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Quantum AI Devotes Itself to the Greater Good, Revolutionizing Ecosystem with AI

Quantum AI is a pre-eminent cryptocurrency firm that improvises the decision-making power of investors and businesses by making the most out of AI.

[Location] — 100 years from now, the idea of a technology that could operate similarly to a human brain might have seemed like a farfetched idea. However, the advancement of technology at a supernatural pace together with the collective work of mathematicians, engineers, and psychologists has given life to this idea. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technological innovation that is transfiguring the world through its revolutionary powers. This ultimate innovation has already been incorporated into almost every other sector of the world. The recent incorporation of AI in the ever-growing crypto sector will prove to be mutually beneficial for both sectors.

What is Quantum AI?

Quantum AI is a state-of-the-art crypto project that harnesses the vigor of artificial intelligence to spread positivity not only in four corners of the earth but also within the crypto sphere. The firm aspires to provide its users with the maximum benefits that can be reaped from the adoption of web 3.0 and its technologies.

Who are We?

Adept individuals from different backgrounds like software development, cryptography, and marketing constitute the amazing team of Quantum AI. These people are working tirelessly to lay down the basis of a sound future not just for this but also for the upcoming generations.

Web 3.0 and AI Markets

Experts predict that the Ai sector will attain a market capitalization of around $200 billion by 2024. What a promising sector! The crypto industry is also witnessing exponential growth with each passing day. Quantum Ai is a merger of these enduring sectors. Investing in this firm is a great way for investors to secure great returns in no time.

Open AI Technology:

Open Ai, a San Francisco-based firm, recently made it to the spotlight after deploying its ChatGPT chatbot. This distinctive invention was able to amass 100 million users within two months of its launch.  Not only this but the tech was able to allure top-notch firms such as Microsoft and investment bank UBS. Open AI also devises apps and software that have great use in different sectors such as healthcare, finance, and marketing.

Dell-E Technology

Open Ai is also the pioneer of DELL-E, an ideal tech that permits computers to come up with music and stories that show great similarity to the works of humans. This phenomenal innovation can be utilized in sectors like entertainment, media, and advertising to produce original content.

GPT-3 Technology

Another great product of Open AI is the superlative GPT-3 technology that holds the quality of being able to come up with text that cannot be distinguished from human work. GPT-3 can be utilized by humans to get answers to their questions, for the completion of texts, and for the generation of articles.

ChatGPT and its Use Cases

ChatGPT is a remarkable AI chatbot designed by Open AI. The chatbot is capable of performing unbelievable tasks such as having friendly conversations with people, giving suggestions, and providing solutions to user queries. ChatGPT has the potential to be used in different sectors like customer service and support, in HR departments to converse with applicants, and in professional communications.

Mainstream Usage of AI

Artificial intelligence is being used in innumerable sectors worldwide. Healthcare, finance, and retail are some great examples where this innovation has proven to be very useful. Businesses throughout the globe are making the most out of AI by including its use in their decision-making processes.      

Moreover, the use of AI has also been incorporated into products and gadgets such as smartphones and music devices. AI has an upper hand over traditional systems as it is more efficient, seamless, and can accommodate a large amount of data at the speed of knots.

Artificial intelligence can learn. That’s right! It can analyze the incoming data and transfigures itself accordingly. For example, it can store data related to the music preference of an individual. The next time the person listens to music, AI will sort out the playlist according to his choice.

Traditional systems require an influx of people, resources, and funding for their maintenance. AI on the other hand is independent of such needs.


Quantum AI’s ecosystem comprises products, tokens, wallets, negative tax, rewarding holder mechanism, whale portfolio feature, staking, and more.


Quantum AI is a superlative firm that makes the most out of AI by harnessing its decision-making power and handing control to its users.

Furthermore, potential investors and web3 enthusiasts interested in Quantum AI can visit the project’s official website, or read their whitepaper to get more details.

Website | Telegram | Twitter

0xBet welcome bonus — 30 free spins for Zeus the Thunderer

0xBet is a crypto casino where everyone can play licensed slots from leading developers. The project launched in 2022 and provides its services to players from all over the world. Now you too can dive into a world of gambling, all the while claiming epic rewards. And thanks to the welcome bonus of 30 free spins for Zeus the Thunderer that can be claimed via the “MYCELIUM30FS” promo code, you’ll be able to enjoy the gameplay with favorable conditions.

