Join BEPR Private &Pre-Sale / Tech Rate Audit, Doxxed Team.

Blockchain Euro Project – BEUROP is a company based on the European Commission’s blockchain strategy. With a team that has more than five years of experience in smart contracts and blockchain solutions development, BEUROP is an all-in-one project. With legal registration in Gibraltar, its main objective is to provide its investors with productive, reliable, and fast tools for stable financial returns.

Blockchain Ecosystem

While other projects try to solve one problem at a time, BEUROP integrates several projects into a single blockchain ecosystem. This digital environment includes centralized and decentralized platforms, NFT marketplace, and gaming. In addition, it incorporates a marketing platform that offers the best rates and solutions in the cryptocurrency segment.

Flagship product: Marketing Platform

Beurop Marketing is a platform to provide the most effective tools for promoting crypto projects. Include contextual and banner advertising, search engine optimization, press releases, and promotion. Further, it will integrate token search and analysis, smart contract auditing, token launcher, multi-sender tool, and other advanced features.

The company decided to create a secure platform that will allow:

– Research and analyze new and existing tokens.

– Carry out the return of tokens from a smart contract.

– Receive advanced audits of smart contracts.

– Use a multi-sender for the convenience of sending tokens to holders.

– Conduct profound tokens analytics with the help of charts that incorporate all crucial characteristics and indicators.

Enhanced crypto security is a product that BEUROP creates using its intelligent tool for full cryptocurrency analytics, the result of which will be a free report on potential risks or threats when working with a token/coin.

The BEPR token will be connected to each project, providing specific advantages combining the platform within the ecosystem or reduced commissions for trading operations.

BEPR token

BEPR is a hyper-deflationary token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol and has in circulation amount of 29 mln. With a hyper deflation and reflection mechanism, BEPR is the fuel of the entire ecosystem. 

Each BEPR transaction is taxed at a rate of 10% of the transaction amount.

BEPR Holders – 3%.

LP Holders – 3%.

Marketing – 4% (including 1% Charity)

The sale of the BEPR token includes two phases:

Private sale (September 3-19)

Private investors receive additional benefits with an exclusive deal.

Price: 1 BNB = 7000 BEPR +25% EXTRA! 

Min Buy: 0.1BNB

Max Buy: 5BNB

To increase the value of BEPR cryptocurrency, the company burned 70% of tokens.

Pre-sale (September 20)

Price: 7000 BERP per 1BNB

Soft Cap: 1800BNB

Hard Cap: 2000BNB

BEUROP offers a stable and sustainable cryptocurrency through liquidity lock-in, providing its investors with unique advantages. In addition, holders will receive the opportunity of income during the company’s growth and development.


BEUROP ICO is a digital platform that informs potential partners about the BEPR token private sale and pre-sale phases. 

Blockchain Euro Project is constantly striving to provide solutions for issues that might happen in the future, adopting a progressive approach to blockchain technology and marketing techniques.





Earn BTC Rewards while Fighting Crime – With COPDOGE

The new token that allows investors to earn BTC rewards while also stopping crime!

With a revolutionary use case COPDOGE rewards its holders with a unique rewards mechanism.

COPDOGE rewards its holders with a very generous 14% off every transaction and it’s paid in BTC!

Putting the community first COPDOGE offers not only a great passive income but also has a self-investing mechanism using its robust TOKENOMICS.

Over recent months and following the success of Doge Coin, a network of “DOGE” themed coins have been popping up all of the crypto ecosystem. Some with amazing success and hitting incredibly big price increases over very short time periods.

Now, with the introduction of CopDoge that will be paying rewards in Bitcoin (arguably the biggest name in crypto), excitement is building rapidly withing their community.

How do the tokenomics work?

14% Rewards Paid in BTC

Holders come first, for this reason CopDoge wants to reward our holders in the best way possible! Just by holding the token you will be receiving BTC rewards off every transaction.

3% Marketing

In order to ensure a smooth and continuous post launch, we will have a marketing fee that goes towards weekly objectives for the community!

