 countries all over the world. 

Some other interesting things from an investor’s point of view:

1. The Herity Network project is built on BSC Blockchain and it only has 100 000 000 supply in $HER;

2.Vesting will be applied gradually;

3.They do not have any ‘’whales’’ on the project since the max Buy would be 5000$ worth;

4.The Team will have 12 months lock on their tokens;

5.  Market cap is low, this can lead to a great opportunity when it comes to a high price increase.

How can I reach them?

Their website offers total transparency by providing all the information related to the project as well as the personal ones. Therefore, there you can find the mentioned strategies, the Whitepaper, as well as other interesting information here https://herity.io/

 The project has been covered by multiple YouTubers, there are lots of articles on Google, and don’t forget to pass your KYC on their website and be among the first 1000  people who have the $HER token! If you have any kind of questions join their Telegram channel and you will get a quick answer! https://t.me/heritynetwork

Start earning attractive rewards by playing Wall Street Games

Wall Street Games has just released their play-to-earn gaming hub application for all Android devices on Google Play, with support for iOS devices coming very soon! You can now download the app and start playing short, hyper-casual, and addictive games such as Viper Rush (with other games coming very soon) to earn keys that can be used to win lucrative rewards! 

While trying to grab the best score that you can in endless-type, quick movement games, you have the chance to earn special keys that can open treasure chests on Wall Street Games

Right now, you can earn WSG token rewards (and tokens from partnered projects) ranging from a few cents up to $500 if you are extremely lucky; however, a reward is always guaranteed!  

Starting with Q1 in 2022, they will also enable users to win exclusive NFTs that will be tradable and will serve as a vital part of their ecosystem expansion, including collectible albums with payouts for enthusiasts that will collect all cards! 

What is Wall Street Games? 

Wall Street Games is a next-generation hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform, where players can earn cryptocurrencies by playing fun & addictive games, collect tradable NFTs and win rewards! 

The project is based on Binance Smart Chain with cross-chain infrastructure already available for the Polygon Network, with more networks supported very soon. Users can engage in several activities such as staking, yield-farming, and NFT farming from the more traditional DeFi offers, and become part of a captivating and expanding play-to-earn gaming universe! 

Wall Street Games has a market capitalization of approximately $32 million with trading volume averaging around $2 million and over 1 million token holders on Binance Smart Chain. 

Where can you buy WSG tokens? 

Wall Street Games (WSG) tokens can be bought on several venues, including CEXes and DEXes. These include but are not limited to MEXC (CEX), Gate.io (CEX), PancakeSwap (DEX), BKEX (CEX), QuickSwap (DEX), BitMart (CEX), LBank (CEX), ApeSwap (DEX), Hoo.com (CEX) and Hotbit (CEX). 

Afterward, you can head over to the staking platform or the treasury site, connect your wallet as you would on any other dApp and join the WSG army! New features are constantly being built and released! 

What is the Wall Street Games gaming hub? 

The gaming hub is a downloadable application available on Google Play. Once successfully reviewed by Apple, users can play short and addicting games on their iOS devices o start earning WSG tokens! 

Getting started is as easy as browsing to their homepage, registering an account using your wallet and a sign-in provider of your choice, and downloading the mobile application. 

Right now, only one game is available in the hub itself, but additional games will be released very soon and will cater to gamers of all types! As you play, you will receive points, and your final score will determine your position on the global leaderboards! 

How can I earn tokens by playing? 

To be eligible to receive keys in the mobile gaming hub, users need to activate the individual games either by buying direct access with WSG tokens or by staking WSG or WSG-BNB LP tokens on their platform. You can find additional information on the staking and treasury platform. 

You can further increase your chance of receiving keys by obtaining NFT ranks gathered by staking WSG tokens for locking periods. The higher your rank, the higher is your chance to get those amazing keys that can reward you greatly! 

They also award users who refer new people to the platform using their referral system, increasing your key chance by up to 5% if you refer 100 new enthusiasts! 