How to claim the 0xBet welcome bonus 

Right now, you can claim your welcome bonus on the official 0xBet website. To do this:

1.       Go to 0xBet Casino;

2.       Register an account;

3.       Enter the “MYCELIUM30FS” promo code;

4.       Make a deposit of at least 20 euros;

5.       Select Zeus the Thunderer from the catalog.

You’ll get 30 free spins that serve as bets in the casino. All that’s left is to spin the slots and hope Lady Luck’s on your side. In this mode, all the game’s features are available to players, with all the technical characteristics being exactly the same. Meaning you can score a big win even when using free spins.

Don’t forget to fill in your personal details in your profile and read the rules. The promotion is available once per account. Attempting to re-register to activate the bonus will result in a ban. The system records your IP address, device type, personal data, residence address and other info. 

To activate the 0xBet welcome bonus, you need to make a deposit of at least 20 euros using any available payment method. The funds you win must be wagered (x30). As soon as you meet all the conditions, you can place a withdrawal request. The maximum bonus amount is 500 euros

0xBet cashback up to 15%

Later on, 0xBet offers its clients up to 15% cashback. You’ll get from 5% to 15% of the money you lost back depending on:

·         The specific game;

·         Your profile level;

·         Your bet amount.

The cashback funds don’t need to be wagered. There’s no upper limit nor does this promotion ever expire. Just bet real money and get additional coins. This is a great way to maximize your profits or get some of your funds back following a loss streak. 

0xBet slot machines

The 0xBet catalog features over 1,800 slot machines from leading developers:  

·         BetSoft;

·         NetEnt;

·         EvoPlay;

·         Spinomenal;

·         IgroSoft and much more.

Games are brought in with pre-fixed settings, meaning the results of the round will always be determined by mathematical algorithms created by the developers. Therefore, every player has a chance to win, regardless of their profile level or bet size. Not even the casino administration can influence the outcome, which is an excellent guarantee that the game stays fair.

The casino’s lineup features not only online slots, but also poker, roulette, baccarat, the Live Casino section, Aviator, Plinko and much more. So you definitely won’t have any trouble finding a suitable game. Sort models by different categories: genre, bonuses, jackpot, popularity, developer and other parameters.

For newcomers, 0xBet has set up a demo mode. These are completely free slots that you can play without having to register or make a deposit. Each time you launch it, you get a virtual balance, which lets you enjoy the gameplay without any risk involved. Every other setting is identical to the real thing, allowing you to get the near full experience.  

0xBet Casino deposit methods

0xBet supports the following payment options:

·         Bitcoin;

·         Tether;

·         Ethereum;

·         Litecoin and much more.

Deposits and withdrawals can only be made using cryptocurrency. However, 0xBet allows its clients to purchase crypto via VISA or MasterCard bank cards. You can pay using fiat currency and then get funds for your account.

Because 0xBet only provides services using crypto, it gains the ability to organize cool promotions and guarantee convenient gameplay. All transactions on the site go through the blockchain, so players can be sure the services they get are high quality. Even if it wants to, the administration has no way to interfere in the game process.

The minimum deposit amount is 20 USDT or an equivalent amount in another cryptocurrency. To top up your balance, you need to choose a payment option and send coins to the selected wallet. The funds will be credited as soon as the network processes your transaction.  

The minimum withdrawal amount is 40 USDT. The finance department will try to process your application as quickly as possible, but due to the workload, the transfer may take several hours. Just enter your cryptocurrency wallet address and request a payout.

Stake Crypto and Get $100 Sign Up Bonus: Try Neosify Algorithmic Staking

The crypto community will be delighted to know that Neosify has officially launched staking on its platform. Neosify allows users to earn staking rewards with significantly high APY percentages. This is the major step in the Neosify platform development as staking features provide a simpler and more sustainable DeFi experience for all crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.  

More on Neosify Staking

Neosify Matrix Technology is no less than a breakthrough in the DeFi space: while providing liquidity to the platform through algorithmic arbitrage, the technology allows users to earn staking rewards and grow the platform ecosystem with advantageous APY rates.

Only on Neosify, users can boost gains on any crypto asset of their choice. The Neosify Matrix Technology facilitates high staking yields for any coin there is, thus powering up the Neosify ecosystem and providing more value to its users.