2% Liquidity

Replenishing the supply is extremely important for the longevity of the token. 2% of every transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool.

What is CopDoge?

When speaking with the founders they explained “CopDoge is a token with community involvement at the forefront of what we do. We intend to keep investors included in the decision-making process throughout the life of the token and will take further suggestions for future growth, charity partnerships, brand ambassadorships and more from our holders. We have also incorporated a revolutionary feature by giving out BTC Rewards to our holders on a regular basis”

They went on to say “We genuinely believe that our project will be the next big Doge coin and early investors will be the people that will gain the most”

Their website sets out a three week timeline that is well on track to hitting their targets. Week 2 will be focused on developing future Partnerships, DxSale launch, Extreme marketing push to include big influencer campaigns, official audits to be carried out and making donations to worthy causes.

I think we can all agree that Bitcoin is the currency that we all want to hold but often cash limitations can often hold us back, but with CopDoge there will soon be a low cost coin in circulation that will generate passive income in the much valued Bitcoin (BTC). 

If you are reading this article now, then you can be rest assured that marketing activities are well underway but, the great news is that you still have the chance to get involved with the pre-Sale, it commences on Tuesday August 17th 18:00UTC!

Hurry over to their website or telegram pages to get more information on how to get involved early!

For more information about COPDOGE head over to the website

Join the conversation: Accepts Binance Coin and BUSD Officially Begins to Accept BNB and BUSD Altcoins

Leading crypto casino has begun officially accepting Binance altcoin BNB and its stablecoin BUSD. Get all the details on this story here.

Leading cryptocurrency casino,, has officially started accepting two new cryptocurrencies. It will begin accepting Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance’s stablecoin BUSD.

These additions will give players more options when it comes to depositing cryptos to play real money casino games on the site.

What Are Binance Coin and BUSD?

Binance Coin (BNB) rose dramatically in value in the latest crypto bull run and is an Ethereum competitor. It is a utility coin associated with the Binance Smart Chain.

BUSD is Binance’s answer to Tether (USDT). It is a stablecoin pegged to the value of the USD. As such, it avoids much of the volatility associated with other cryptocurrencies.

The ability to deposit these cryptos at Casinobit Casino will lead to substantial savings in fees for players who choose to use them. 

The Dramatic Rise of Binance Smart Chain

Binance is a crypto brand most players familiar with the ecosystem will recognize. It’s one of the largest crypto exchanges, and it’s responsible for most of the daily trading volume globally.

Binance founder Changpeng Zhao decided to launch an Ethereum rival in early 2020. This coincides with what many consider the beginning of the recent crypto bull market. The Binance Smart chain was designed to compete with Ethereum, allowing applications and tokens to be built on it while offering much lower fees and faster transactions. Given these advantages, it was inevitable that crypto casinos like would begin adopting these altcoins.

However, the launch of Binance Smart Chain was not all “CZ” had planned. He also launched a stablecoin rival in the form of BUSD. This is a direct rival to Tether (USDT) and can be traded in for US dollars and some other fiat currencies, as well as into other cryptos on supporting exchanges.

Clearly, the Binance empire is growing quickly. The adoption of these coins by a major cryptocurrency casino, as well as by the crypto community as a whole, signals that Binance Smart Chain is here to stay.

Why Use These Coins at Casinobit Online Casino?

The addition of these new cryptos gives players some extra banking choices. Each coin has benefits and drawbacks.

  • BNB is a super-fast alternative to Ethereum with large potential upside value. Players who use it can avoid the fees and lag times associated with ETH while potentially winning an altcoin that will challenge Ethereum in the future.
  • BUSD has the same benefits as BNB, those being fast transactions and tiny fees, but it also offers the price stability of stablecoins. It’s a good choice for players who wish to store winnings in their digital wallets without the risk of price volatility.

While some crypto purists complain that BSC is centralized, at the end, for casino players, these fees savings mean more spins on slots, hands of blackjack, and extra money for games.