After each successful game that you complete (note: you need to reach a minimum threshold), you have a chance to receive a key based on your rank, the number of referrals, and game performance (and a little bit of luck on your side). 

Ending Note  

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Wall Street Game and start your journey on the most exciting play-to-earn platform on Binance Smart Chain! Invite your friends and work your way up the leaderboards to become a legendary member of the WSG army and gain passive income with staking, farming, and playing – what can be better?  

More features, including NFT collectibles and more, will be released according to their fully packed roadmap! 

If you would like to learn more about the project, you can visit Wall Street Games and get the chance to stake. 


Leading Innovation in Decentralized Finance 

    Welcome to what may possibly be the most empowering piece of crypto literature you read in 2021. If you leave this introduction feeling compelled to join us on our journey, we’ve done our job here. We welcome you all and ask that everyone brings with them a sense of wonder and aspiration. When we said this may be empowering, what we mean is life changing. 

What is SplashSwap

    SplashSwap is a newly launched project on the BSC network. The team is composed of a foundational Core, alongside trusted community members. Our Core team has passed both KYC and audits prior to launch. Proof of such is easily attainable to anyone who seeks it, we will gladly provide it. Our mission is to develop a means to Decentralized Finance that more often leads to a satisfactory result for our user base. Yes, there are a lot of Swap sites competing out there, and even more who wish to become relevant. SplashSwap will be implementing some unique features and practices to help separate us from the crowd. Our long term vision is a more fulfilling experience at every level of decentralized investing. For that of course, we need you. 

Where We Are Now

Currently, at the time of this writing, SplashSwap is in the budding stages of both development, and market exposure. Our community is growing rapidly amongst an atmosphere of curiosity and excitement for what the future holds. We are in the early stages of development on our swap site and expect to roll out a full launch in mid Q1 2022. SPL, the native token to SplashSwap, is trading live on both PancakeSwap and Coinsbit. Another listing is confirmed within days of this writing with multiple CEX listings planned before the start of the new year. The current market cap of SPL is roughly ~$700,000 with a circulating supply of 353,945,940,016. To say this is a ground floor opportunity for all would be investors, would be an understatement. We wouldn’t suggest an investment into our future as a life changing decision without strong conviction behind the claim. It is after all, a bold claim. 

We Believe 

    At SplashSwap, all of us wholeheartedly believe in our vision AND our ability to see it through. Our community is thriving and pouring out an overwhelming level of support because frankly, they believe it too. It is a fun and exciting time to be a part of this adventure for everyone involved. The excitement shared throughout the team here at SplashSwap extends not only for the future of the project, but for the future of all of its earliest supporters as well. Embarking on a journey like this together is of course shrouded in speculation as to what the future may hold. Our firm stance is that SplashSwap is here to stay. Those who support us in the beginning stages of our tenure will be among the most rewarded for their encouragement, and engagement. Personally, we as an entity won’t settle for mediocrity here in the crypto sphere, and when we are crossing the threshold of a $1,000,000,000 market cap we would love for all of you to be present in that moment with us. The math there from here adds up to what could be, yes… life changing. Add to that SplashSwap will be brainstorming clever ways to reward our earliest supporters and long term holders. The entire team looks forward to celebrating and highlighting how much it means to feel the level of commitment and support we already have from our community. More on this will be revealed as it is ready to be, for now just know that it does not and will not go unappreciated. 

Come Join Us

    In short, we invite you to come and be a part of our community. Come and witness the evolution of SplashSwap and help us achieve our goals. We promise you will not be disappointed with the results we can all achieve together. 

Twitter: @SplashSwapcom

Telegram: https://t.me/OfficialSplash

First Innovative Blockchain Network for Telegram Applications with own Tefi Token Inside

The 🔹Tedefi Telegram Bot is a cross-platform bot where you can trade, invest and store cryptocurrency.


The bot provides 100% anonymity, a secure connection using the MTProto protocol, and works on the open Telegram API.

Next Step in Decentralization

Tedefi is an innovative blockchain providing infrastructure for fast and scalable Telegram dApps

Our team focuses on building a scalable & easy-to-use blockchain ecosystem to enable users to trade, invest and access dApps directly in their Telegram.