The Neosify users can not only participate in a very lucrative DeFi arrangement, but also earn NEOS points as a reward for using the platform features and participating in its growth.

Why is staking so significant?

Staking allows users to profit on locking up their assets and contributing to the network growth. In other words, it is another method to earn additional passive income on crypto just as if to earn dividends on stocks, but with more security guarantees. The unpredictabilities of today’s world that follow up the financial sector and cause record high inflation make crypto enthusiasts stick to a safer approach to grow their portfolio, such as staking.

About Neosify Crypto Wallet

Neosify is a multi-asset crypto wallet that aims at providing a seamless DeFi experience. The Chosen ones – Neos – are those who become part of Neosify and exit the Simulation. Chosen ones are offered to unlock the true potential of their crypto by following such Neosify income accrual strategies, as:

Staking crypto holdings. Income accrual strategy that allows to lock up crypto assets for a certain period and grow it on a daily basis. 

Holding assets on Neosify wallet. The Chosen ones are offered to create a free Neosify wallet and hold any cryptocurrency with profit.

Earning rewards. Neosify offers a GameFi reward-earning system where the Chosen ones can earn NEOS points pegged with US dollar 1:1 by completing specific missions.

In a nutshell, Neosify is the place that offers user-friendly and reliable DeFi solutions with protection and yield powered by the revolutionary Matrix Technology. By bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi, Neosify creates an ultimate crypto environment to reflect the future crypto market.

For information about Neosify Wallet and updates, please visit Neosify Official Website or Neosify Discord, Facebook and Twitter channels.

Compound Meta – The first next gen P2E game with Negative Tax and a Comprehensive Ecosystem

Compound Meta is making strong inroads into the crypto market as it is known as an impressive AAA P2E game, but not only that, COMA is the first holder-centered multiple product in 1 Metaverse including Compound interest, Negative tax, P2E Metaverse game, Coin Flip, Swap, Staking and Wallet on Binance Smart Chain. 

Especially, this is not an empty promise, most of these utilities have been built, the Beta Test versions are now available on the website: https://compoundmeta.app/

What you should remember about COMA are:

  • Negative Tax: Investors instantly earn 1.5% $COMA bonus after buy transaction when paying only 1% Buy Tax.
  • Profit Sharing: All the Buy Tax is converted to $BUSD and distributed to all holders each 24 hours.
  • Multi-in-one ecosystem for MULTIPLE earnings: COMA utilities including P2E Metaverse Game, Coin Flip, Wallet, Swap and Staking are ready to help users earn.

How does the Negative Tax work?

Our mechanism is ‘1% buy tax but 1.5% back to the wallet’. Paying only 1% Buy Tax on each purchase, $COMA buyers then instantly get 1.5% bonus $COMA back, infer they get Negative -0.5% buy tax into their wallet. 

Profit Sharing – COMA does not keep your money

All the Buy Tax is converted to $BUSD and distributed to all holders each 24 hours.

  • Our token flow offers 2 main pools which are BUSD pool and COMA pool. The COMA pool is filled by all of the fees from our Utilities (P2E, Stake and Early Unstake, Swap, Coin Flip (5% winning fee)), it’s for reward 1.5% in $COMA after each buy transaction to buyers. BUSD pool is filled by the 1% Buy Tax which is used to reward all holders each 24 hours for long-term token holding.
  • While, Sell Tax is only 2% and we do NOT spend it ourselves also. 1% will be for Marketing and the other 1% will be for Buy-back & Burn which counters token inflation.

COMA Ecosystem – The multi-in-one ecosystem for MULTIPLE earnings

Not just a Negative token project, we provide the NEXT GEN ecosystem of cryptocurrency. You join early, you touch the future, you earn a lot first.

What’s inside the COMA ecosystem and How to earn?

  • AAA P2E Game

Overcoming stereotypes of boring P2E games with poor graphics, COMA delivers a triple A game with extremely impressive, smooth graphics, an incredible collection of NFT characters and a gameplay focused earn money instantly. Winning 1v1 matches, winners will be rewarded with tokens or NFTs. The Beta Test version can be downloaded from https://compoundmeta.app/#download 

  • COMA Staking

Holders can stake $COMA to get daily passive income, DAO perks,  weekly airdrop, … Our Staking includes some features which benefit long-term stakers. Whoever un-stakes early needs to pay 10% fee (2% is for buy back and burn & 8% is sent to COMA Reward pool). The Testnet version has been release on https://stake.compoundmeta.app/stake

  • Coin Flip

Coin Flip is a utility that follows the current rising trend Flip-to-earn, allowing users to both entertain and earn money easily and quickly. It allows users to bet $COMA or BNB by playing Head or Tail to DOUBLE the bet instantly with 50/50 winning probability. Check it out on https://flip-testnet.compoundmeta.app/

  • COMA Swap

COMA Swap allows you to exchange tokens with low gas fees. We also include limit orders, stop losses and more functions. As stated before, the entire Swap fee will be added to the reward pool for holders and an auto-buyback & burn.