These coins can be used in addition to BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, and USDT. All of these coins have been available on for some time. Each coin has its pros and cons, but as a deposit method, only XRP can rival BNB or BUSD in terms of speed and low fees.

More About

This top-rated crypto casino offers live casino games, slot machines, and many other games.

Players can also deposit BUSD or BNB to play an extensive range of high-quality video slots. Top-rated slots like Sweet Bonanza, Spartan King, Star Fortune, and jackpot slots like Venetia and King of Monkeys are available on both desktop and mobile devices.

The games are powered by trusted providers like Evolution, Gamomat, Betsoft, and others. Every one of these software providers is safe, trusted, and fair. offers all new players a welcome bonus worth up to 4BTC. To be eligible for them, you’ll need to deposit the equivalent of 0.0002 BTC. More information on these bonuses is available in the bonus terms and conditions, including the 40x wagering requirements.

Think beyond the box with SMART MARKETING TOKEN

The blockchain and cryptocurrency world seeks to eliminate reliance on centralized platforms and traditional financial practices. 

Nowadays, having a limitless number of ways to create your own token is a method for business owners to step up their game. Entrepreneurs can assist their businesses in seeking more funding by using ICO, IDO, and IEO. 

Before a platform can expand, become well-known, and achieve success, it requires a strong marketing staff that understands how to promote it; now, with Smart Marketing Token, that can be achieved faster.

Meet Smart Marketing Token

Smart Marketing Token is a platform that will transform the way crypto projects are marketed, offering promotional services for ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs. 

Their objective is to provide fundamental initiatives that are new to the crypto space with an appropriately tailored and adaptable marketing strategy.

Their entire ecosystem focuses around the $SMT Token, which is used to pay for their services. Some of the services will be developed in close collaboration with the Student Coin Team. The $SMT Token is a fundamentally supported utility token that provides decentralized marketing and advertising services. 

The Smart Marketing Token platform established a link between the agency’s clients and token holders, allowing clients to benefit directly from investors.

The platform’s services will be compensated for and settled in native $SMT Tokens. The more the agency’s scope and growth in crypto marketing, the greater the demand for the SMT token as a tradable token.

Smart Marketing Token Ecosystem

Smart Marketing Token is not only a platform that provides promotional services for ICOs, IDOs, and IEOs; they also have a well-structured ecosystem, which distinguishes them. 

They provide fixed fee promotion: all help will be billed based on a commission on the created net profit. SMT will also promote any ICO Launchpads that will be displayed on the Student Coin Terminal. This service will cost 3% of the entire net earnings generated through STC Ecosystem funding.

Voting system: SMT will provide the community the opportunity to have their thoughts heard every quarter. They will be able to vote with their coins on which project SMT should promote. The goal is to create a platform where consumers can automatically acquire marketing services performed by freelancers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Educational service: Where you will be able to learn more about advertising from marketing specialists, and the forum will help develop a community of SMT promoters and investors.

Transparency: Intended to foster long-term relationships with project users, investors, and clients. The platform’s operation is completely transparent, and it adheres to European Union standards. The project and SMT clients will be analyzed to ensure that only trustworthy ventures are promoted.

Staking: Users will be able to use the buyback and stacking programs for staking. The SMT Token buybacks will be carried out with a portion of the funds raised from B2B clients and allocated through SMT Token stakers.

Why should you choose Smart Marketing Token?

Having a young, innovative, and determined team will transform the way promotional services are provided in the cryptocurrency world. Furthermore, the project itself has a lot to offer, and you can see their road map, which spans from January to July 2021, when they built their platform and formed collaborations with Student Coin.

For 2022, the team plans to release their token, listing it on the first exchange and launching the SMT staking feature. Moreso, they are also working on launching SMT services and marketing their educational services to SMT holders. By the end of the year 2022, they plan to incorporate into hitherto unseen market offerings.

Are you up for an adventure? We believe that the Smart Marketing Token platform is the best way to get your platform up and running. 