Telegram’s cryptocurrency story is not new. So far, the social media giant remains the major player with the required capacity to support crypto payments and transactions. Through Telegram bots, several crypto projects have conducted airdrops and also have growing communities on the network. Yet, only a few have managed to integrate crypto payment systems with Telegram.

Imagine a blockchain network that links directly with Telegram and allows developers to build DApps and host them with Telegram bots to facilitate instant interaction with the blockchain from a Telegram account. TeDeFi is a blockchain innovation that harnesses the power of Telegram to bring DeFi applications to crypto users without the influence of intermediaries and centralized exchanges.

Many more bottlenecks abound, and TeDeFi seeks to change all that by removing the limitations of centralization, making it possible for anyone with a Telegram account to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, and interact with their favorite DApps. Through its integration with the MTProto protocol, TeDeFi assures maximum security as they transact straight from their Telegram applications.

TeDeFi’s technicalities

The TeDeFi blockchain follows the model of the Binance Smart Chain, which is built on the proof-of-stake authority (PoSA) model, with 21 validators securing the network. The blockchain gives room for the staking of native tokens to either of its validator nodes, acting as webhooks for the Telegram Bot API on which DApps will run.

Along with the PoSA consensus protocol, TeDeFi uses Telegram’s MTProto protocol to secure messages between the blockchain and an external server. MTProto is split up into three major components that sum up the entirety of its operation. The first layer is the API language component that converts messages from the API server to binary form, readable by the computer. The data is transmitted to the authorization layer, which ensures its encryption. Then the transport component sends the messages between the API server and an external server, facilitating blockchain transactions directly from Telegram.

The TeDeFi Telegram Exchange

As TeDeFi launches its blockchain on Telegram, the first product the project will roll out is the Telegram Exchange. Users will be able to buy, sell, send and receive their favorite cryptocurrencies right from their Telegram accounts. The decentralized exchange will also add advanced trading orders (limit orders, stop orders, etc.), order books and token swaps. One can find the timeframe for these updates on the roadmap here. Exchange and transaction fees on the TeDeFi blockchain will be paid with TEFI.

What is TEFI?

It is now commonplace for a blockchain solution to have a native token for governance, transaction fees, staking and validation and to add more value to the ecosystem. The TEFI token is the native token of the TeDeFi blockchain. TEFI will have a total supply of 86,800,000, and utilities like governance, staking rewards, exchange fee discounts for holders and transaction fees on TeDeFi.

Presently, TEFI is built on BSC, and an official migration is scheduled for 2022. With even more innovations to come, DApps, and advanced exchange tools, TeDeFi appears set to offer a truly decentralized economy to cryptocurrency lovers.

Check out TeDeFi website https://tedefi.com/ or TedefiBot  for more information

Black Friday Celebration!

Black Friday Celebration!

The Black Friday Celebration starts today! Don’t miss the opportunity to get $250 worth of Amazon Gift Cards!

Receive up to $250 worth of Amazon Gift Cards by making a purchase as small as $100 of any brand and participating in the event.

From today till November 28, 2021, you have the opportunity to get up to $250 worth of Amazon Gift Cards. 6 days, 8 winners.

And the prize pool is:

25 x 25 USD worth of Amazon.com Gift Cards

The Luckiest Eight get:

#1: 250$ worth of Amazon gift cards

#2: 100$

#3: 50$

#4-8: 25$

The rules are: Buy Gift cards with the value of more than $100 in Mycelium Wallet and you’re in the game! The more you buy, the more chances you have to receive an Amazon Gift Card.

Shop now & join the Black Friday Celebration

Event ends in: November 28, 2021 11:59PM (GMT)

Have a beautiful day!

Manage DeFi risk and maximize returns with the Tranche Protocol

Tranche.Finance is a decentralized protocol that plugs into existing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols, like Compound, AAVE, and Yearn, to create new assets with different risk and return profiles. Tranche lets users get the most out of their favourite DeFi protocols. Let’s take a look at how their ecosystem functions and how they’re building DeFi 2.0.  