  • COMA Wallet 

It is a user-friendly interface cryptocurrency wallet used to support the storage and management of tokens, allowing them to have full control of their assets.

Here’s what you need to know about COMA – the next-gen AAA P2E game with Negative Tax and a Comprehensive Ecosystem.

Read more on the Whitepaper and turn on notifications on social channels now for a chance to participate in COMA’s upcoming Pre-sale on Pinksale!

All details and upcoming events of COMA will be updated on Compound Meta’s official channels, join now!

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | Substack 

0xBet – a crypto casino with unique functions

0xBet – a modern online casino brand that uses only cryptocurrency. This restriction permits the project to guarantee a maximally secure gameplay and the anonymity of users. You can use the following coins:

·     Bitcoin;

·     Tether;

·     Ethereum;

·     Litecoin;

·     Bitcoin Cash;

·     Dogecoin;

·     Cardano;

·     Ripple;

·         Neo;

·     Tron;

·     BNB.

Pay for services in 0xBet casino with cryptocurrency

You can easily make a deposit using any available payment method. Moreover, you do not have to go through verification for withdrawal, since there is no need to use bank cards to play for real money. As a rule, these payment systems are the ones that request personal data. Now there is no service acting between the casino and the player. Thus, the gameplay will be as honest and transparent as possible without any additional commissions and verification.

Do not forget about 0xBet withdrawal limits. The administration provides some of the most comfortable conditions in the gambling market. Therefore, customers will be able to withdraw 15, 30 and 60 thousand per day, week and month, respectively. You can also negotiate on individual limits, so that you do not have problems with the withdrawal. Managers always accommodate players and are ready to solve problems as accurately as possible.

No borders

0xBet is available to users from different countries. The official website is translated into:

·     English;

·     Spanish;

·     French;

·     German;

·     Japanese and other languages.

So people from any country will be able to use the services of 0xBet. As for legality, everything is quite simple. The casino allows you to access the site via VPN. Accordingly, if your jurisdiction has certain restrictions concerning gambling, nothing will prevent you from enjoying the gameplay by changing the IP of your computer or mobile device.

Nonetheless, 0xBet operates under a Curacao license. This document is only issued to verified brands that have proven their solvency and have provided the required documentation. Gameplay on the site will be honest, and no one can affect that. The result of the round is determined by mathematical algorithms embedded in the slot machines. Even the administration of the casino will not be able to change the technical settings of slots.

In addition, the user-friendly interface helps in exploring the myriad of features on 0xBet. Apart from the fact that it is translated into several languages, all the necessary information is divided into their respective sections. Thus, there is no need to waste time getting familiar with the rules and other information. The casino honestly explains all its requirements and conditions for bonuses, so that players can immediately evaluate all the pros and cons of the project.

0xBet bonuses

Another advantage of 0xBet, compared to other brands, is the unique bonus policy. Clients can enjoy the amazing gifts from the administration immediately after signing up. The project is just starting to gain popularity and is ready to offer favorable conditions to its newcomers.

Clients get a bonus of 30 free spins in The Dog House slot machine (Pragmatic Play) for confirming their personal information and making at least one deposit. Spin free reels, and get your payout. Collected funds need to be wagered at x30. These are some of the most favorable conditions on the gambling market,so even complete beginners can easily wager the bonuses.

0xBet also offers its players a weekly cashback of 5% and a rakeback of 15%. Return a portion of your spent money to continue playing, even if the previous week was unsuccessful. Respectively, casino players get an extra chance to recoup their funds and continue enjoying the game, regardless of the result.

Start playing now!

The conditions described above are only a small part of what you can expect at 0xBet. You can verify all the advantages of the brand by signing up on the official website. You can expect great gifts, 24/7 support, a maximally user-friendly interface and thousands of slot machines from the best developers.