Keep in mind SMT will release its ICO in August 2, 2021, and you will be able to acquire SMT via

Student Coin Gives 13 APY on Crypto Staking

When you start your Crypto adventure, you usually bump into the question “Mining or staking?”. So which one should you choose?

The answer to that depends on your own values and interests. But if you are much more interested in long-term profit and environmental protection, then staking is by far a better choice. 

That’s because mining crypto needs mining equipment that is not just expensive but also destructive to the environment. Take note that the Bitcoin mining industry consumes around 110 TWh per year.

When it comes to staking, everything happens on the web; no equipment is necessary. And it also takes a lot less effort – just deposit your crypto in a pool and wait for daily interest. 

However, even staking has some risks. It’s important to know how to avoid them. 

Be aware of the impermanent loss

If you are not familiar with the term, find that the impermanent loss covers the situation when you deposit crypto at one value, and by the end of the staking period, this value decreases substantially. 

In order to avoid this, you need to look for staking platforms that guarantee a high APY (Annual Percentage Yield), such as Student Coin.

Student Coin has 13% APY

That’s right. Staking STC tokens on Student Coin doesn’t only give you daily interest, but it also comes with an addition of 13%. 

If a bear market occurs, then the 13% APY would be enough to cover your potential loss. And if, on the contrary, a bull market comes around, then your gains will be above expectations. 

The Student Coin Ecosystem – overview

The STC project was fairly known even before the official launch, being supported by students from over 500 universities around the world, including Stanford. 

Now we can find the STC token in the top 500 cryptocurrencies, with a Market Cap of $33,000,000 and over 250,000 users. 

The Student Coin Ecosystem has various features and applications that explain what is with all the hype towards the project, such as:

  • The STC Terminal – that gives users the possibility to create their own STC-based token without technical knowledge. Even more, you can initiate crowdfunding proposals in exchange for your brand new token and get the money you need for studies, company launches, etc.;
  • The STC Exchange – where you can forex trading your assets, make deposits, and even withdraw your profits in a couple of seconds;
  • The STC Learning – where you can learn about cryptocurrencies without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of info;
  • The STC App – which will be available starting with November 2021. If you want to see how you can access all your STC features on the go, you can try the beta version on iOS or Android

What’s next remains for you to find out. Get your STC tokens and start your crypto adventure!

Coinfluence ICO – Pushing Influencer Marketing to New Levels

The crypto industry is in continuous development, with hundreds of innovative projects being released every month, each aiming to push cryptocurrency adoption further, forever changing the face of the business world.

However, with such fierce competition, many projects simply aren’t able to gain the visibility they need to become successful. Traditional marketing strategies aren’t as effective in the crypto sphere, with crypto enthusiasts having to do thorough research before investing in a project.

But new tactics are emerging, which give projects the tools they need to prove themselves trustworthy. And one of those tactics is influencer marketing. Research shows that interest in influencer marketing has grown 90 times since 2013, with more and more businesses working with influencers to boost their project’s credibility.

So naturally, projects emerged to improve this strategy and facilitate its usability on a broader scale.

Meet Coinfluence

Coinfluence aims to empower crypto projects from all over the world by connecting them with high-profile influencers, investors, and mentors. The coinfluencers will help the project create awareness and reach new customers on the market, boosting its chances to achieve success.

However, to provide an excellent collaborative environment for both influencers and projects, Confluence has an extensive evaluation process. Projects looking to access their network of influencers will undergo an in-depth analysis, where Coinfluence’s blockchain professionals will look at their strengths, weaknesses, and everything in-between.

This provides more security for the crypto market in the long run, protecting it from scams and creating a safer environment for investors and influencers.

The whole Coinfluence ecosystem is designed around the CFLU token, which was developed to benefit both projects and influencers. Projects get to hold their token sales through the platform, while the community can purchase their tokens using CFLU.

In addition, CFLU serves as a generator of passive income for its holders, with every transaction being taxed 10%, with the tax being distributed as follows:

  • 4% goes to liquidity;
  • 4% is shared to holders based on their stake;
  • 2% goes to marketing and project development.