Tranche (French for $SLICE) 

The name Tranche comes from Traditional Finance (TradFi). In TradFi Tranches are portions of assets created from a pool of debt instruments such as corporate loans, mortgages, auto loans or personal loans. These are then chopped and sliced to adjust parameters such as risk, maturity, and returns. This allows a pool of securities to be repackaged into new instruments that appeal to a broader range of investors. 

The origin of the name Tranche is French for slice or portion. This is why the protocol decided to name its native token $SLICE

Tranche Finance mimics this TradFi mechanism for DeFi in a completely decentralized and composable manner. Tranche integrates with any interest accrual token from the DeFi ecosystem, (Compound cTokens, AAVE aTokens, Yearn yTokens, etc.) to create two new interest-bearing instruments; Tranche A with a fixed-rate and Tranche B with a variable-rate.  

By implementing this debt seniority method to cash flow from Compound, AAVE, and Yearn, Tranche yields extremely high APYs, sometimes surpassing 60% paid in the deposited asset. In November, Tranche was delivering 61% APYs on deposited USDC. 

Platform Functionality 

There are a few ‘tranche-ing’ protocols available, so what makes Tranche unique? Tranche tokens are completely composable. Since returns are provided in a perpetual manner (users just collect interest without having to do anything), their tokens can be integrated on other platforms like Curve, Uniswap, and other decentralized exchanges.  

Tranche has also built an entire ecosystem around its core product. Users can TrancheStake, and Vote using $SLICE. Users can stake their $SLICE tokens into one of the many pools available, Diamond Hands, Platinum Hands, Golden Hands and Paper Hands. They can also vote using on-chain governance. 

Should you use Tranche and $SLICE? 

The Tranche platform allows users to better manage their DeFi deposits with greater flexibility. Tranche is part of a new collection of protocols known as DeFi 2.0. 

Users looking to invest in DeFi with more predictability and control should definitely give Tranche a try. 

Lunar (LNR): New token transforming crypto investing.

Microcap cryptocurrencies, that is cryptocurrencies with under a $50 million USD market cap, are one of the industries fastest growing segments, and for good reason. These crypto projects generate insane returns with relatively little investment, reaching ROIs as high as 50,000% within weeks. With that being said, actually participating in these returns is easier said than done.

Take Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for example, one of the most popular blockchains for trading microcap crypto tokens. In order to purchase tokens on BSC, investors have to navigate at least three different applications: one to purchase the native Binance Smart Chain Coin (BNB), a wallet to hold the BNB, and an exchange to swap the BNB for other Binance Smart Chain tokens. On top of that, the integrations between these applications can be buggy and difficult to enable, leaving new, and even seasoned investors frustrated and potentially unable to capitalize on the next opportunity.

The team at Lunar DeFi plans to change this with their Lunar DEX, an application that aims to revolutionize microcap cryptocurrency trading by uniting the entire process under a single, streamlined platform. Their goal is to bring a Robinhood-like user experience to microcap crypto investing, making the process far less difficult and time consuming for seasoned investors, as well as significantly reducing the barrier to entry for new investors.

The Lunar team doesn’t plan to stop here. Their eventual goal for the Lunar DEX is to allow users to exchange any crypto currency across any different blockchain in a single transaction.

The Lunar DEX wallet is one component of a larger DeFi ecosystem they are building, one that rewards those who participate. 

The Lunar Token (LNR):

At the core of the Lunar Ecosystem is the Lunar Token (LNR), which distributes 3% of LNR transactions and a percentage of Lunar DEX Wallet transactions to holders in passive reflections, allowing the community to benefit from the success of the ecosystem beyond the increase in value of their holdings.

In addition, 3% of LNR transactions are sent to a liquidity pool to facilitate trading and stabilize the token’s value, and 5.5% of transactions are sent to a growth wallet that is used for marketing, development, and strategic buy-backs/burns of LNR. These buy-backs/burns are employed as a counteractive measure when prices or trading volumes are low to increase the value of the token and discourage early selling. 