Knock, Knock, Black Friday is coming!

Black Friday Celebration starts today! Don’t miss the opportunity to get $250 worth of Any Gift Cards of your choice! 

Receive up to $250 worth of Gift Cards by making a purchase as small as $80 of any brand and participating in the event. Choose from 1500 Gift Cards in over 50 countries! 

From today till December 8, 2022, you have the opportunity to get up to $250 worth of Gift Cards. 15 days, 7 winners.

And the prize pool is:

20 Gift Cards of your choice each worth $25

The Luckiest Seven get:

#1 — $250 (10 gift cards $25 each)

#2 — $100 (4 gift cards $25 each)

#3 — $50 (2 gift cards $25 each)

#4 to #7 — $25 (one $25 gift card)

The Card brand you receive as a winner is the same as the one you bought during the event.

How to get on board: if your carts’ total value is more than $80 — congrats, you’re in the game! The more you buy, the more chances you have to receive the prize! 

Shop now & join Black Friday Celebration.
Event starts now and ends on December 8, 2022 11:59PM (GMT).

Visit the Gift Cards section via the 3-dot drop-down menu on the Balance tab.

Good luck and have a beautiful day!

Explore Shibnobi’s New Crypto Ecosystem 

Shibnobi is a Crypto platform that offers a variety of related-field products. One of the platform’s main purposes is to help users improve their crypto experience and create a secure and transparent space. Furthermore, Shibnobi aims to support other crypto projects by offering software services, advertising, and others.

At the moment, two of their main projects are Shibnobi Swap – a token-swapping platform- and Shibnobi Play, which serves as a social, gaming, and shopping platform.

Shibnobi allows any user to explore the crypto world at a new level. Included in its long list of services are Shibnobi Bridge, used for trading tokens; Shibnobi Wallet, a three-factor authentication wallet; Shibnobi Chain, a complex forked from the Ethereum blockchain and other exciting tools.

What Shibnobi platform brings?

The cryptocurrency platform, Shibnobi, known on the market for its multitude of services, wants to continue to grow and provide the best experience for its users. All categories should benefit from a secure and transparent ecosystem, whether an expert user or a beginner.

The Shibnobi platform is proud to be one of the top platforms regarding innovation, transparency, and trust in crypto. With Shibnobi, users can jump into a complete crypto experience because the platform helps them explore the crypto world at a new level. All these are now under a secure, transparent, and for-all ecosystem.

The platform focuses on security and transparency because the times we live in drive us to question many services and media. Shibnobi removes the concerns by ensuring users receive the services they want safely and securely.

Meet Shibnobi products

With Shibnobi, you can invest, have fun, or learn valuable information about the crypto world. All these are thanks to the variety of well-thought-out projects that Shibnobi offers.

Shibnobi Play is a skill-based wagering platform where users may create and join PVP (Player vs. Player) matches and tournaments in AAA games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, FIFA, and more. Also, blockchain-enabled games will soon be supported by this platform. Aside from gaming, the platform offers a Social aspect where users can post, engage, create profiles, and chat.

Shibnobi Swap addresses the lack of accessible tools in DeFi’s EVM-compatible networks. The Swap is based on a decentralized AMM system that uses liquidity pools generated by users to enable seamless crypto trades across multiple chains. 

With Shibnobi Bridge, you may exchange Ethereum for BNB, Matic, AVAX, or CRONOS, which also allows you to trade tokens featured on Shibnobi Swap between chains. Also, new coins/tokens are listed regularly, so make sure to keep checking.

Another helpful product is Shibnobi Learn, which seeks to reduce the barrier between cryptocurrency and widespread adoption by giving the information and tools required to succeed in cryptocurrency.

Also, Shibnobi has its official shopping platform named Shibnobi Store, created especially for its customers.

More about Shibnobi

Shibnobi is a Texas-based corporation established to enhance user and participant safety in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries as they continue to develop and experience record levels of adoption each year.

Shibnobi has built over 10 projects and has helped several crypto projects succeed through their software services. Furthermore, Shibnobi has created an open-source cryptocurrency token, SHINJA. It is a general-purpose cryptocurrency for everyday digital platform services within the Shibnobi ecosystem, enabling premium features and functions within its ecosystem tooling.