CFLU Token Sale

The CFLU token is based on BEP-20, and in order to boost the project’s success and development, Confluence is currently holding a token sale.

The team behind the project issued a total of 1 billion CFLU, out of which 650 million are available to the community through the ICO. The rest are distributed as follows:

  • 100 million CFLU will go towards team members and will serve as an investment into the team’s growth;
  • 100 million tokens will go to the platform’s marketing campaigns and the company’s growth;
  • 150 million tokens will be allocated to seed investors and supporters.

The price of the token will increase gradually with each of the 100 phases, with the price in the final phase being expected to be 25x than the current one.

Upcoming plans

Even though the project was released in early 2021, Confluence already reached several important milestones in the first half of the year.

Besides launching its ICO and the marketing campaign of the platform, Confluence also launched its own podcast and already started collecting customer feedback which will serve as vital information to the platform’s development.

In terms of future plans, the Coinfluence Launch Pad is close to starting development and is set to be released by the end of the year. At the same time, the team aims to list the project on major exchanges and websites such as Pancake Swap, Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko. This will make the CFLU token widely accessible to crypto traders and investors while increasing its liquidity.

By the end of the year, Coinfluence also plans to release a mobile app to facilitate easy access to the platform for both influencers and projects.

One of the project’s main goals is to gather a community of 100,000 top influencers by Q1 2022.

To get your CFLU tokens, head over to Coinfluence’s ICO platform.

To stay up to date with the project’s development and evolution, join their official Telegram channel.

Rise of the Doge (RISEDOGE) Presale Whitelist Now Open

The eagerly anticipated whitelist for the presale of RISEDOGE has now been opened; in what is set to be one of the most hyped crypto launches of recent times.
Rise of the Doge are part of the recent meme-coin trend but, the devs within this project think they’ve found a niche in the market; by combining that dog meme element with some other recent successful launches, namely minidoge & EverRise.
The RISEDOGE team have successfully managed to gel together the concepts of their competitors contracts to create what is being billed as the next evolution of Defi Meme tokens!

The presale of RISEDOGE will be taking place on Friday 23rd July, with the whitelist opening Monday 19th July, giving 1,000 lucky entrants the chance to enter their whitelisting event!

Currently their community Telegram group has amassed over 6,000 members and is growing at a very rapid rate, this is the best place to stay on top of all the most recent updates and get any upcoming news before anyone else.

Other social media channels include Twitter, where the project has gained 1000’s of followers since being created only a couple of days ago.


RISEDOGE is an ultra-deflationary token, which means that the circulating supply will reduce on a near-daily basis. This creates more value for token holders as the tokens become scarcer.

The biggest feature of this project’s token is their “SATAN”, this is what the Rise of the Doge team call their buy-back mechanism which is hard coded into the blockchain contract. SATAN constantly collects BNB (binance coin) every time a buy or sell occurs, he then buys RISEDOGE tokens and instantly burns them so they can never be traded again. This creates a constant buy pressure, pushing the token’s value up.

The last feature but, not one to be ignored, is the reflection. It’s a simple bit of coding which means if you hold RISEDOGE in your crypto wallet, you automatically collect more & more RISEDOGE every time there is a buy or sell. In fact, 1% of every transaction is fired back out to holders… You just need to sit and watch your holding increase!

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
Burned (so far): 200,000,000,000,000
Circulating: 800,000,000,000,000

Total transaction tax: 11%
Satan 5%
Marketing 5%
Reflection 1%


Rise of the Dog have a clear roadmap & vision, this is to be the number one meme token in the Crypto sphere. The team truly believe that with their complex contract mechanics and RISEDOGE branding, this is an achievable feat.
The shorter term roadmap involves getting a huge community together, being listed on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap and searching out a tier 1 exchange who can list them with their special tokenomics; this is of course amongst many other targets which can be viewed on their website.

Social links:

MiniDoge the World’s Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

For a very long time, the cryptocurrency domain was straightforward intimidating. Everybody talked about trading, staking, charts, and graphs. No wonder it took so long for blockchain to be adopted. 