There are also anti-whale and anti-bot mechanisms built into the smart contract. A 1% maximum trade size and a 2% maximum wallet size limit has been implemented to prevent individuals who hold a substantial portion of the total supply from being able to significantly influence the price of the token. The team plans to implement and release an anti-bot mechanism on opening day aimed at clamping down on automated trading, while allowing human investors to trade freely.

NFTs with Passive Earnings:

The Lunar ecosystem will also include its very own NFT collection, Lunar Legion, that distributes 0.5% of LNR transactions to holders. This is the first step in their eventual goal to bring the streamlined user experience of the Lunar DEX Wallet to the world of NFT investing. 

The Lunar team is in a solid position to make these visions a reality. Their team is composed of highly talented developers, marketers, designers, and serial entrepreneurs who have successfully grown companies and shipped software in past ventures. 

The project also has promising traction already. Their 1000 BNB presale sold out in 15 seconds, their LNR token up over 3X since launch, and they have accumulated a whopping 9000 holders within 3 days of launching the token. 

The Lunar community is already becoming one of the most engaged, passionate communities in the space, and the team believes it due to the vision, relentless focus on quality, and set of core values it’s built upon. With the growth of the cryptocurrency industry showing no signs of slowing down, the Lunar team is confident that they will live up to their name and grow the project to the moon and beyond.

Lunar Information:

Website: lunardefi.com

Email: info@lunardefi.com

Telegram: t.me/lnrDefi

Introducing Mycelium Shop

Just in Time for Black Friday and the Holiday Season

Great news everyone! We’re proud to announce the new in-app shopping feature, with support for purchasing thousands of different gift card brands with BTC and ETH directly from your Mycelium wallet: Gift cards.

As part of our continuous effort to enhance our service we have also launched a website (shop.mycelium.com) where over 70 different cryptocurrencies can be seamlessly exchanged for gift-cards. The huge library of participating brands spans across popular categories, like apparel, electronics, sporting goods, dining, books, games, entertainment, app stores, and even travel. 

Instant Purchasing Power 

Some of us are less keen on waiting around for big brands to accept crypto, so we created the Mycelium Shop and do it for them. We believe this is a crucial step towards the widespread adoption by allowing some of the biggest names in retail to become readily available for crypto shopping.

With Black Friday and the holiday gift season right around the corner, our aim is to empower you, the user, to easily exchange some of your crypto’s value with purchasing power in real life shopping immediately. 

Join BEPR Private &Pre-Sale / Tech Rate Audit, Doxxed Team.

Blockchain Euro Project – BEUROP is a company based on the European Commission’s blockchain strategy. With a team that has more than five years of experience in smart contracts and blockchain solutions development, BEUROP is an all-in-one project. With legal registration in Gibraltar, its main objective is to provide its investors with productive, reliable, and fast tools for stable financial returns.

Blockchain Ecosystem

While other projects try to solve one problem at a time, BEUROP integrates several projects into a single blockchain ecosystem. This digital environment includes centralized and decentralized platforms, NFT marketplace, and gaming. In addition, it incorporates a marketing platform that offers the best rates and solutions in the cryptocurrency segment.

Flagship product: Marketing Platform

Beurop Marketing is a platform to provide the most effective tools for promoting crypto projects. Include contextual and banner advertising, search engine optimization, press releases, and promotion. Further, it will integrate token search and analysis, smart contract auditing, token launcher, multi-sender tool, and other advanced features.

The company decided to create a secure platform that will allow:

– Research and analyze new and existing tokens.

– Carry out the return of tokens from a smart contract.

– Receive advanced audits of smart contracts.

– Use a multi-sender for the convenience of sending tokens to holders.

– Conduct profound tokens analytics with the help of charts that incorporate all crucial characteristics and indicators.

Enhanced crypto security is a product that BEUROP creates using its intelligent tool for full cryptocurrency analytics, the result of which will be a free report on potential risks or threats when working with a token/coin.