Shibnobi aims to transform Defi, building revolutionary products such as Shibnobi Blockchain and introducing a multi-chain Shibnobi Swap across Ethereum, Binance, Cronos, and Polygon.

Stay tuned

For the latest news about Shibnobi and its benefits, stay tuned to their website, and join their community on Twitter.

Crypto Legions: Play-To-Earn NFT Game

Crypto Games Agency, Play-To-Earn gaming specialists and creators of Crypto Legions, is on track to break its own record for the longest-lasting Play-To-Earn game on BSC Network. The much-anticipated Crypto Legions Version 3 launched on September 28, 2022, on BSC and has made waves in the NFT and P2E space since. After its first week, it continues to find itself top-trending on major coin-tracking platforms like CoinMarketCap, DappRadar, Dextools and Crypto.com. 

The $BLV3 token, Bloodstone, launched on PancakeSwap one day before the game’s launch—seeing a 700% price increase on the first day. Since then, $BLV3 has held its value at over 500% from the public ICO. Now, players are in the thick of gaming and earning, with some reporting as much as making $1000 per day. Thanks to Crypto Games Agency’s transparency, dedication, and evolving business model, it’s no secret how and why their game is seeing success again. 

About Crypto Games Agency

Starting from a single game and now revitalizing it in its third and most robust version of Crypto Legions, Crypto Games Agency is a team of Play-to-Earn experts dedicated to delivering the best P2E products and returns. After creating multiple successful titles, they continue to release high-performing games. As an extended service, they offer their skills to anyone, allowing them to create their own game. Customers choose their desired theme, and Crypto Games Agency produces an entirely coded project with social media accounts, storylines, graphics, tokens, marketing, and assistance with the game launch. With their experience, Crypto Games Agency offers a completed project in just one month.

How to play and earn with Crypto Legions V3

To play Crypto Legions, start by visiting their game page and logging in using the browser-based crypto wallet, Metamask. After acquiring $BLV3 and $BNB tokens, players should summon warriors and beasts to create mighty legions to hunt. Each hunt requires supplies that are bought after a legion is formed. The more powerful a legion is, the more powerful monsters they can fight and the more they can earn.

Regardless of your playstyle, all players will benefit from the revamped home page full of helpful information and data. For example, players can now know the reward, reserve, and liquidity pool status. Newly added in V3, an Economic Status page shows the number of warriors and beasts summoned and the number of legions created in the previous 24 hours. You can also see how much BUSD is claimed in rewards, reinvested, and taxed hourly.

Benefits of investing and playing in Crypto Legions

New investors joining Play-to-Earn gaming can do so confidently through Crypto Legions. Where almost all other projects have lacked transparency and team-to-community communication, Crypto Games Agency is second to none in delivering information quickly and honestly. It has been proven across the many months of their existence, and they have not only continued their transparency but improved it by adding more than ever to the updated home page. 

As a member of Crypto Legions’ community, there is no shortage of opportunity and fun. This past week, hunters partook in a special monster hunt with a higher than normal win rate and, upon success, were granted $100 in Bloodstone rewards. Apart from the game, their Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and overall community are growing. As a result, there are many contests, competitions, and giveaways, meaning players earn inside and outside the game.

Join the Crypto Legions Community and Earn Today

The journey has only just begun! Players are creating Legions, hunting, and earning now. To buy $BLV3, connect your Metamask wallet to BNB Network and visit PancakeSwap. To keep up with the latest news and events, follow Crypto Legions on social media and join their community platforms!

📺 YouTube 📘 Facebook 🕊️ Twitter 📰 Medium

🎮 Discord 📱Telegram
Website: ⚔️Official Crypto Legions Website

Be aware of possible temporary unavailability of operations with ETH

Attention Mycelium wallet users!

Please be aware of possible temporary unavailability of operations with ETH in the wallet.

  • Ethereum is moving to proof-of-stake! The transition, known as The Merge, must first be activated on the Beacon Chain with the Bellatrix upgrade. After this, the proof-of-work chain will migrate to proof-of-stake upon hitting a specific Total Difficulty value.
  • The Bellatrix upgrade is scheduled for epoch 144896 on the Beacon Chain — 11:34:47am UTC on Sept 6, 2022.
  • The Terminal Total Difficulty value triggering The Merge is 58750000000000000000000, expected between Sept 10-20, 2022.
  • Note: as announced earlier, the Kiln testnet is being sunset. Operators will shut down on September 6, 2022.