But with MiniDOGE, everything is going to change. Because who can say no to a puppy? This new token already got over 55,000 holders in less than three days after its launch. 

The project is backed by DevTeamSix, which is led by Bill Spata and Eric Anderson – two business experts with over eight years of experience in the domain.

MiniDOGE got an amazing start, with $1,500,000 worth of tokens sold in less than 15 minutes in the presale. After just 72 hours from the launch, the project reached a $300M Market Cap, and it got listed to LBank Exchange in the first week. 

And it came all the way to New York Time Square! This week, we will see the adorable MiniDOGE right on the Billboard.

So what led to this huge success in just a couple of days? Find out in this article.

What is MiniDOGE?

MiniDoge is a new token that comes with an integrated AutoBoost. In other words, every sale will be automatically followed with a buy to prevent large selloffs. 

In addition to this innovative approach towards crypto, MiniDOGE will also play an important role in helping animal shelters worldwide – giving them a good portion of every token investment. 

But what makes MiniDOGE stand out besides its innovative features is the way it is presented to the public. 

This token has its own story – being impersonated as the smallest DOGE from the family, who needed to get the courage to find her way back home. After she succeeded, she started to help other shelter animals as well, so that no one has to face what she’s been through. 

She’s a great metaphor for the idea that nobody is too small to make a difference in the world. 

Raise your own MiniPETS

The team behind MiniDOGE is really involved in making people aware of orphan animals’ needs. Therefore, they launched an amazing mobile game that gives you the opportunity to raise abandoned MiniPETS and help them get a new home. 

The MiniPETS will be launched as NFTs allowing the user to purchase, build, and sell through the IOS platform. By doing daily tasks, you can gain MiniDOGE tokens and use them to make your pet looking its best. Give him new clothes, food, toys, and teach him amazing tricks. 

The happier, healthier, and more skilled your pet is, the more value it will have as an NFT. 

How to buy MiniDoge

To invest in the MiniDOGE crypto project, all you need to do is go through four steps:

  1. Download your trustwallet;
  2. Buy BNB or BSC to fund it;
  3. Enable the trust browser through PancakeSwap;
  4. Exchange your crypto for MiniDOGE on PancakeSwap.

Future plans

MiniDOGE’s Roadmap is full of promising ideas. We are talking about an adventure game, an exclusive Wallet, community votes, a merchandise store, and the list continues. Plus, the team wants to collaborate with animal shelters and NFT artists, to help as many causes as possible.

Do you want to be part of this mission? Then get your MiniDOGEs and join the team! 

UnitedCrowd announces listing of UCT on

Listing of the UnitedCrowd token (UCT) on will start on July 1st 2pm (UTC+2). After LATOKEN and Uniswap, this will be the third platform to buy and sell UCT. 

UnitedCrowd is a decentralized ecosystem that connects real world asset projects with smart contracts on the blockchain and creates FinTech solutions for start-ups, while reducing risks for investors. UnitedCrowd offers the utility advantages of tokens that generate additional yield through DeFi protocols.

The B2C platform enables you to stay in control of your finances, get cash flow from tokens and unleash the potential of DeFi. You are able to provide liquidity, buy and stake tokens, participate in governance and lotteries and receive rewards through social activities.

At the same time UnitedCrowd is a B2B software provider who has developed a framework for the tokenization of multiple asset classes, which will then be released on the platform. Thus, the framework allows for the automatic creation of financial products in compliance with international regulations on the blockchain. 

The UCT is used for the ecosystem and is a governance token, allowing all token holders to make important decisions within UnitedCrowd. In addition, UC tokens are used to incentivize behaviour that is beneficial to the community. Furthermore, token holders will get the chance to support exclusive projects via the UnitedCrowd Platform.