The BEPR token will be connected to each project, providing specific advantages combining the platform within the ecosystem or reduced commissions for trading operations.

BEPR token

BEPR is a hyper-deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol and has in circulation amount of 29 mln. With a hyper deflation and reflection mechanism, BEPR is the fuel of the entire ecosystem. 

Each BEPR transaction is taxed at a rate of 10% of the transaction amount.

BEPR Holders – 3%.

LP Holders – 3%.

Marketing – 4% (including 1% Charity)

The sale of the BEPR token includes two phases:

Private sale (September 3-19)

Private investors receive additional benefits with an exclusive deal.

Price: 1 BNB = 7000 BEPR +25% EXTRA! 

Min Buy: 0.1BNB

Max Buy: 5BNB

To increase the value of BEPR cryptocurrency, the company burned 70% of tokens.

Pre-sale (September 20)

Price: 7000 BERP per 1BNB

Soft Cap: 1800BNB

Hard Cap: 2000BNB

BEUROP offers a stable and sustainable cryptocurrency through liquidity lock-in, providing its investors with unique advantages. In addition, holders will receive the opportunity of income during the company’s growth and development.


BEUROP ICO is a digital platform that informs potential partners about the BEPR token private sale and pre-sale phases. 

Blockchain Euro Project is constantly striving to provide solutions for issues that might happen in the future, adopting a progressive approach to blockchain technology and marketing techniques.

CMO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yaroslav-titarchuk-54956489/

Website: https://beurop.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/beurop 

Blog: https://medium.com/@bepr

Earn BTC Rewards while Fighting Crime – With COPDOGE

The new token that allows investors to earn BTC rewards while also stopping crime!

With a revolutionary use case COPDOGE rewards its holders with a unique rewards mechanism.

COPDOGE rewards its holders with a very generous 14% off every transaction and it’s paid in BTC!

Putting the community first COPDOGE offers not only a great passive income but also has a self-investing mechanism using its robust TOKENOMICS.

Over recent months and following the success of Doge Coin, a network of “DOGE” themed coins have been popping up all of the crypto ecosystem. Some with amazing success and hitting incredibly big price increases over very short time periods.

Now, with the introduction of CopDoge that will be paying rewards in Bitcoin (arguably the biggest name in crypto), excitement is building rapidly withing their community.

How do the tokenomics work?

14% Rewards Paid in BTC

Holders come first, for this reason CopDoge wants to reward our holders in the best way possible! Just by holding the token you will be receiving BTC rewards off every transaction.

3% Marketing

In order to ensure a smooth and continuous post launch, we will have a marketing fee that goes towards weekly objectives for the community!

2% Liquidity

Replenishing the supply is extremely important for the longevity of the token. 2% of every transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool.

What is CopDoge?

When speaking with the founders they explained “CopDoge is a token with community involvement at the forefront of what we do. We intend to keep investors included in the decision-making process throughout the life of the token and will take further suggestions for future growth, charity partnerships, brand ambassadorships and more from our holders. We have also incorporated a revolutionary feature by giving out BTC Rewards to our holders on a regular basis”

They went on to say “We genuinely believe that our project will be the next big Doge coin and early investors will be the people that will gain the most”

Their website sets out a three week timeline that is well on track to hitting their targets. Week 2 will be focused on developing future Partnerships, DxSale launch, Extreme marketing push to include big influencer campaigns, official audits to be carried out and making donations to worthy causes.

I think we can all agree that Bitcoin is the currency that we all want to hold but often cash limitations can often hold us back, but with CopDoge there will soon be a low cost coin in circulation that will generate passive income in the much valued Bitcoin (BTC). 

If you are reading this article now, then you can be rest assured that marketing activities are well underway but, the great news is that you still have the chance to get involved with the pre-Sale, it commences on Tuesday August 17th 18:00UTC!

Hurry over to their website or telegram pages to get more information on how to get involved early!

For more information about COPDOGE head over to the website http://www.copdoge.com

Join the conversation: https://t.me/copdoge