The community benefits from the following UCT use cases:‌

  1. Governance Voting, which demands UCT for on-chain votes made by the community to enact protocol changes, as well as allowing UnitedCrowd actions such as providing grants from the UC Treasury or burn UCT.
  2. Liquidity Pools are rewarded with a share of the transaction fees collected on the pair they’re supporting and additionally rewarded with staking incentives.
  3. Staking Vaults which rewards UCT to liquidity providers and rewards protocol fees for participation in Governance. 
  4. Token holders can receive Social Rewards for supporting the token and the community through social activities.
  5. Strong token holders have a higher probability of receiving pre-emptive rights in Lotteries and benefiting from exclusive projects.
  6. In addition, UnitedCrowd implements a Token Repurchase Program. As part of program, UCT will be bought back by UnitedCrowd and held by the treasury.
  7. The UCT includes Deflationary Mechanism through toll bridge token burning mechanism and transaction burning options. has been standing on the frontier of the crypto ecosystem since 2013. The companies CEO Roger Ver, one of the first Bitcoin investors, is, among other things, known for having invested in Ripple, Bitpay and Kraken in the early start-up phase. He dedicated to the grow of the bitcoin network and thus contributed to the flourishment of the crypto scene as we know it today.  Today, reaches a daily trading volume of 2,5 billion dollars, offers more than 80 trading pairs, 24/7 multilingual support and a high level of security for trading any cryptocurrency.

With the listing on, UnitedCrowd achieved another goal and will increase its coverage.

Find out more about UnitedCrowd here: 

UCT Linktree:


UnitedCrowd Platform:






NFT Marketplace for Game Assets soon closing Private Sale, over 1400 BNB’s raised

Designing Indie or AAA game assets is no easy feat. There are millions of 2D/3D characters, weapons, sprites, music, sound, user interfaces available on various marketplaces out there. But tracing all those assets to original creators is extremely difficult. Once an Artist or Developer sells his/her digital assets, there’s no way to track further usage in games or animations. Until now.

Ulti Arena solves the problem of traceability of all those assets. By implementing NFT – Non-Fungible Tokens, Artists and Developers can easily track their digital assets usage on blockchain. It also creates new ways of earning: NFT’s can be sold as unique pieces of art that can’t be reproduced and there’s only one owner. Buyers can bid on one-of-a-kind game assets, UI or music. Artists will be able to create their own storefronts complete with customizable themes, colours and unique URL! Developers can also discover Artists through their portfolios. It will be much easier now to find a partner for the next Indie game project or someone to join the AAA game development efforts. 

Apart from catering to Game Artists and Developers, Gamers will also find something for themselves. As Axie Infinity has shown (People in Phillipines earn money playing games ), playing games can also produce passive income. At Ulti Arena, we’re striving to create a thriving community of Game Enthusiasts. With Discussion Boards, users will be able to earn ULTI Tokens, which will be tradable on major cryptocurrency exchanges. An innovative Proof-of-Gaming concept will also provide a green consensus mechanism for users to earn ULTI Tokens by just playing games. The longer they play, the more ULTI Tokens will be generated for that particular player. No need for energy-consuming mining setups! Just play and earn.

Ulti Arena is ending its Private Sale on the 26th of June 2021 at 6PM CET. There will be 10 BLN ULTI Tokens sold along with more than 3 BLN  bln Bonus Tokens (30% bonus tokens!) for early investors (5% of max supply) at $0.0001 a piece. There is still time to participate in the Private Sale – the hardcap of 2500 BNB’s is filling up quick! Additionally next stage of PreSale – price will increase 100%. The maximum supply of all ULTI’s tokens is 250 BLN. The rest will be on presales, earned through community mining and by launching ULTI’s on cryptocurrency exchanges and DEX’es (decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap).

One important feature of ULTI’s token is that it can generate passive income. All platform fees from selling NFT game assets, UI’s or music along with 2D/3D collaboration tools, job matching engine – will be shared with all token holders. 30% of all those revenues will go straight to ULTI Token holders’ wallets. It also has 6% on every swap / transaction, 2% to all holders, 2% burn and 2% auto-Liquidity.

For further information visit – or join TG